The School Weekly - 7th September 2015

Bali experienced dry, warm weather with pleasant evenings. The week went by without showers. Days were warmer but evenings and nights were cooler. Lowest temperature was at 24°C and highest at 36°C. Temperature increased by 2°C while humidity fell to 57%. Wind blew at 6km/hr.
Monday, 31st August: For this year the school had planned to celebrate the birthdays of the students from Nursery to Class V on the last day of each month. So the birthday of all the students that fell in the month of July and August was celebrated on 31st August in the Junior Campus. The birthday students partied by cutting the cake, dancing and distributing chocolates.

There are many teachers
But some are blessed with many features.
Teachers are regular, confident, disciplined, punctual
And with their post they are loyal.
Many people raise their head with pride
As teacher is their guide.
For student they get many things done
So they are number one.
They teach us
And show us the way to reach success.
Aditya Pratap/X/GH

यादों के शिक्षक
हमारे अनोखें शिक्षक
हमारे भविष्य के चिंतक ।
हमारे शिक्षक,हमारे रक्षक ।
किताबे देती है हमें जान
और शिक्षक पठाते  है हमें विज्ञान ।
चाहे किसी भी हालत में हो वे
हमारे लिए करते है चिंतन ।
रोज़ नए कार्य , नए मुश्किलों
के बाद भी हमें है वे पठाते
और हमारे हमारे नखरे है उठाते ।
हँसते गाते , रोज़ हमें जागते,जगाते ,
दुनिया की सोच से हमें
आगे बढ़ाते ।
कहते थे वो की रोज़ पढोगे
तभी तो बढ़ोगे ।
हमारे शिक्षक हमारी प्रार्थना
कभी हमें मत भूलना ।
Pooja Dutta/XI/GH
Monday, 31st August: The School Football team participated in the 60th District level U17 Football Tournament. The school won the quarter final. In the semi final unfortunately they lost, but yet they were able to secure third position in district. It is a great privilege to announce that Shashank Singh/X/DH and Pradhuman Singh/IX/GH have been selected to play at state level.

On 29th August School’s Football Team escorted by Mr. Tarun Mishra went to Sojat to participate in the 60th District Level U17 Football Tournament which was organised by Raj Public School, Sojat Road. First match was played against Govt. Boya School and school team won by 2-0 on 30th August. On 31st August they played against Raj Public School, Sojat and won by 5-0. Now they were qualified to play quarter final where they played against Govt. High Senior Secondary School, Sojat and won by 2-0. They qualified themselves for Semi-Finals, but unfortunately they lost the match against Rajdand by 3-0 on the same day. Next day they played Hard line against Sesali Govt. School and secured 3rd position. Team players were Rajveer Singh Sonigara/X/TH, Dheeraj Bharti/X/RH, Amrit Choudhary/X/RH, Somendra Singh/X/DH, Rajveer Singh Rathore/X/RH, Jay Rawal/X/DH, Priyank Rathod/X/DH, Shashank Singh/X/DH, Sandesh Singh/X/DH, Manish Raika/X/DH, Suryaveer Singh/IX/DH, Maharaj Singh/X/RH, Ravindra Singh/VII/RH, Suryabhan Singh/VIII/TH, Gajendra Singh/VIII/DH, Pradhuman Singh/IX/GH and Yuvraj Singh/VIII/RH. All played extremely competitively and won the hearts of the local students by their excellent performance. Team was disappointed as they could not reach the final, but everyone felt go when Shashank Singh/X/DH and Pradhuman Singh/IX/GH got selected to play at the state level.
Priyank Rathod/X/DH

Thursday, 3rd September: Football team returned. They were awarded certificates by Mrs. Deepika Tandon our Principal and a trophy was awarded for school to the Principal too. A vote of appreciation was given to the players by Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi and Mr. Hitendra S. Chundawat.
Monday, 31st August: To inculcate quick minds and help students know table, Math Dept started with a series of classes who will volunteer to speak table in Assembly. Therefore Aryan Sirvi/VI/DH spoke tables from 11 to 15.

DEAR Program was conducted after the Assembly. Regular classes took place along with Remedial lessons.

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Tuesday, 1st September: Special Assembly was organised to celebrate Commerce Week.
Bajrang Singh/XII/YH: spoke about Commerce; its importance and E-Commerce
Mayur Singh/XII/YH: spoke about Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
Nattu Kunwar/XII/RH: spoke about Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.
Construction of water hut is complete. Students will begin to drink water from Monday onwards, though chillers will be added a little later.

Wednesday, 2nd September: With Commerce Week being observed, more students spoke in Assembly. Vaishali Rao/XII/GH: spoke on Courses of Commerce. Yash Soni/XI/RH: spoke on Charter Accountant.

Thursday, 3rd September: On third day of Commerce Week Nayan Soni/XII/TH spoke about money and currency. Ahmed Raza/XI/DH: spoke about Gross Domestic Product and Per Capital Income.

Students of Class XI were taken on an Industrial Trip, 2 km ahead of school. The solar plant coming up next door that students went to visit is spread in 330 bigha. Till now 76 biga has been used. Project is at a very large scale. It is collaboration between a private company and the government. The installation cost at Rs.66 crore is embedded and electricity produced per day will be 50, 000 units. In this solar plant about 73 junction boxes, 8 invertors and 4 transformers will be used to convert solar energy which is in dc. In about 1 month the plant will start and will supply electricity in nearby places. The trip was fruitful for students who visited the place.

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