The School Weekly - 12th December 2016

Mera Bali
Hawa Mahal means "Palace of Winds" or "Palace of the breeze". This palace is in Jaipur, so named because it was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from outside. Constructed of red and pink sandstone, the palace sits on the edge of the City Palace, and extends to the zenana, or women's chambers. The structure was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. He was so intimidated and inspired by unique structure of Khetri Mahal and he built the grand and historical Hawa Mahal. It was designed by Lal Chand Ustad in the form of the crown of Krishna, the Hindu god. Its unique five-storey exterior is akin to the honeycomb of a beehive with its 953 small windows called jharokhas decorated with intricate latticework. The original intention of the lattice was to allow royal ladies to observe everyday life in the street below without being seen, since they had to obey strict "purdah" (face cover). The lattice also allows cool air from the Venturi effect (doctor breeze) through the intricate pattern, air conditioning the whole area during the high temperatures in summers. 
The palace is a five-storey pyramidal shaped monument that rises 50 feet from its high base. The top three floors of the structure have a dimension of one room width while the first and second floors have patios in front of them. The front elevation, as seen from the street, is like a honeycomb web of a beehive, built with small portholes. Each porthole has miniature windows and carved sandstone grills, finials and domes. It gives the appearance of a mass of semi-octagonal bays, giving the monument its unique façade. The inner face on the back side of the building consists of need-based chambers built with pillars and corridors with minimal ornamentation, and reach up to the top floor. The interior of the Mahal has been described as "having rooms of different coloured marbles, relieved by inlaid panels or gilding; while fountains adorn the centre of the courtyard". Its cultural and architectural heritage is a true reflection of a fusion of Hindu Rajput architecture and the Islamic Mughal architecture; the Rajput style is seen in the form of domed canopies, fluted pillars, lotus and floral patterns, and the Islamic style as evident in its stone inlay filigree work and arches (as distinguished from its similarity with the Panch Mahal - the palace of winds - at Fatehpur Sikri) 
Hawa Mahal was also known as the chef-d'œuvre of Maharaja Jai Singh as it was his favourite resort because of the elegance and built-in interior of the Mahal. The cooling effect in the chambers, provided by the breeze passing through the small windows of the façade, was enhanced by the fountains provided at the centre of each of the chambers.
Bharti Ma’am called me and I remembered my old days in The Fabindia School I am Rahul Sharma (Batch 2006). I passed Secondary education in 2006 with 70.5%. I got highest marks in Mathematics although it was not such high score but it was highest among all the students who helped me too choose the subject in Senior Secondary. In 2008 I passed Class XII with 65.8% and i got highest marks in both Physics and Chemistry. In 2008 I was enrolled in B.Tech course by passing RPET exam and I did my engineering in electronics and communication engineering with aggregate 74%. In 2012 and I was awarded special degree that is called Honors. I was one time year topper in my branch for that I got gold medal and 2 time semester topper in my section. Currently i am working in Central University of Rajasthan which ranks 34th in India (NIRF Ranked) on the post of Technical Assistant in Physics department. I took admission in The Fabindia School in 2000, I found new environment, and from there onward I started enriching my knowledge. In previous School even I didn’t know at that time what to achieve in my life. With the efforts of Fabindian Teachers I fixed my target. There is one special thing in Fabindia that is to make a student self independent. Fabindian Teachers are really very good and by their efforts I am able to achieve my target. In Previous School there was lots of discrimination among rich students and poor Students but in Fabindia equal opportunity is given to each student.. From morning schedule to off time School was excellent. I miss all the moment that I had passed there. I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Jayant Biswas who really helped me a lot.-Rahul Sharma( Batch 2006)
Teacher This Week: 
Friday, 9th December: Suresh Singh Negi was selected as the Teacher this Week for his hard work and support that he exhibited during the Math Week. He motivated the students to come up to stage and participate in Math Week. He also helped them during the verification of theorems. He was born on 3rd January 1983. He completed his M.SC from D. B. S (P. G.) Dehradun. He completed his B.Ed from Petal Weed College of I.T, Dehradun. He belongs to Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. 
Staff had their PDP session on Monday. They sat in groups and discussed their second chapter of the novel that they are writing. On Tuesday they had HOD Meeting and meeting with Exam Cell where they learnt to make question papers in correct format. Whole week Staff was busy in preparing question papers for the commencing Half Yearly Examination.
Parent This Week
Mrs. Anjubala Rao M/O Kinjal Rao/ IX was selected as the Parent this Week. She is a teacher in private school. 
