The School Weekly - 4th September 2017

Learning Forward
Difference between Teacher & Educator

Teacher and Educator are defined by many as synonyms, but if we go to see there is difference between both. Teacher is a person who teaches children in school. His profession is paid and he requires special training and qualifications to be a teacher. To be an educator you don’t need any such training or specialization. A person can be an educator without being a teacher. Parents are a child’s first and most influential educator.
Teacher is the master of his subject. He in school imparts theoretical knowledge and focuses more on curriculum, assignments, syllabus and assessments. An educator is beyond this. He is not only a teacher, but a motivator, facilitator, mentor and a trainer. His main focus is the all round development of a child. He is skilled in teaching and focuses on intellectual, moral and social instructions. His work area is not just confined to a classroom. His influence is beyond that. Educators are those leave an influence on their students even after they are far off. He is the person who shapes up the life of a child. It's the educator who interacts and makes relationships with students more important than the content, but because of those relationships, the content comes alive.
Teaching isn't just a job to an educator, it's a calling. It’s passion and commitment and a desire to amplify the voices and dreams of the children. In the end I would like to say that every teacher on this earth needs to be an educator and that will make the difference in Education. 
-Bharti Rao/ Educator
(Ed: Editor, P.S: Pushpendra Singh)
ED: What is your name?
PS: My name is Pushpendra Singh.
ED: Which was your batch year ?
PS: My batch year was 2006.
ED: Who were your batch mates?
PS: My batch mates were Yogendra, Ajaypal, Rahul,Sharm and Raguveer singh.
ED: Have you ever participated in any activities, tournaments etc.?
PS: Yes, I have participated in football, hockey and all sports activities.
ED: What are your present qualifications?
PS: My present qualifications are B.A.
ED: What was your experience at Fabindia School?
PS: It was a great experience and the school is awesome, it has a good nature to study and the teachers and friends are so helpful.
ED: Will you like to give any message to your juniors, school, or friends etc.?
PS: Yes, I’ll like to say that study well, do hard work to achieve your goal do something that will make the name of your school and parents

Tuesday, 29th August: Staff had PDP Session on that day. First Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi read out a thought ‘Knowing your subjects’ from the book “Can We Teach a Zebra Some Algebra “by Debashis Chatterjee”. Staff then discussed their opinions, gave their views and sent a write up with graphics and photo to Mr. Ajay. Then they got themselves divided into their groups and prepared a presentation based on the stories from the book” Is your Child Ready to Face The World by Dr. Sibal”. They made videos, ppts and writ- ups for their presentation. 
[ED: Editor, TMA: Tarun Mishra]
ED: When did you join the school?
TMA: 20th March 2015.
ED: Who was the principal at that time?
TMA: Deepika Tandon.
ED: What type of environment was there?
TMA: At that time the environment was good and friendly. It is suitable for sports.
ED: Which classes did you teach at first?
TMA: Class XI.
ED: What is your qualification?
TMA: Post Graduation [M.P.Ed] from DAVV University, Indore.
ED: What do you expect from the children?
TMA: They should do hard work and with hard work they should also have fun.
ED: Have you taught in any school before Fabindia?
TMA: Pushpdeep International School and DPS I have taught before Fabindia.
ED: What message would you like to give to the students?
TMA: Love your profession, accept your failure learn from it and convert into success.
Priyanka Choudhary/ XII/ DH was selected as Student this Week for her sincere and helpful nature. She addressed the Assembly and spoke on ‘Respect’. She said that respect is the most important element which each child should possess. You should respect not only your elders but also your younger ones. The message that she gave was “Give Respect and Take Respect’.
My experience of my school
“Learning gives creativity,
Creativity gives thinking,
Thinking provides knowledge,
Knowledge makes you great…”
It is a matter of great pride for me to study in The Fabindia School. This school is one of the most promising schools of learning. We have a great and excellent environment which facilitates us to have as many opportunities as possible. In such a situation there is nothing most important than having such a good school in the rural background. The background and achievements of the school is really great.
The children of the school are imparted with good quality education. It provides a happy, caring and comforting environment for each to learn. It has a desire and dream to see of the children like us who live in villages. I never thought that I will get such good environment to learn, teachers to teach and good friends. - Devika Choudhary/ X/ TH  
Tuesday, 29th August: National Sports Day was celebrated in the school. Special Assembly was organized on that day. Priyanka Choudhary/ XII spoke on the importance of Sports and why this day is celebrated in the country. Bhumika Nagar read out the oath and all the students took the oath after her. Many activities were organized for students of Class Nursery-XI. Some had football match, some kabadi match, some kho-kho and some had races. Students enjoyed the day with fun and frolic.
Friday, 1st September: The School’s U-19 Boys Football Team participated in U-19 District Football Tournament organized at Government High School, Bali. They were escorted by Mr. Tarun Mishra. They won their first match against Bharunda Govt. School by 4-0.Congratulations team for your performance. The School U-17 Girls Hockey participated in U-17 Girls District Tournament. They were escorted to Falna by Mr. Vineet Kumar.
Saturday, 25th August: The School U-14 Cricket Team escorted by Mr. Vineet Kumar went to Bisalpur to participate in the U-14 Block Cricket Tournament. They won their first match by 10 wickets against the host team and they have entered into semi-finals. They secured third position. Three students Chirag Sharma, Aryan Sirvi and Ajay Kumar selected to play at District level. Congratulations team for your performance.

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