The School Weekly - 1st February 2016

Weather has taken a new turn with days picking up warmth and mornings turning pleasant as the summer mornings! Bali has turned rather warm. Hopefully this change will not bring viral and associated diseases. Maximum temperature was recorded at 26°C and minimum temperature at 11°C. If predictions are to be believed temperatures will further rise to 29°C in the coming week. But Board members visiting Bali for Budget Meeting must bring woolen as weather does have a tendency to change suddenly. Humidity was at 34%, while the weather cock points to the North indicating typical NE winds blowing in winter at 14km/hr.
Tuesday, 26th January: School celebrated 67th Republic Day with gusto and enthusiasm on 26th January 2016. Mr. Yogendra Singh Mertiya, GH/2006 batch/President Alumni Society, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Principal welcomed him and escorted him to introduce the Faculty to him while all stood to welcome him. He hoisted the flag and took the parade salute. He inspected the parade judged marchpast. The House contingents were inspected by the Chief Guest, Principal and Mr. Surendra Singh /PTI. After the P.T. Display, Mr. Byju Joseph welcomed the Chief Guest, Parents, teachers and all students on this occasion. Blessy Maria/XI/DH presented a speech. Chief Guest also addressed the School. He said that he was overwhelmed by the whole occasion and felt honoured that his growth took place here. The whole program was anchored by Karina Rao/VII/ DH. Patriotic song Hum sab bhartiya hai… was sung by School Choir.  Principal Ms. Deepika Tandon gave her vote of thanks. Once the whole function got over sweets and flags were distributed among the students.

Class IX, X, XI and XII represented School in Inter-School Parade Competition at the Government High School, Bali and bagged 3rd position out of fourteen schools.
Kushagra Singh/XI was awarded the best leader. A group of six girls represented the School in Inter-School Dance Competition and bagged 2nd position out of ten schools at Government High School, Bali.

Photos of The School Weekly - 1st February 2016
Posted by The Fabindia School on Monday, February 1, 2016

