The School Weekly - 18th July 2016

Mera Bali
Bera, a sleepy village in Bali Tehsil is about 35 km from Bali, doesn't get too many visitors. But for those who do drop by, there's a lot to see. The tour guide promises panther sightings and a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the tourist destinations of Rajasthan. Tapping its potential of a perfect retreat for wildlife enthusiasts, the state government has identified Sumerpur, another site in Pali district, to be notified as a panther conservation reserve. The area, right next to the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, with its thriving panther population (20 to 30 in 650 hectares) will soon figure among the state's wildlife destinations. Many pockets in the Pali district, such as Bera, Kameshwar hill, area around Velar village, Bhubhutia Mahadeo, Ludada hill, Perwa Bisalpur and Sena are not part of the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary but support a sizeable population of panthers. Eleven villages have been identified for in situ conservation of panthers to protect their depleting numbers. This reserve is said to be the most dedicated for panthers in Pali district near the Jawai Dam. There is a system in place to conserve them in the area and at the same time develop eco-tourism in and around the earmarked reserve. The area identified for the reserve is an ideal habitat. The broken hilly terrain with sparse vegetation provides suitable natural habitat to this big feline species. Many caves in the area provide hideouts to them. The Jawai Dam provides them water besides a few perennial springs in the hills near Sena village.

Monday, 11th July: Students of Eco club (Class XI) dug flower beds, cleared the weeds. They planted flowers, trees in the Junior campus. They water the plants regularly. After some days when the flowers grow up the campus will look beautiful.Thank You students.
Thought went up to my mind
A thought went up my mind today
That I have had before
But did not finish some way back
I could not fix the years
Nor where it went nor why it came
The second time to me
Nor definitely, what it was
Have I the art to say
But somewhere in my soul – I know
I have met the thing before
It just reminded me – it was all
And came my way no more.
Muskan Rathod/ X/ TH
Nature is the property of all of us,
Nature modified us,
Nature also removes us.
Human beings are in nature,
flora and fauna are composed in nature,
All creatures comes in nature,
As nature is like a mighty tank in which we are filled.
When we are nature`s need,
Than nature cures our need,
By modifying a smile on all the serious and sad villagers,
As nature is so good, that it freshens our mood.
By saving the nature`s art,
Nature always makes the beating of heart.
                                               Suryaveer Singh / X/ DH                                                  
 My Sister
We had fights
We had tears
We had magical moments
in which we smile
No one can make us apart
Till we are together
She cares me, she loves me
As sisters for life best friends forever
Holding our hands
We are ready to face
Whatever life sends.
Kirti Malviya/ X/ DH
Monday, 11th July: Special assembly was held on World Population Day. Miss Vimmiy Rajpurohit gave an assembly talk .She made all the students aware why World Population Day is observed on that day. World Population Day is an annual event observed on July 11th every  year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues .The world Population is over 7.4 billion out of which 1.8 billion are people around ages of 10 and 24.
Friday, 15th July: A picnic was organized for the students of Class Nursery to II. Eight teachers escorted the students to Ranakpur .Students visited the temple. Then they sat in the garden and played games.At 11.00 they had refreshments provided by the school.They boarded the bus at 11.30am and returned back at12.30 PM .They enjoyed a lot and that could be seen on their innocent faces.
Saturday, 16th July: Inter House Debate Competition was organized for students of the middle section. The members of the jury were Mrs. Aayaga Kaur/English Department., Mr.Pradeep/Maths Department., Mrs.Girja Kaur/S.St Department from the DBN Vidhya Mandir, Jammu. The students gave a beautiful presentation. The topic of the motion was ‘Homework should not be banned.
I Dhyanchand House
II Teresa House
III Gandhi House
Individual Position
I Vratik Soni/ VIII/ TH
II Kreena Rao/ VIII/ DH

Saturday, 16th July: Three-legged race was organized for the students of the Primary Section in the Junior Campus. Students enjoyed a lot. They gave their best to make their house win.
After the race School observed an Activity Day


Thursday 14th July,:Teachers from DBN Vidhya Mandir, Jammu came on for an exchange program.
Mrs. Aayaga Kaur/English Department., Mr.Pradeep Wadeja /Math Department,
Mrs.Girja Kaul/ S.St Department, Mrs.Indrajeet Kaur/PRT Department visited the school. They were introduced to the students in the Assembly. They went to classes given to them. They all interacted with students and had lessons with them. They were happy to interact with students.
They went with Pre-Primary Classes for a picnic to Ranakpur. On Friday evening a musical night was organized for them. They had fun. They were given a small gift from the school.
Experience of DBN Teachers
 Ed: How do you like this place?
AKR: This place is very nice, pollution free and weather is pleasant here.
Ed: How did you feel while teaching the students of the school?
GKL: The students of this school are eager to learn something new and are sincere, disciplined and well-behaved.
 Ed: What difference did you find between your school and The Fabindia School?
AKR: Here students are coming from such hard conditions and from a background of illiterate parents but still they are interested in studies. We wish them good luck.
Ed: What did you like the most in The Fabindia School?
GKL: The environment and dedication of the Principal and the staff in running school and handling and encouraging students is so sympathetic. The nature of the teachers is very happy and they give happiness to staff and students and encourage students to show their hidden talents.
Ed: What message would you like to give the students of this school?
AKR: Set fire your aim be it in the field of education, social field and any other. Strong determination power and do hard work to achieve their success.
Ed: Have you ever been to any other exchange program? If yes, tell us about your experience over there?
AKR: No, it was our first exchange program and we enjoyed a lot here.
“We pray to God to bestow all his blessings for the best flourishing of The Fabindia School."

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