Interview:(Ed.: Editor, AR: Anjubala Rao)
Ed.: What is your name?
AR: My name is Anjubala Rao.
Ed.: What do you do?
AR: I am a teacher in Private School.
Ed.: What do you want to achieve in your field?
AR: I have become a teacher and so I have achieved my goal.
Ed.: How many children do you have?
AR: I have 2 children.
Ed.: What do you want your child to achieve?
AR: I want my child to take part in all the activities and should score
good marks.
Ed.: What has your child achieved while studying in the school?
AR: She is the Joint Secretary of Dhyanchand House, can converse in English and has participated in many activities. I am happy that my child is studying in the best school of the town.
Ed.: What feedback would you like to give to the students?
AR: Some students do speak in English but I want everyone to speak in English.
Can Never Forget
I can never forget 
The one who gave me birth
I can never forget 
The one who gave me moral values
I can never forget
The one who taught me to laugh,
I can never forget
The one who taught me to read & write
I can never forget
Who taught me to walk on the right path
I can never forget my Mother
For it is she who brought me in this beautiful world.
Anumesh Rao/ VIII/ GH
Birthday Magic
Have them take the month number from their birthday: Jan 1, Feb 2, March 3…..
Multiply by 5
Then add 6
Then multiply that total by 4
Then add 9
Then multiply this total by 5 once again
Finally have them to add the day they were born on.
Then they should give you the total. Then in your mind subtract 165, & you will have the month and the day they were born on. -Anumesh Rao/ VIII/ GH 
Saturday,10th December: Bhagyashewari Mewara/X/TH was selected as ‘Student this Week” as she voluntarily maintained the Bus Attendance Register for the last three months as there is no teacher on duty in their bus.  
IH Math Quiz was organized by the Math Department for Class VI-XI. There were six participants from each house. They were divided into three groups with two participants from each house. They had four rounds. Round 1,2,3 were played by one-one group respectively. The last round was collectively played by all the six participants. There were ten questions in each round. All rounds were buzzer rounds. Ten marks were awarded for the correct answer while -5 were deducted for the wrong answer. All the participants performed well. Ms. Swati Sood and Mr. Sandeep Singh judged the Quiz, Mr. Partha Guin and Mr. Tarun Mishra were the scorers and Blessy Maria/ XII, Khusbhoo Rajpurohit/XII were Quiz Masters. Mr. Suresh Negi was the shadow Quiz Master. Thanks to all those who contributed to make this show a success. Results awaited
Monday, 5th December: Math Week Day 4 
 Students presented Math tricks to show the power of Math.
Chanchal Chaudhary/ X/RH: Presented a Math trick to find the age using Math power.
Muskan Rathod/X / TH: Did the calculations for the trick to find the age.
Suryaveer Singh /X/ DH: Presented a trick to find the square of the number ending with digit 5.
Bhupendra Sirvi/VII/TH: Presented a game to build a larger number.
Aryan Sirvi/VII/DH: Presented a trick to find the family members using the Power of Math.
Tuesday, 6th December: Day 5
Hemlata Vaishnav/ lX/ GH, Devika Choudhary/ lX/ TH and Suryabhan singh Rao/ lX/ TH: showed the verification of circles theorem with the help of models of circles.
Muskan Rathore/ X/ TH: Showed the verification of the identity (a2-b2)
 Suryaveer singh/ X/ DH: Showed the verification of the identity (a+b)2.
Wednesday, 7th December: Day 6
Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi ended the Math Week by complimenting the students and Math Dept. for putting in their hard work to make the week a success.
Archana Koratkar/ Vll/ GH: Spoke on the importance of numbers
Varun Malviya/ Vll/ DH: Spoke about the mathematician Pythagoras
Aryan Sirvi/ Vll/ DH: Spoke about the mathematician Herons and
Khush Rajpurohit/ Vll/ DH: Spoke about the mathematician Aryabhaa.
Ritu Chouhan/ Vlll/ RH: Spoke on natural numbers.
Uma Choudhary/ Vlll/ TH: Spoke on whole numbers
Mansi Choudhary/ Vlll/ DH: Spoke on integers.
Kreena Rao/ Vlll/ DH: Spoke on the rational numbers.
Bhupendra Singh/ Vll/RH: Spoke on the irrational numbers.
Vianayraj Singh/ Vll/ RH: Spoke on the real numbers and
Meenakshi Choudhary/ Vll/ TH: Spoke on the complex numbrs

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