Blessy Maria’s Speech
Republic Day is one of the most important National Festivals of India. It is celebrated with great splendour and grandeur to commemorate the enforcement of the Indian Constitution on 26th January, 1950. It was also on this day that our motherland was declared a total sovereign, democratic and republic state for the first time. Celebration in the form of massive parades, playing patriotic songs, organizing cultural events and reciting poems take the front set.
A number of poems have been written by great poets on Republic Day that signifies patriotism and brotherhood. We Indians are very proud to celebrate our Republic Day in honour of those soldiers who protect the country on the border and who never sway from their duty. I want you to do me a favour to listen to me. And I assure you after listening to me, you yourself will decide that are we really enjoying the freedom that has been earned by martyrs with great sacrifices.
I have read somewhere that for many years this day was celebrated with great fervour but now this day has been added to just another National Holiday. With the very recent wisdom I have got, I salute the leaders who had fought and laid down their lives in order to handover this prosperity to all of us
I always ask question to myself - are we born to witness this modified freedom or are we born to enjoy the true freedom earned  years ago. I feel sad when I hear the media ‘flash news’ and end up in up tears. I am curious to know when the sounds of bomb blasts will end. I really fear living in the midst of terrorism and war. Is this what the Great Mahatma dreamt of?
Why should I blame Politicians and Government for their policies they don’t repent for? I myself am responsible for this worst time because as an individual I would not relent. Why should not I say ‘NO’ to them and why should I bow in front of them at the time of Elections.
It’s high time! We all have to ponder over and take steps before we all are again imprisoned.
Let’s not watch the cricketer’s zeroes and stay away from corruption bureaus.
Our great jawans have nothing but only tears and sorrows, let us bow our heads for those real heroes.
In order to enjoy our stay of the golden sparrow we all have to obey certain duties honestly in order to erode corruption and write the new story of grand success.
Pay your tax, be very brave, take the wise decision today. Don’t you wish that next generation should play happily? The time has come when we all must speak the Truth. The time has come when all should love each other irrespective of their different castes and religions. The time has come when one should understand the purpose of education. The time has come when we should understand the value of parents and hence paying the great respect. The time has come when women have to understand the meaning of true womanhood and hence perform their duties sincerely with great sense of responsibility. The time has come when each should understand the real purpose of getting birth on this beautiful planet.
Ladies and Gentlemen this is the time one should realize the true meaning of Freedom and make efforts to sustain it. Else this time, if it will go out of our hands, no one will be able to regain it again.
I would like to rest my case with these lines
Kehte hain alvida hum ab is jahan ko
Jaakar khuda ke ghar se phir aaya nna jaayega
Ahale vatan agar humein bhool jaega
Ahale vatan ko hamse bhulaya na jaayega
Isse jayada aur sitam kya karenge wo
Isse jyada unse staya na jaayega
Zulmo sitam se tang ab hum na aeeyenge kabhi
Humse sarre niyaazab jukaya na jaayega
Kasam he kal ke e Saputo tumko
Rok lo is sunhare manjar ko
Gaya is baar hath se to
Rok isko na tu paeyga
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Republic Day
The day when we got rights,
The day when there was an end to every fight.
The day when we all praised,
To make our country blessed.
The day when heavens pour their joy,
The day when there is happiness among all girls and boys.
So let’s all say
A Happy Republic Day
Priyank Rathod/XA/DH
शोहरत ना अदा करना मौला
शोहरत ना अदा करना मौला
दौलत ना अदा करना मौला
बस इतना अदा करना चाहे जन्नत ना अदा करना मौला
शम्मा ए वतन की लौ पर जब कुर्बान पतंगा हो
होठो पर गंगा हो हाथों में तिरंगा हो
बस एक सजा ही सूने सदा
बर्फीली मस्त हवाओं में
बस एक दुआ ही उठे सदा
जलते तपते शहराओ में
जीते जी इसका मान रखे
मर कर मर्यादा याद रहे
हम रहे कभी ना रह मगर
तेरी सजधज आबाद रहे
परवरदिगार लेकर पुकार मैं, तेरे द्वार पर आया हूँ|
होठों पर गंगा हो हाथों में तिरंगा हो
Jaswant Singh/X/RH
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल,
फूल होते हैं, कोमल,
कर जाते मन पावन।
वसुधा का श्रृंगार फूल,
देवों को भाता फूल,
जीवन भर देता प्रेरणा,
प्रेरित रहो यही है कहना।
हम भी बन जाएं फूलों जैसे,
काम करो जीवन में वैसे।
भँवरों का आहार फूल,
तितली आवास फूल।
हिमान्तिका चौहान/-नवमी/ GH
Keynote Speaker Chief Guest Mr. Yogendra Singh Mertiya’s Speech
Good Morning and a very Happy Republic Day. There are many things that I would want to talk to you about today. There was a bad habit for which I was known and very well recognized when I was in school that I talked a lot ( ye batein bahut karta hain), so I would like to make my address as précise as possible. Today I want to talk to you about mainly three things, how I thought when I was a kid, when I was sitting there, where you are sitting today. The first thing is that you are sitting in a very important place today.
This summer I had gone for my internship in Kenya and before that I had gone to Hungary and they asked me to narrate my personal story. I did not realize till then that 90% of my story belonged to this ground here. There is a very popular saying that the Battle of Waterloo was won in the playgrounds of Eton. Educational Institutes play a great role in nation building and ours is not an institution, ours is a movement. Never do institutions bring about social change, the kind of social change that we have brought about here. I was a rural kid, today are very very resourceful. You have internet, communication, banks in Bali. In 2000 Bali was a very different town, but yet ideas came freely. I remember talking about socialism and communalism when I was in Class VII. People do it when they do their PG. and still they are confused, that is the power of this campus. Hold value to it, make the best use of it because you are not only getting educated, you are being nurtured as upbringers of social change. A great responsibility lies on you because others are looking at you. You have to make the best of your education. I will not go into the nostalgia part of my things because then it will be evening because I have so much to say and all those memories have come up fresh.
What I want to talk to you about today is, as Blessy said about the background. She talked and my very respected teacher Byju Sir talked about ‘ Why is Republic Day ‘ celebrated? Why do we celebrate 26th January as our Republic Day? So I will refresh the ‘Why’ and then what I want to talk about today is the ‘What”. What does it mean to be born in a republic, what does it mean by a republic. In my school days I did not know I did all this March-past PT but I did not know why I do it every year. So first let us refresh the ‘Why’! So on 26th January 1950 our constitution came into force but there is a history behind it, the country became independent on 15th August 1947. The constitution was adopted by the constituent assembly consisting of 309 members on 26th November 1949 which was till last year celebrated as the law day and this year the government has decided to celebrate it as the constitution day. So if the constitution was adopted by the constituent assembly on 26th November 1949; the country became independent on 15th August 1947, then why 26th January? 
Let’s go back 20 years. In 1930 the Indian National Congress met in Lahore and for the first time the INC headed by Jawaharlal Nehru passed the complete Independence resolution. For the first time our freedom movement set what we want is complete sovereignty, we want to get rid of the foreign rulers and that day they decided that 26th January from then will be celebrated as Independence Day and from 1930 to 1946-47 we celebrate 26th January as the Independence  Day, but due to reasons which  were out of our control we became independent on 15th August 1947,  yet we wanted to make this day memorable because for the first time Indian people said we will be masters of our destiny. We will not bear with anybody but we will take decisions on our own behalf. So that is the answer behind the ‘why’ but what does it mean to be a republic? Why do we celebrate this day with so much fanfare? Why do we have to parade in New Delhi. So if we go back in history,  this word ‘republic’ comes from the Greek word called ‘republican’ where the rulers of any nation or state are the people themselves and why is that important, how does it matter if the ruler is a king or a queen or a autocrat or a dictator, but why does it matter when people become their own rulers in India for centuries  we did not care who the ruler was, there is a very famous /popular saying in up, they say ‘kahu ho raja, ”kahu ho rani, hame  kya  hani”.  So we will always distinct from the ruling people but on 26th January 1950 we took our decision in our own hands and that is we are powerful. 
What does it mean to be a citizen? Being a citizen means we have to be aware of our rights and duties. We have to know that we are the makers of our own destiny. We should always speak mindful of the feeling of others. We should always put the national interest before our own interest. So being a good citizen means that let us have sympathy for people for our fellow citizen. Let us go beyond the barriers of caste, religion, gender and all kind of differences that divide us. Let us all be citizens. Today, I want to urge all of you to forget for a while that you want to be doctors, engineers, politicians, president, prime minister, just forget that! Let us today take a pledge that we will be aware of what we are doing. We will take smart decisions and citizenship does not end with that one election that comes every 5 years. It is a daily process, about everything that we do. We have to be mindful that we are citizens. We are citizens and we share this world with thousands and millions of other species, human being, we have to consume our resource in a way that they are sustainable.  Today, the second thing  that I want to talk to you about  is ‘patriotism’ for last 2-3 centuries  patriotism has been confined to nation  states,   to boundaries -  that the moment Wagha Border comes our patriotism ends.  But today when the world is faced with climate change with environment disaster, we have to broaden our mindsets. Patriotism is not only towards your country but towards the planet. We have to make sure that our consumption is sustainable. What we do today will affect generations to come, as Mahatma  Gandhi said “ we are not the owners of this world  but we are trustees of this world that whatever resources we have today is a trust that the future generation have restored in us. So let us all take a pledge today to be a citizens, to be sustainable and to make sure that this education you are getting does not only end with finding a carrier.  It should be beyond that, aimed and use to make this world a better place, to hold ethos of equality, liberty, fraternity that are the corner stone’s of being a Republic, being a democracy.
Let us take a pledge today to not only remember the leaders but everybody - all those anonymous patriots, freedom fighters who have fought for these issues, for equality, for freedom all throughout the history. Not only the Mahatma Gandhis and the Bhagat Singhs who are known but to everybody who has given their lives and whatever they could give for the cause of this republic day today.
I wish you all the very best for what you do and I urge you to do two things today. I would want that at least 10% of you become teachers in your life because what we need is a good teacher. We have plenty of engineers, doctors but we need good teachers today. So, I want all of you to seriously look into this thing that some of you become good teachers and build this nation because the beauty of holding this republic lies on the shoulders of teachers. Second thing I want you to do is an assignment, may be the senior students can do it and that is to learn Ahua Satyagraha. There was a Satyagraha that took place in 16th century in our own land and that was also for the ideas of equality, liberty, freedom of expression. So, try and look into your own surroundings, you will find many heroes who have made this day possible for us.
Thank you so much! I wish you all the very best, my special wishes to the board classes for their upcoming board exams and a very Happy Republic Day to you. I am very thankful to you. I am overwhelmed that I was invited here for this very important day of the calendar. Thank you so much. 
Jai Hind!

