The School Weekly - 23rd August 2015

Founder's Day Issue
Weather remained dry for most of the week, except that school felt a rising discomfort due to humidity and rising temperature. Though it has been raining in East India, rains at Bali are a far cry! Lowest temperature was 25°C and highest was 34°C. Humidity is at 71%. It seems as if monsoons are over. Though the sky was covered with nimbus clouds the whole week, yet there were no rains. Wind blew at 18 km/hr.
Thursday, 20thAugust: Founder’s Day was celebrated with lots of gaiety and laughter. The on the 23rd Founder’s Day the school looked colourful as all were dressed in home clothes. A Special Assembly was organised with a small program. The program started with the lighting of the diya by the Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon, Vaishali Rao the Head Girl and Head Boy Khushagra Singh. The program started with speech given by Khushagra Singh/XII/GH, Head Boy of the school. Khushboo Rajpurohit/XI/TH read the history of the school, how it was established, who was behind it and the mission of the school. Senior Section put up a group song. Students, both from the Junior and Senior Section performed dances. Pooja Dutta/XI/GH sang a solo song and Yaksha Kumawat/XI/GH recited a poem. Ms. Deepika Tandon, the Principal also spoke a few words. The program ended with a Vote of Thanks by Vaishali Rao, the Head Girl. School thanks all its well-wishers for their great support in contributing and spreading the light of education and knowledge. -Vaishali Rao/XII/GH
Friday, 21st August: Picnic for the students of Class Nursery-I was organised to Dantiwara. They played games there and also went for nature walk. Teachers introduced them to different kinds of trees, plants and animals. Amid refreshments, sing-songs and games students returned rejuvenated! Rest of the school had regular school. They were shown test papers of FA II, to see how they had performed.

The School Picnic - 21st and 22nd August 2015. Students of Class Nursery-I went to Dantiwara. Students of II-V went to Ranakpur and Class VI-XII went to Thandiberi.
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Saturday, 22nd August: Picnic was organised for students of Class II-XII. They were divided into two groups. First group -Class II-V went to Ranakpur and second group - Class VI-XII went to Thandiberi. They played games and went for nature walk and trek. All students returned home by 4:00 PM safely.

The students of Class VI- XII went to Thandiberi for a picnic. They were divided in seventeen groups with a teacher escort to supervise and instruct them. In all two hundred students, seventeen teachers, principal and three peons went. Thandiberi is 57 kilometers from Bali. It is a wildlife sanctuary, perfect place to trek and be in the lap of nature. It is the most appropriate place for trekking, picnic spot and peaceful place for meditation. When the students reached the place they were excited to trek and see the lush green beauty of nature. They walked through the running water of the brook and started their three kilometre trek up Thandiberi. The bus had dropped the students to a point where buses can’t drive. They returned to an open ground by 12.30PM where lunch was served. Before lunch students visited the dam which was overflowing with water. It was a beautiful sight and looked like a waterfall which tempted some of the teachers and senior students to bathe under the fall. At 1.00PM they had lunch and then the students played antrakshri. Refreshments were distributed to them. The students walked down 1km at 2.00PM to board their buses. They had fun all through their journey singing songs. The day ended with great fun and joy. -Bharti Rao/ Faculty
It feels free to be a bird,
So lovely are the two wings,
Feathery and soft touch,
Cozy and snuggly shrug!
Splendid is the feeling,
Flying high in the sky,
Everything looks tiny and little!
To fly with other birds,
In symmetry and line,
Is heavenly experience!
I wish I could be a bird in all my lives!
- Khushi Rao/X/GH

Junior Inter House Patriotic Song Competition results:
I Sir. C. V. Raman House
II Mahatma Gandhi House
III Maj. Dhyanchand House
Thursday, 20th August: Inter House Football Match was organised for senior section. Students of Dhyanchand House and Raman House played in the first match in which Dhyanchand House won to reach finals. In second match Gandhi House and Teresa house played against each other, Teresa House won to reach finals. Hard-line was played between Gandhi House and Raman House where after ten penalty strokes Mahatma Gandhi House won to secure third position. Finals were played between Mother Teresa House and Maj. Dhyanchand House. Maj. Dhyanchand House won and secured first position while Mother Teresa House secured second position.
I Dhyanchand House
II Teresa House
III Gandhi House
Results of Independence Day Parade:
I Dhyanchand House
II Teresa House
III Gandhi House

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