My Good School - Taking Learning Forward @ The Fabindia School

am delighted that this book, which has been put together with so much love and care, commemorates the Silver Jubilee year of The Fabindia School which was established in Bali in 1992.The Good Book symbolizes the spirit of Education at The Fabindia School – it is creative, innovative, collaborative and aims at creating an unparalleled learning environment.I am passionate about promoting approaches to education which focus on each child’s inherent talents and abilities. I am also passionate about giving education a local context and keeping it relevant to the environment.

The Fabindia School’s Mission is to provide access to high quality education for both boys and girls at the rural level, using English as a medium of instruction. The school views primary education as a major stepping stone towards social mobility, equality and employment opportunities, and promotes the education of girls. I am glad to state that we have proved true to our Mission. The school has become a model institution for preparing students for success in life – we have illustrious alumni who have done us proud and are role mod- els for our young students today.The success of this enterprise rests on contributions made by many people over the last twenty five years. From past and current principals and teach- ers, to board and advisory committee members, from parents, volunteers, well-wishers and donors, The Fabindia School, and the values that it stands for, have been fostered by a very committed community.

There is one person whose contribution I would particularly like to highlight
– Sandeep Dutt who joined us as Chairman and Executive Director of the Bhadrajan Artisans Trust in 2012. He has been responsible for facilitating many of the landmark achievements we celebrate today.
I wish each one of you the very best, as we prepare to move into the next twen
ty five years of the school!
- William Bissell, Founder The Fabindia School 

Board Members at The Fabindia School on 17th Nov 2017


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