The School Weekly - 28th September 2015

Bali experienced a pleasant weather with nimbus clouds and rain. Mornings, evenings and nights have become cooler. The week went by without showers except Monday. Lowest temperature recorded was at 27°C and highest was at 37°C. Temperature rose by 5°C while humidity rose to 57%. Winds blew at 14km/hr.
Examinations is what I fear
Every September and March I have to bear,
It is a mountain of trouble
Where in every book I have to fumble,
The only words that I hear are
With your willpower try, try
And conquer the sky
Examinations is such a pain
For games is where I have used my brain.
If examinations are taken lightly
Than results turn me sad, slightly
Khushi Rao/X/GH

The relationship of a father and a child forms an unbreakable core of the universe. The abstract that shows the ultimate success of a child is his/her father’s love towards him/her. The relationship gives hope and strength to the child. It is one of best relationship through which a child can express his or her sorrow and joy. In his presence all the faults are just forgiven.
If a child is miles away from his/her dad, he has to come to his father with his/her own wish or if the child is in difficulty, the father leaves all his work and first goes to his son to solve the mystery, this shows the effect of father’s love. It is one of the rare relationship through which a child can process with perfect qualities and can conduct his/her relationship.
Varsha Solanki/X/TH

Everyone makes mistakes; no one is perfect in this world. The real perfect person is the one who admits his/her mistake. We should not be afraid of admitting mistakes because we cannot be correct all the time. That is why they put eraser on tail of the pencils, so that we can erase our mistakes to correct them. The best thing is people really respect a man who admits his mistakes quickly and gracefully. It is the mark of a big man. The man who is quick to correct his mistakes is the one who gets success.
Anumesh Rao/VII A/GH

मेरा घर
मेरा घर हैं बहुत बड़ा,
उसके आगे एक पेड़ खड़ा।
मेरा घर हैं रंगो से भरा,
पेड़ के नीचे एक झूला खड़ा।
मेरे घर का रंग हैं नीला,
सब कहते हैं मुझे पानी पीला।
मेरे घर में है बहुत सारे पेड़,
उसमे से एक हैं जामुन का पेड़ ।
मेरे घर में हैं मेरे दादा दादी,
जिन्होंने करवाई मेरे मम्मी पापा की शादी।
मेरा घर हैं बहुत सून्दर,
जिसमे नही रहते बन्दर।
मेरा घर हैं बहुत प्यारा,
जिसमे रहता मेरा परिवार सारा।
Mimansha Chouhan/V/DH

जो करता है योग
उसको नही होता कोई रोग
जो है योगी
वही है उपयोगी
योग के है अनेक प्रकार
जो करेगा पाएगा उपकार
जो करेगा नियमित योग
उसको मिलेगे सही भोग
चाहे जितने हो आहत

योग दिलाएगा राहत
Aditya Pratap Singh/X/GH
Monday, 21st September: Summative Assessment I started on 19th September.

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