Saturday, 30th January: The School observed Martyrs’ Day. A Special Assembly was held.. Ms. Kusum Sharma spoke a few words and told the students why we celebrate this day as Martyrs’ Day. Two minutes silence was observed at 11.00 am in the school.
Inter House Hindi Dramatics was held from Class VI- XI participated. The theme was Patriotism. One could clearly see new talent on stage. The most commendable part was that Mr. Gajendra Mewara, Mr. K. G Dave, Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi had written the wonderful scripts! Mr. Tarun Mishra, Mr. Prakash Dangi and Mr. Surender Singh judged the competition. 
Classes X A, X B and IX organized an activity to bring awareness of the importance of eating healthy food. The students were divided into ten groups. The students made Sandwich, Katori Chat, Creamy onion and Monaco biscuit, Cake, Monginis cake, Fruit Salad, Masalakhichiya, PotatoTikki, Burger, Mixsalad, SevPuri, Faluda, Orea Biscuit Cake in their respective classes. They served the staff and shared with the other classes too.
Wednesday, 27th January: ASL was conducted in Class X A & B by Mr. Hitendra Chundawat and Ms. Bharti Rao.

Monday, 25th January: From now onwards Assembly will not be conducted as a whole. Assembly for Classes I to V will be in the Basketball Court and Classes VI to XII will have Assembly in the Assembly Ground.
The Admission Committee comprising Ms. Swati Sood, Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi, Ms. Sharmila Vijaywargi, Mr. Dinesh Bharti, Ms. Vimmy Rajpurohit, Ms. Bharti Rao, and Mr. Sandeep Singh have started their to visit villages each week in order to spread the mission and vision of the school.

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