The School Weekly - 25th July 2016

Mera Bali
Thandi Beri is a small hamlet in Bali Tehsil in Pali District. It belongs to Jodhpur Division. It is located 45 km away from Bali. The people of this place are committed towards maintaining the natural beauty of this place. It is imperative for the visitors to imbibe such an attitude as well.
Not too far from Ranakpur is an unpaved road that leads to a beauty so pristine that it could leave you speechless. The largely unknown destination of this journey is a forest lodge known as Thandi Beri, literally translating to cool resting place. Usually used as a vantage point by forest officials for monitoring the fauna of the neighboring woods, Thandi Beri is largely deserted by human traffic. It is essentially a great vantage point to soak in the untouched natural beauty of Ranakpur and its neighboring regions.
It is the most exotic place for a peaceful picnic with our family and friends, overlooking the bounty of nature in Rajasthan. This secluded heaven is best for practicing yoga and meditating in the wilderness for that matter. It is a good spot for trekking as the road leads to Kumbalgarh Fort. This area comes under the Forest Department and is wildlife conservation area. If you stay at the forest lodge at night you will be able to capture the beautiful sight of wild animals which come to drink water at the pond.
Monday, 18th July: Plantation day was organized in the school. Students of Eco Club planted plants and flowers like rose, money plant, queen of night, etc.
Saturday, 23rd July: As environment week was going on the students promised to plant at least one tree. They brought plants and planted them too that day. Students of Eco Club and Social Service League plucked weeds, cleaned the school campus and planted trees.
Thank You students
Educating a Girl
Educating a girl is necessary because people think that they can't study and they cannot fight for their rights for equality. They think that they can't feel their parents to be proud on them. In some places, when girls are born, their parents bury or kill them, as they feel they do not have the right to live. They also throw them in dustbin and ponds. Parents who give birth to girls are looked down or insulted by people in society. Girls are considered problem and burden for parents. This crime is committed till date. Nowadays there are some NGOs which fight for girls’ equality. If any girl does not have right for equality she should go to NGOs for their rights. I think that every girl should be educated, so that she can become successful and make her future bright and secure. Every girl should study more and more, so that she can fight for her rights and equality. -Diksha Choudhary/ VIII/ GH
Cleanliness is way to happiness. Cleanliness is important part of environment. Cleanliness gives you a beautiful world. When you clean your environment than your environment will give you a gift in the form of safe and secure life .Cleanliness starts from your home .Our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan". In this "Abhiyan" everyone should take part. Toilets are built everywhere so that people do not dirty our environment and dustbins should be put everywhere. Our P.M. also taken two steps forward for cleanliness he also helped and supported people to clean the environment and people started cleaning the environment. If our P.M. can do it for our better future then why can't we. We should also clean our heart because some people ignore wastage they say this is not our home so, why should we clean it. People must know the value of environment and people must accept world in form of mother. When your mother gives you love than you also give love to your mother that how environment gives you love in the form of plants, trees, birds and animals. So, you can also give love to your mother by planting more plants and trees and cleaning your environment.  -Krisha Dave/ VIII/ GH
Discipline is necessary in all walks of life. Any house without discipline will be in a state of complete disorder and chaos. The head of a family won’t be able to run his family if the members don't maintain discipline. A teacher can’t teach if his students don't keep discipline in the class. Similarly the members of an assembly must observe discipline if they are to do any good job. No office or business establishment can function without discipline. When we are on road, whether driving or on foot we have to observe the rules of traffic. The violation of rules will result in fatal accident. In the armed forces discipline is indispensable. Without discipline there would be complete chaos in the armed forces. Not to speak of victory in the battle even survival of soldiers will be in danger. In fact discipline is necessary in every field of life. No work or progress in possible without discipline. It is discipline which enables a nation to march on the way of progress. However discipline can't be forced by law alone. It is training of the mind. It has to come from within. In short life discipline is impossible. Mansi Choudhary/ VIII/ DH

Saturday, 23rd July: Inter House Poster Making Competition was organized for the students of Class VIII- XI. There were four participants from each house. The theme of the competition was Save Environment- Save Future. Students put in their artistic talent and made beautiful posters. Mr. Parth Guin and Mr. Rakesh Kumar were the judges of the competition.
I Gandhi House
II Teresa House
III Raman House
Activity Day was observed for the rest of the school.
Monday, 18th July: Environment Week was celebrated in school. A Special Assembly was held.
Mrs.Prerna Rathod gave a talk on Environment.
Amrit Choudhary/XI/RH: Spoke about Environment.
Bhumika Nagar/XI/RH:  Spoke on Our Environment.
Deepika Soni/X/GH:  gave a short speech on environment.
Tuesday, 19th July: Second day of environment week. Students recited poems:
Meenakshi Choudhary / VIII/TH recited a poem on Our Environment.
Archana koratkar /VIII/GH recited a poem “Recycle me”.
Muskan Rathod /X/TH recited a poem on Trees.
Wednesday, 20th July: Assembly Quiz was organized
Amrit Choudhary/XI/RH quizzed Class I- V
Muskan Rathod/X/TH quizzed Class VI- VIII
Chanchal Choudhary/X/RH quizzed Class IX- XII
Thursday, 21st July: A skit was presented in assembly by students of Class VII. The theme was
‘Save Trees’. Their performance was outstanding. Students gave the message that all should save trees and plant one tree.
Mahendra/VII/DH was the narrator of the skit.
Aryan Sirvi/VII/DH played a role of a tree.
Meet Soni/VII/RH and Yug Bhati/VII/RH played role of children throwing garbage on trees.
Tuesday, 19th July: During the PDP Session the staff attended Skype Storytelling session with Ms. Aparna. The session started with the introduction of the staff. Staff had to tell the meaning of their names or the story behind their name. Ms. Aparna narrated a Chinese folk tale whose moral was honesty. She narrated the tale beautifully and teachers listened to it with great interest. She connected the story with all the subjects –languages, science, math and social science. She also told the staff how the can improve their students writing, speaking and listening skills through story telling. Staff enjoyed the session.

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