The School Weekly - 14th December 2015

Due to western disturbance and snow in Himachal cold wave has gripped Northern India. Bali has not been spared too. Chilly winds kept students indoors. The strong sunshine was a welcome relief and students were seen studying in the sun. Rain in Chennai has thankfully stopped. Chilly winds from North blew at 3 km/hr. The School has registered maximum temperature at 22°C and minimum temperature at 9°C, dipping to its lowest in the night at 6°C. Humidity has increased by 3°C, now it is 42%.
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल,
फूल होते हैं, कोमल,
कर जाते मन पावन।
वसुधा का श्रृंगार फूल,
देवों को भाता फूल,
जीवन भर देता प्रेरणा,
प्रेरित रहो यही है कहना।
हम भी बन जाएं फूलों जैसे,
काम करो जीवन में वैसे।
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल।
Himantika Chouhan/IX/GH
The Use of Library
A library is a centre of knowledge. We should be proud of having a good library in our school and locality. It is also a cultural centre. People go to library to read newspaper and magazines, books, poetry, drama, short stories, novels, scientific books etc. We become great by reading books. Books not only increase our knowledge but also help us to think better. “Reading makes a full man”. A good library can turn the whole village or town a place of good men and women. The society itself becomes developed. In addition to this we can give informal education to the adults with the help of libraries. Visiting the library should become the habit of an individual for the growth of his/her personality.
Aditya Pratap Singh/X/GH
Answers of Math Quiz
1. 5050 2. (1) 3. (2) 4. 3πr2 5. πrl 6. a/3 7. 2(lb+bh+hl)  8. 2πrh 9. 1/3 πr2h 10. 2/3 πr3 
11. Aryabhatta 12. May be positive or negative 13.( 1) 14. 97 15. (2) 16. (2) 17. (1) 
18. Protractor 19. Pyramid
Assembly was conducted by DhyanChand House

DEAR program was conducted as usual in all the classes on Monday and Wednesday

Sunday, 6th December: Three teachers Mrs. Raj Ranawat, Mrs. Prerna Rathod and Mrs. Bharti Rao attended CCE workshop which was conducted on 6th December at LPS English Medium School Vidhyawari.

Report on CCE Workshop for FAs
A CCE Workshop was conducted on 6th December at LPS English Medium School Vidhyawari. The workshop lasted from 9.00AM to 3.30PM. Mr. Gulsan Manoriya from Juana Technology was the resourse person from CBSE. Mrs. Raj Ranawat, Mrs. Prerna Rathod and Mrs. Bharti Rao attended the workshop from the school. There were 23 teachers from LPS, Vidhyawari including our school. All teachers were asked to introduce themselves to begin with. Each person had to give their colleague’s introduction. Then Gulsan Manoriya introduced himself and informed that CBSE had hired 18 Agencies and divided the area of work so this agency Juana Tech. had to conduct a workshop for FAs.
All participants were divided into five groups. Each group had to form questions about problems that teachers facing during FAs. Then he gave examples of activities by conducting some critical thinking activities. He also gave examples of how activities can be made interesting and about Time Management. Then another activity was conducted in which associated key words of CCE were given out of which we had to find the correct definition. After the activity each key word was explained in detail with the help of projector.
Group activity was conducted. Two classroom scenarios were given in which both objectives and procedure was through the activity. It was explained that a teacher should prepare rubrics before conducting FAs and share it with the students. Documentation of FAs is necessary and feedback should be given to students directly and immediately. A teacher should also conduct diagnostic assessment that helps the teacher to channelize a student’s energy. A student’s portfolio should be prepared over a period of time.
Tools and techniques of how to assess FAs were provided. The workshop ended with a feedback session which was given to Gulsan Manoriya of how he can improve his workshop.

Tuesday 8th December:  Remedial lessons were eliminated as the school timings changed from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. due to severe cold.

Thursday, 10th December: A Special Assembly was organized on the occasion of World Human Right’s Day. Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Dinesh Bharti spoke at length on Human Rights, to bring awareness among students and how to use their rights in the correct manner without manipulating anyone else.

Friday, 11th December: For the whole week. FA III was conducted for Class III to X. A number of activities, projects and creative writing were carried out to evaluate students.

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