The School Weekly - 21st December 2015

A must watch, the Annual Day 2015, had phenomenal energy and the musical was beautiful! #happyteachers #affordablequalityeducation #MyGoodSchool #brewingknowledge

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The skies were covered with stratus clouds off and on during the week, as a result of which temperatures have run down. Mount Abu recorded -1°C on Saturday night. The school has registered Maximum temperature at 22°C & Minimum 7°C. Humidity was at 25%. Winds blew at 6 km/hr.
Annual Day’s Chairman’s Speech 
Thank you dear children for giving us the opportunity to be amongst you! Yes, we need to thank all the people who helped us reach here, but without the joy and the fun you have has no meaning. This is the only school that I have come across (as I visit thousands of schools) where they make fresh air, the forest behind you makes the fresh air. This is the only school which actually makes fresh air this is the only school that perhaps gives you the cleanest water. This is the school where you can see the stars above and feel the mud under your feet. This is the school where you can hear the children sing, this is the school that has grown where you grow with care, love and affection.
Thank you Mr. Bissell, for you, we are very happy to be here today. We are grateful to you for having us all together on a mission, a mission which started almost   25 years back and more, so all the board members, parents, friends who all are participating in making the mission a success. What you see here is the journey partially complete, this is just the beginning. I often say and for us the happiest day will be when we see a Fabindian lead us in every sphere of life .
It is our dream that we have a Fabindian lead us not only in Study but also Sport, Skill, Service and what else? Absolutely! We want the Fabindian’s to excel in all the four fields: Service, Skill, Sport and Study. With this motive we feel the quality of education which the school offers is far superior to even main stream school in the country. I travel all over the country, I have come just from Delhi, I have been to many cities but I tell you that no where do you breath the clean fresh air, that you breathe here. I will say in Hindi:
जो खाओगे वही बनोगे। जो हवा पानी आपको यहाँ मिल रहा है वो आपको आगे ले जायेगा। जो शुद्ध हवा पानी बाली में है वो आगे बढ़ाएगा। आप और हम मिलकर इस छत्र - छाया में आगे बढ़ेंगे।
Thank you Principal Ma’am, thank you Chief Guest for joining and doing everything to make this evening a wonderful one. And it is wonderful to see young people like our Head Boy, Head Girl, the Prefects all taking charge. It is wonderful to see them being part of the society who are now leading to give us various skills, sports. It is wonderful to see a boy reaching at district level in soccer, It is fantastic to see children cycling all the way to Ranakpur. It is even great to see children work on Service project. The Social Service league in the school is a noble idea, we don’t have a Social Service League in any school in Bali. The Art and Craft, the Music and the Orchestra only The Fabindia School gives us. Let me assure you, it is all to give your child the necessary space. It is all to give your child the necessary opportunity to excel. It is for your child, of your child and by your child. Children love having fun and we hope they continue to have fun. Teachers love teaching and the joy only spreads when children have fun so let us all be together in the joy of learning and all the best.
Thank you everybody.

My best friend, my cool friend
He teach me how to make friend and how to be a good friend
He solve my problem in nice and simple way
Be with me I always pray
In problem selfish friend leave us but he is the only one guide us
When society stand against us
Then he give strength to fight with truth, which is good for us
Helping is her moto
No matter group dual or solo
He teach me reading, learning, performing and somewhat how to cook
I call him' The Book'
Radhika Singh/X/GH
One moon many stars
Playing hide and seek
Every night in the sky
Shining like diamonds
Various star, different shapes
One moon having
Sometimes round, sometimes crescent
Lightning the Earth
Without them everything is dull
Night looks like day
Rising with the sunset
And sleeping with the sunrise
Muskan Rathod/IX/TH
Digital INDIA is a project started by the government of India on 1st of July, 2015 in order to transform India into a complete digitally empowered as well as knowledgeable country of the world. This project is interconnected by the various governmental departments such as IT, education, agriculture, etc in order to achieve promising bright returns. It is headed and planned by the ministry of communication and information technology. It is like golden opportunity for India when got implemented properly. In the very starting of the project launch, there was a plan by the state government to make available high speed internet connection in almost 250,000 villages, and other residential areas of the country. The crucial role played by the' Bhaarat Broadband Network limited' in this project is really appreciable.

