The School Weekly - 7th August 2017

Mera Bali

The Sukh Niwas Palace is located in front of the Jai Mandir of Bundi and is decorated with some of the interesting features. The doors of the Sukh Niwas Palace are made up of sandal wood and spread rich aroma in the surroundings. There are proper water channels made to allow the water to let out properly. In past times these water channels were used to flow of cold water and to keep the palace cool during the summer season. This idea was followed to have the effect of air conditioners when there was no electricity. As far as the architecture is concerned the entire palace is decorated with typical Bundi styled murals on all over the walls. The distinctive of these murals is they are in rich maroon, deep blue and off green color.
Built by Maharao Raja Vishnu Singh in 1773, the Palace has a beautiful garden. It was used as a summer palace by the Maharajas of Bundi State and was the scene of festival processions. The Sukh Niwas palace is made up of the locally mined stones of Bundi. The palace is an example of one of the premium specimens of Rajput structural design. There are beautifully carved brackets, pillars and balconies in the palace. The statues of elephants are very gorgeous and made to use abundantly all over the palace.
There is a Diwan – E-AamHathi pol and Naubat khana inside the palace. There is a famous chitrashila or painting room located in the palace. It gives you a glimpse in the history of the past. The walls and ceilings are completely covered with paintings of the Bundi School. There are shooting scenes, court scenes, festive processions and celebrations on the wall. There are also pictures of beautiful birds, animals and the scenes from the life of Lord Krishna. All these paintings are in very good condition and tell you a lot about the art and existence in the past. Rudyard Kipling stayed here at the Sukh Niwas Palaces, Bundi as he spent quality time in this palace and has many good memories.
Pooja Koratkar/ Batch 2014 was selected as the Alumni this Month as she has made us proud by her hard work.
(ED:Editor,PK:Pooja Koratkar)
ED: What is your name?
PK: My name is Pooja Koratkar.
ED: What was your batch year?
PK: My batch year was 2008-2014(Class 5th to 10th)
ED: Who were your batch mates?
PK: My batch mates were Bhavika, Mamta, Vandana, Vaishali, Santosh, Nikhil, Aman, Neeraj Kushagra,Bajrang,Chandu,Vijayalaxmi,Mahima Gehlot, Pooja Hatela,Arjun, Soumya and many more.
ED: Which was your passing year?
PK: My passing year was 2014.
ED: What is your present qualification?
PK: My present qualifications are that after getting 9.2 CGPA in Class X and 89.44% in Class XII, I got coaching from Allen Career Institute Kota and secured AIR 854 in NEET-UG this year. I have taken admission in B.J. Government Medical College and Sasoon Hospital Pune for MBBS course.
ED: Who were your favourite teachers of your time?
PK: My favourite teachers of my time were Byju sir, K.G. Sir, Suresh Negi Sir ,Bharti Maam, Prerna Maam, Bhaarat Sir.
ED: Have you ever participated in any of the activity, tournaments etc.?
PK: Yes, I have participated in Art &craft Exhibition, Relay Race on Sports Day.
ED: Are there any memories that you wwould like to share with your juniors, friends, students, etc.?
PK: I still remember those days when I along with my friends used to fight with other students to get our favourite place under the. tree for lunch Whenever there was Rakhi making competition we used to bring colourful beads and exchange with each other .We used to laugh and make fun of even small things. Every year we would eagerly wait for Annual Day and also actively participate in plays, dances etc. I remember when I was awarded for 100% attendance ,       best dressed student and art and craft exhibition .I also got bronze medal in relay race on Annual Sports Day. I remember our school trip to Nanital, Ranikhet, Jim Corbett National park .
ED: Will you like to give any of the message to your juniors, school or friends?
PK: Yes, I would like to say that this period is very important and it will never come back .Work hard to achieve your target .Don't study for sake of study. Try to learn something new and collect knowledge whenever you go. One should be self motivated at any condition.

Ms.Sharmila Vijayvargi, Coordinator Primary Section was selected as the Teacher this Week for her punctuality and hard work towards the School work. She gave the message to her students that the ability of learning new things and putting in extra efforts and then being consistent and persistent are the tools of being Master of things. Never underestimate yourself, hard-working and sincerity will take you to new heights.
[ED: Editor, SVI: Sharmila Vijayvargi]
ED: When did you join the school?
SVI: I joined the school on 1st July, 2014.
ED: Who was the Principal at that time?
SVI: Mrs. Deepika Tandon.
ED: What type of environment was there?
SVI: Of course, it was nice, that’s why I had joined the institution.
ED: What is your qualification?
SVI: M.A. [Political Science], N.T.T. [Nursery Teacher Training]
ED: Which classes did you teach at first?
SVI: I was the Mother Teacher of Class II.
ED: What do you expect from the children?
SVI: I expect my students to become successful in life in every means and become worthy citizens of India.
ED: Have you taught in any school before Fabindia?
SVI: I have taught 6 school before Fabindia. Little Flowers Public School [Ujjain], Ujjain Public School [Ujjain], Arounodaya Public School [Ajmer], B.R. Birla Public School [Pali], K.N. Modi Public School [Newai]
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
SVI: My message for the students is to aim for the stars and sky will be yours someday.

Teachers had their PDP Session with Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt. The calendar for My Good School Program was shared with the Teachers. Then the educators sat in their groups and were told to discuss their story and present their real life classroom situations in the month of September.  It was announced that Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi to read a thought every PDP Session weekly from the book ‘Algebra with Zebra’ and each group to share their thoughts and opinions and upload it in the LFIN blog.
We the staff of The Fabindia School deeply condole the untimely and sad demise of the nephew of Mrs. Rajeshree Shihag, paternal uncle of Mrs. Bharti Rao, sister-in-law of Mrs. Kavita Devda who left for heavenly abode that week. We pray Almighty to grant peace to the departed soul; may God bestow strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.
The Staff wishes Ms. Neelam Malviya a very Happy Birthday and a prosperous future.

