The School Weekly - 10th August 2015

Heavy showers have replaced humid and cloudy weather, except for scattered spells of drizzle once or twice a week. Interspersed with clouds the day temperature had been between 27°C to 32°C. Humidity was at 82% and the wind blew 11km/hr. From 27th July to 31st July, the week saw heavy showers. At last students’ wish was granted. The Principal declared this term’s first rainy holiday. The whole surrounding area was filled with water and the school became an island. The school observed one week holiday, as the pond water had submerged the roads which leading to the school. School buses have changed the route due to water logging at the entrance of the school.
Wednesday, 5th August: Students of the Junior School visited Bali vegetable market, where they learnt about different kinds of vegetables and fruits. They learnt the names and took information regarding their growth and season. They were very excited on seeing the different vegetables. After this visit to the vegetable market they also visited the Bali Fort, temple and the prison.

Saturday, 8th August: Senior Inter House Elocution Competition was organized. There were two groups: Group A and Group B. The participants of Group A were from Class IX to XI and Group B were from Class VI to VII. There were two participants from each house in each group, from which one spoke prose and the other recited a poem. The Judges for the Competition were Ms. Deepika Tandon/Principal and Mr. Byju Joseph/Academic Dean. The Chairperson was Krithika Mansion/X/DH.


Group A
I    Khushi Rao/X/GH
I    Jaswant Singh/X/RH
II  Blessy Maria/XI/ DH

Group B
I     Aryan Sirvi/VI/DH
II   Kinjal Rao/VIII/ DH
III  Rakesh Suther/VIII/TH

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Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, August 10, 2015
Role model of new generation
Role model of new generation
Loved by all,
Children, elders and companion.
Love to solve someone's eager.
In his terrific teaching and great guidance, 
We learned to solve our problems in all emergence.
On each step and on every way
He was there to show us the correct path and correct way.
Away from lies away from trips, 
Only concentrate on studies. 
Lover of invention and perfection,  
One day become everyone's inspiration. 
Left all us alone while teaching in Shillong.
' missile man' you are our pride
No one is going to forget you throughout the life.
Varsha Solanki/X/TH

हिन्दी भाषा है निराली
हिन्दी भाषा है निराली
मीठी इतनी , प्यारी इतनी , इसकी बोली
लगता है जैसे मिश्री घोली ।
हर वर्ण का आकार अलग है ।
हर वर्ण का स्वर अलग है ।
शब्द का अपना अर्थ अलग है ।
मात्रा बदले तो अर्थ अलग है ।
संज्ञा कहते हर एक नाम को ।
सर्वनाम , नाम के बदले आए ।
विशेषण तो विशेषता बतलाए ।
वचन एक से बहु बन जाएँ
समास होता शब्दों का विग्रह
सन्धि में वर्णों का विग्रह ।
क्रिया विशेषण यह  बतलाए
कौनसा सा , काम कैसे होता ।
कविता में भी रस न आता
अगर छंद - अलंकार न सजाता ।
है प्यारी है न्यारी ,
इसे वो न पढ पाता
जिसको अ , आ न आता ।
Bhanupratap Singh/X/GH

Inter House Poster Making Competition Results: Senior Inter House Poster making Competition was organized IX-XI on 25th July, on Global Warming. Four students from each house participated in the competition. Each house participants made two charts in pairs. The judges for the competition were Ms. Swati Sood/PA and Mrs. Bharti Rao/Coordinator.

I       Amrit Choudhary/X/RH, Tanvi Parmar/IX/RH
II     Aditya Pratap Singh/X/GH, Deepika Soni/ X/GH
III   Khushi Rao/X/GH, Radhika Singh/X/GH
Tuesday, 4th August: March past and PT display practices commenced for Independence Day celebrations. A set of students are practicing as a contingent to represent the school at Bali level at Government Higher Secondary School.

Saturday, 8th August: Three-Legged Race was organized for the students of Class I to V. There were two groups: Group A had students from Class III- V and Group B had students from Class I-II.

Group A
I       Harshit Rajpurohit/IV/TH, Bhavesh Choudhary/IV/TH
II     Abhinav Singh/III/ RH, Punit Dave/ III/RH
III   Kasak Choudhary/V/GH, Ravina Rajpurohit/V/GH

Group B
I      Bhuvnesh Sirvi/II/DH, Daksh Raj/II/DH
II    Anash Singh/I/RH, Bhupendra Singh/I/RH
III  Sushila Kumari/I/GH, Pooja Kumari/I/GH
Monday, 3rd August: The school reopened after a week’s rainy day holiday. Students and Faculty were refreshed to get back to work. As usual Dear program was conducted that is picking up day by day.

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