The School Weekly - 13th July 2015

Bali experienced a hot and humid weather during the week. Heavy rains poured down on Tuesday night, but it has not given relief to anyone. Humidity in the air has increased from 41% to 46%. There is a fall of 5°C in temperature. Highest temperature recorded was 34°C and lowest recorded was 26°C. Weather is hot during the day and humid at night. The sky is partially covered with clouds. Wind blew at 16 km/hr.
Friday, 10th July: A Puppet Show was organized for Class Nursery to Class III in the Junior Campus. The show was organized by Ms. Kusum Sharma, Mrs. Ayesha Tak and other correspondent teachers. The story of this show was based on ancient Kings and Queens. Many puppets to represent different roles were made by teachers for the show. The juniors enjoyed the show and happiness could be seen on their faces.

Saturday, 11th July: Inter House Story Telling Competition was organized for the Junior Section. There were two participants from each house. The students had to tell an animal story with a moral. Students from Class I to V participated in the competition. Students narrated interesting animal stories with actions and also used props to make their story more alive. The judges for the competition were Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi/Academic Dean and Mrs Bharti Rao/Coordinator.

I             Siddhi Vyas/V B/GH
II            Mimansha Chouhan/V B/DH
III           Riya Vaishnav/IV A/DH

मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ। मैं दवा हूँ। सूखे की। हरियाली हूँ
बगीचे, खेत खलिहानों की।
मुस्कान हूँ
मुरझाए किसानो के चेहरों की।
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
बहती हूँ मै
होकर मस्त, गाते हुए तराने।
शहर, गाँव, खेत और विराने।
ना कोई डगर न डर
ना किनारा, ठौर न हार
मैं ख़ुशी भी लापरवाह हूँ।
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
मेरी आहट सुनकर
डरता है कोई
हँसता है कोई
जल्दी-जल्दी घर जाए कोई
जल्दी-जल्दी सामान समेटे कोई
बच्चे वो कर रहे नहाने की तैयारी
मैं कितनी न्यारी  हूँ
मैं बरसाती हवा हूँ।
Bhanu Pratap Singh/X B/RH

Photos of The School Weekly - 13th July 2015
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, July 13, 2015
Monday, 6th July: DEAR program was conducted for 20 minutes in which students read novels and story books to enhance their reading skill and vocabulary. Classes were set up and arranged for Remedials in the 8th lesson. Regular classes took place in the rest of the lessons.

Tuesday, 7th July: Math Awareness Day was observed. Special assembly was organized. Radhika Singh/X/GH and Suryaveer Singh Jodha/IX/DH spoke about the importance of Math in daily life, why everyone should learn Math on Math Awareness Day.

Wednesday, 8th July: Yogendra Singh Ranawat (Ex GH/12) and Ashish Sahrawat (Ex GH/12) visited the school. Yogendra Singh is doing B.Com final year from JB College of Commerce, Ahmedabad. Ashish Sahrawat is doing Hotel Management from New Zealand. They saw many changes in the school. They were very happy to be at the School. They met their teachers and juniors. Both of them went to Class XII and counseled the students for their future. They observed that the school has improved a lot. And were certain that the school will be one of the best School in Rajasthan. Yogendra Singh wished that if he'll get an opportunity to work as a Sports Teacher in the school, he will take it.

Thursday, 9th July: Seventy five US students escorted by Mr. Nicholas Broker CEO of IndoGenius visited the school. The students were on a Project in which they were visiting Rajasthan to understand its diverse culture of India. Students of Class VIII-XII showed them the school and forest and also interacted with them. Students and staff were invited to lunch with them.

Saturday, 11th July: First Parent's Teacher Meeting was organized for the students of Pre- Primary Section in the Junior Campus. Only 20% Parents came for the meeting. The teachers informed the Parents about their plans, assembly, oral work and remedial classes for the Academic Session 2015-16.

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