Koshik Soni/ XII/ RH was selected as the Student this Week for his talent in playing musical instruments. He narrated a story to the students which gave the message never to lose hope on your failures. Be hopeful and you will be successful.

Parental Pressure: A Virus For The Child
“Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?” by Dr. Anupam Sibal is an outstanding book, which deals with the qualities and skills that are necessary for both parents and teachers to build a strong relationship with a child. With changing times, the emergence of a generation gap between parents and their children is natural. This book has effectively touched upon a range of qualities that can help us approach a child, communicate with him, and instil these qualities in him.This book consists of eighteen qualities which, I think, are necessary for a child preparing to face the world. If a teacher wants her child to imbibe these qualities, she too needs to change herself first. A teacher is a second parent to the child while he or she is at school. Her first task is to absorb these qualities herself so that she can set a good example in front of her students. Students always look upon their teachers as role models so it is necessary for them to change first. 
The book has inspired me greatly. The qualities and values elaborated upon in the book can help us teachers in moulding our students in a way that makes them adept at facing challenges and obstacles in pursuit of success. This book has been a great learning experience for me and I am absolutely sure that this will make my students' life worth living.
I remember my student Akansha, who was a brilliant student. She was good in academics, acting, sports, drawing, etc. She was great in every field! After looking at her results, her parents thought of getting her promoted. This double promotion affected her a lot. As she had missed an entire year's coursework, she could not understand many of the concepts that were covered in her missed year. Due to this, she could not perform well. In Mathematics, she barely managed to pass in her First Term examination. This put her under pressure. She started keeping to herself, stopped eating her brunch, and started losing weight. At first, I couldn't understand why such a brilliant student had changed so much. I called her one day and tried to find the reason behind it. She burst into tears and narrated her story. At the time, I consoled her and sent her back. Later, I called her parents to school and made them realize their mistake of pressurizing their child. I made them see how the pressure of double promotion had led to this situation. I also made them understand that they need to let her set her own goals and avoid letting the pressure of competition get to their child. The parents promised not to pressurize their child anymore.
After that I called Akansha and told her to not worry about marks. I asked her to put in her best in the areas she felt she was confident and strong in. After some days she became her original self again. The same lively and ever-smiling child that she once was! Teachers need to guide, encourage and motivate their students so that they can overcome the challenges in life easily. -Bharti Rao/ Educator
Rakhi Rakhi when it comes,
All the brothers go to the shops.
To buy some sweets,
To buy some gifts.
To make their sister's happy first,
Rakhi Rakhi when it comes.
A friend who is kindly and caring
He is the one whom God has choose for sharing
You are the one who know my every need
You are the one who completes my every need
Richly blessed is what I am
God has given me brother like you.
Rakhi Rakhi when it comes
All the brothers go to shops
To buy some sweets
To buy some gifts
To make their sister's happy first
Rakhi Rakhi when it comes
-Diksha Choudhary/ IX/GH
Hard Work Leads To Success
The book “Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?” by Dr. Anupam Sibal is one of the best books, both for teachers and parents, to develop good qualities in a child. If a child has good qualities then he will become a good person, and thus a good citizen of the country. The book tells us how and why qualities like honesty, courage, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, etc. are necessary. Additionally, it shows us ways in which we can develop these in our children. Giving real life examples, instead of lectures, is a good way of inculcating good qualities in a child as this leaves a lifelong impact on the child.
While reading this book I recalled an incident. My relative's son Bhavesh was very weak in studies. His father was very strict but his mother was very polite and always supported her son, even when he was wrong. I was asked to teach him so he could at least pass his examinations. So I began teaching him. At first, Bhavesh gave me a hard time. He never did his homework and did not revise anything for his tests. I was very polite initially, but then I became strict as Bhavesh was a stubborn boy.
I told him that if he does not complete the work given by me, he will have to do 20 sit-ups for every wrong or incomplete answer. Bhavesh found this very difficult as he was overweight and ended up in tears every time he had to do this exercise. His mother would come to support him but I made her understand that I was doing it for the benefit of her son. I made Bhavesh realize that it was better to work hard and learn his coursework than to do sit ups. He took my advice and began taking interest in studies, learning his answers, and doing his homework regularly. We both worked hard. He cleared his doubts and practiced questions. In the end, he passed with good marks. His parents were very happy as they had given up hope.  
The experience demonstrated that if one has great determination and is ready to work hard, he will surely succeed in life. And sometimes, parents and teachers need to be strict in the right measure to give the right direction to children. -Prerna Rathod/ Educator 

Thursday, 3rd August:  Bhel Making Activity was organized for students of Pre-Primary section. They made bhel with the help of their teachers and happily ate the delicious bhel.
Saturday, 5th August: An activity was organized for Junior Students on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. The day started with great anxiety and excitement to make the best Rakhi. But students came up with unique ideas on its creativity. Few even used waste material to make their Rakhis! They were displayed on the corridor display boards.
 Saturday, 5th August: March past and PT display practices commenced for Independence Day celebrations. A set of students are practicing as a contingent to represent the school at Bali level at Government Higher Secondary School. 
Saturday, 5th August: Students of Class IX-XII submitted their essays for the Essay Writing Competition. The topic for the essay was ‘Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.’

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