The School Weekly - 26th November 2018

STUDENT: Himanshu Suthar/ XI was selected as the Student this Week for  creating a website for the School and putting extra efforts in Computer Exhibition. He is a talented student. He has made a new website in HTML. He says"Making a website is not an easy work .It needs lot of efforts and practice."The name of his website is 'Universe '.Till now it has not published, but soon it will be published on internet.
EDUCATOR: Mr. Tarun Mishra was selected as the Educator this Week. He shared his views on the importance of motivation to choose an appropriate career. He told students to find their hidden talents and make their talent as their profession. He illustrated the topic with the help of a "talent chart" which motivated the students to find their talents on their own
 (ED: Editor, KC: Krishna Choudhary)
ED: Which was your batch year?
KC: 2014-15
ED: Did you participate in any activities? Mention them.
KC: Yes, I participated in debate, athletics, script competitions, annual day etc.
ED: What was your favorite spot in the school?
KC: In the school my favorite spot was the Basketball Court.
ED: What are you doing these days?
KC:These days I am pursuing my B.Tech. in Civil Engineering.   
ED: What have you learnt from The Fabindia School?
KC: It is The Fabindia School that has boosted my confidence as well as my knowledge. Today with whom ever I talk with, asks me only one one thing, 'How have you boosted your confidence level?' And  my answer is that it is only because of what I have learnt in Fabindia School.
ED: What are your memories of the School?
KC: In my memories I remember that I used to prepare children for dance and enjoy with my friends.
ED: What message would you like to give our students?
KC: Worth the opportunity of being in The Fabindia School and work hard and prepare well to reach your goals. Enjoy each and every moment of your School life because they will never come back. 
Staff congratulated and wished Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi and Mrs. Sharmila Vijaywargi on their 26th Wedding Anniversary. Staff wished Ms. Prerna Rathod a Happy Birthday. May God bless her and best wishes for her future.
Monday, 19th November: School Timings changed according to Winter timings. Students got back to their regular studies. Educators teaching Board classes are busy in completing their syllabus.
Saturday, 24th November: School observed My Good School Saturday. They had activities like dance, music, sports, computer, reading, creative writing etc. Class IX and XII observed regular academic time table. In the last lesson they had a friendly match.

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