The School Weekly - 13th November 2017

The word 'Mother' in itself is a beautiful feeling. From the day you are born, every single day doesn't pass without moms. They build up everything. The times have changed and their roles too. From being designated to look after homes and family and raise kids, mothers now have stepped into the outside world.
For me, I believe that mothers who work have some edge over others in imparting practical knowledge while raising their children. Mothers are the best managers. From managing homes, family, job relatives and what not, they are blessed with the best managing skills. Working in a world full of competition and then showering that love on their kids, they are one epitome of kindness. 
-Sharmila Vijaywargi/ Educator
(ED: Editor & KA: Kavita Adha)
ED: What is your name?
KA: My name is Kavita Adha.
ED: Which was your batch year?
KA: My batch year was 2012.
ED: Who were your batchmates?
KA:  My batch mates were Aditi Rathore,  Joyce Thomas, Shivpal Ranawat,  Yogendra Champawat , Nishant Bhati,  Hemant. 
ED: Who were your favourite teachers of your time?
KA: My favourite teacher of my time were K.G Sir and Manish Sir.
ED: Have you ever participated in any activities, tournament etc.?
KA: Yes, I have participated in District Level Handball Tournament
ED: What are your present qualifications?
KA: I have done my B. A., preparing for masters  entrance test and civil services.  .
ED: What was your experience at Fabindia School?
KA: It was the most wonderful experience of my life, this school gave me so much confidence, which helped me to stand in front of the world. And where  ever we go still we are called Fabindians. Strike which we had in X Class. Though it was not a strike but was named as strike by all teachers and our class was boycotted from all school activities.  But it was fun and most memorable moment. 
ED: Would you like to give any message to your juniors, school, or friends etc.?
KA: Yes, the only message I would like to give to my juniors is that this is the most beautiful journey just enjoy every part of it,  because you are going to remember it your whole life. 
Staff had meeting during the PDP Session in which they discussed and allotted their duties for the commencing Annual Day. They discussed about how they would celebrate Children's Day. 
Staff wished School Chairman, Mr, Sandeep Dutt a Happy Birthday. May God bless him and best wishes for his future.
Teachers are like candles,
involved in lighting our hearts.
They take our time,
Just to fix our mind.
They punish us twice,
They want us to be wise.
They make us hurt,
Just to light up our heart.
They brighten our lives,
Behind that no self motives lies.
The light it makes,
The hope it creates.
- Rakesh Sutharl X/TH 
Monday, 6th Nov-Saturday,11th November: Annual Day practices are going on in full swing.   
Friday, 10th Nov: National English Olympiad was organised for the students Four students of Class X and IV participated in the Olympiad.

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