In the digital India there would be easy digitalization of data which will help in making things much more efficient and fast in the future. It will reduce paper work, save man power and save time as well. This project will take a speed by tying the knot between government and private sectors. Huge number of villages interconnected with high speed network will really undergo a huge change from back word regions to compete digitally equipped areas.
Krithika Mansion/X/GH
For Class I to V
  1. What is the full form of CPU and ROM?
  2. Which is the national tree of India?
  3. In India children's day celebrated in memory of whom?
  4. India became independent in which year?
  5. Which is the Indian national game?
For Class VI to VII
  1. Who first gave the concept of an atom?
  2. Which plant does not have roots, leaves and flowers?
  3. In which country was paper money first introduced?
  4. Who was the first Muslim president of India?
  5. Name the two Nobel prize winner who have also been awarded the Bhaarat Ratna?
  1. Bubblegum was invented in 1928 by an accountant.
  2. The sloth is the world slowest mammal, so lazy that algae grows on it's furry coat.
  3. If you eat too many carrots, your skin can turn orange.
  4. 60 tonnes of paint are needed to paint the Eiffel Tower.
  5. Seahorses can see in two different directions at the same time.
In order to commemorate the 128th birth anniversary of Dr. Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan on 22nd December, 2015, the CBSE invited schools affiliated to it to celebrate GANIT (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) Week. For this purpose, our school conducted the following activities during the GANIT week.
16.12.2015: Mathematics Relay Race (I to VIII)
17.12.2015: Solving Mathematical Puzzles such as solving Rubik’s cube and creating magic squares (VI to VIII)
18.12.2015: Interactive Session on Mathematics (IX to XII)
19.12.2015: Quiz competition  (I to XII)
21.12.2015: Mathematical games such as Sudoku and Kakuro (VI to XII)
22.12.2015: Innovative Projects on Mathematics such as the Golden Ratio (I to XII)
These activities were performed by the teachers in their respective classes. The students enjoyed the activities.
  Prerna Rathod
एक पंछी
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया
भाईचारा साथ वो लाया
स्वतंत्रता को याद दिलाया।
चोंच में छोटा खत लाया,
आकर जिसे हमें थमाया,
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
देश त्योहारों का है हमारा,
जग में लगता सबसे न्यारा,
आज़ादी को सहेज कर रखो,
इसमें कोई समझौता न कर दो।
उड़ता-उड़ता एक पंछी आया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
सूरज की किरणों के संग आया ,
आते-आते बड़ा हरषाया,
दूर देश का संदेशा लाया।
   Bhagyashree Mewara/IX/TH
Monday, 14th December – Tuesday, 15th December: In-house workshop under PDP was conducted on both days. Mr. Byju Joseph conducted workshop on preparation of Lesson Plan and its format.
Mr. Gajendra Mewara and Ms. Monika Vaishnav conducted the workshop that they had attended in Pali.
Mrs. Prerna Rathod, Mrs. Raj Ranawat and Mrs. Bharti Rao conducted the CCE workshop on FAs that they had attended in Vidhyawari.

Monday, 14th December: FA3 was conducted in Class III- X. Half-Yearly started in Class XI and Pre board I in Class XII. Junior Classes were busy in Christmas Play practice.

Tuesday 15th December: Pooja Dutta/ XI/GH  and Blessy Maria /XI/ DH participated in the Inter School Debate Competition hosted by K. S. Lodha School, Falna. The topic of the debate was “In the age of Information Technology the Institution of school is redundant”. Sixteen CBSE. Schools from Jodhpur, Udaipur, Falna and Bali and from the surrounding areas participated in the competition. The winning teams were from Jodhpur and Udaipur. Girls felt recharged on returning as though they hadn’t won but it was a rewarding experience to know how a debate should be spoken!

Harshita Chouhan/VIII, Deepika Parmar/VIII, Noorani Tak/VIII, Kirti Malviya/VIII, Priyal Dave/VIII, Tanisha Champawat/VIII, Chanchal Choudhary/IX, Rounak Chouhan/IX and Himantika Chouhan/IX escorted with Ms. Usha Pawar went for an Exchange Program to MGD Girls, Jaipur. They attended the ‘SCIENCE FEST’

Photos of the School Weekly - 21st December 2015
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Wednesday, 16th December: FA 3 ended that day. Junior classes were busy in their Christmas practice.

Thursday, 17th December: Mark Sharks Workshop for the Science teachers was conducted on that day. Mr. Aditya Tripathji, Ms. Aakanksha Gulati (resource person), Komal Sood (Ex Principal and advisor) and Manas Chakrabati (Advisor and board member Doon School) from Mark Sharks visited the School to take a feedback  with Science teachers. Forty Minutes Intro Session was conducted with Class VIII students. Mr. Byju Joseph and Mr. Rahul Choudhary.

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