The School Weekly - 7th November 2016

Mera Bali
Mehrangarh Fort located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is one of the largest forts in India. Built around 1460 by Rao Jodha, the fort is situated 410 feet (125 m) above the city and is enclosed by imposing thick walls. Inside its boundaries there are several palaces known for their intricate carvings and expensive courtyards. A winding road leads to and from the city below. The imprints of cannonball hits by attacking armies of Jaipur can still be seen on the second gate. To the left of the fort is the chhatri of Kirat Singh Soda, a soldier who fell on the spot defending the Mehrangarh fort.
There are seven gates, which include Jayapol (meaning 'victory'), built by Maharaja Man Singh to commemorate his victories over Jaipur and Bikaner armies. Fattehpol (also meaning 'victory') gate was built by Maharaja Ajit Singh to mark the defeat of the Mughals. The palm imprints upon these still attract much attention.
The museum in the Mehrangarh fort is one of the well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. In one section of the fort museum there is a selection of old royal palanquins, including the elaborate domed gilt Mahadol palanquin which was won in a battle from the Governor of Gujarat in 1730. The museum exhibits the heritage of the Rathores in arms, costumes, paintings and decorated period rooms.
Nowadays I am in Goa doing my Hotel Management Course. I miss my school friends a lot. During our school days when we were not able to complete our homework at that time every morning we had to stand in front of Principal's Office. When my teachers scolded me, I didn't like it but now I am missing them a lot. I am also missing my sweet School. When we went for a picnic there we had a cooking competition and when we went for trekking there we enjoyed a lot with our school friends. Now I am remembering my school days I am all alone there and remember each and everyone a lot. - Mayur Rathore/ Batch 2015-16.
Friday, 4th November: Staff had a PDP Session with BAT Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt at 3.00 PM in the Staff Room. They were given the theme ‘From Trust to Relationship’. Staff discussed in their groups on how a teacher can develop trust among their students. Each group came out with many good opinions. They said that trust can be developed by collaborating with students by mutual understanding, listening patiently to the students in a positive manner, by motivating the students, praising and rewarding the students. Trust can be developed by believing in oneself and sharing their experiences with the students. Students should be given a free environment so that they can feel free to share their difficulties with their teachers. Interaction in a friendly manner will create a free and happy environment for a student. Love and Care is the most necessary element of trust. It was announced that from now onwards Prerna Rathod will be the Coordinator for PDP Session.
Value of Words
Words can be impressive and expressive.
Words can destroy a relation.
Words can make rivals and friends too.
A word said cannot be taken back.
Words can make someone love and also hate.
Words have a strong impact on humans.
Words can work on feelings and emotions.
So check your words before using them,
Because you are saying it to a person like yourself,
Who has a brain that functions and heart that feels?
Muskan Rathod/ VIII/ TH
In the journey of life
The creature of the Earth had made a fantastic thing on the Earth that is human and this god also given human some extraordinary powers from which he can decide what good and bad means feeling is. The man is born to achieve something special in life and in the journey of life he faces many struggle, risks and happiness. When a baby is born then he is kept in the care of his mother and when he grows up he is sent to school or is taught the family occupation. Many of them acquire success in their fields and many of them do not. Man’s life is the life which faces many problems and the person who comes across these problems leave a sign on people’s heart and mind. Man take birth without having anything and goes without taking anything but one thing that the man leaves is a sign about his attitude and achievement. During the journey of life people’s main focus remain on their aim that they want to achieve but these people cannot be called a happy human. Happy human is one who works hard for his aim with the love and enjoyment of life and enjoys every second of life, and then the man can be called a happy human who walks happily and enjoys the journey of life. - Khushi Malviya/ X/ DH
जय जवान
हे जवान,
करता हुँ मैं तुझे सलाम ।
तु है हमारा रक्षक,
तूने मिटाए कितने भक्षक।
माँ माना इस धरती को तूने,
दे दिया बलिदान ।
गोली खाई सीने मे ,
अपनाई देश भक्ति की राह ।
हे जवान
है तु बड़ा महान
फ़ौज मे होते हो भर्ती छोड़ कर मोह-माया,
तपते हो तुम धुप में देकर हमको छाया।
जहां तुम्हे याद करेगा,
करेगी ये जमीन ।
तुम बॉर्डर पर मरते हो,
देकर हमें चैन की नींद ।
हे जवान,
करता हुँ मैं तुझे सलाम ।
-Manmanvendra Singh/ X/ DH
Thursday, 3rd November: School reopened that day. Excitement and happiness could be seen on student’s faces after ten days Diwali Vacation. They had lots of Diwali stories to share with their friends and teachers. Diwali Break Homework was collected by the teachers in their respective classes. Annual Day’s practice have started in full swing.
Friday, 4th November: XII Painting Competition on Energy Conservation was held on 14th September 2016 in the School and it was at school level for Class IV-Class IX and students participated actively in this competition. We are happy to announce that two of the students -Avinash Sain/ IX/ RH and Gajendra Singh Deora /IX/ DH are selected for State Level Competition. They will be going to Jaipur for State Level Competition .Every one congratulated them and wished them best of luck for their State Level Competition.

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