The School Weekly - 5th November 2018

EDUCATOR: Ms. Kusum Sharma was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared her views on moral values.She even explained that how moral values play an important role in our lives.She gave an example that just as a tree without fruits is invaluable,  like wise a man without moral value is also invaluable.

(ED: Editor, RP: Ranjeet Parihar )
ED: Which was your batch year?
RP: 2010-11
ED: Did you participate in any activities? Mention them.
RP: I participated in activities like football,volleyball and other sports like high jump etc
ED: What was your favourite spot in the school?
RP: The banyan tree on the other side of the football ground 
ED: What are you doing these days?
RP: I am doing Veterinary and Medicine in Animal Science 
ED: What are your qualifications?
RP: I am  pursuing B.V.Sc and A.H(veterinary)
ED: What have you learnt from The Fabindia School?
RP: All the things you need to live a happy life and how to become successful.
ED: What are your memories of the School?
RP: Our Farewell and the time of my admission
Football tournament in which our batch won and Annual function etc
ED: What message would you like to give our students?
RP: To be punctual and maintain the discipline. Make good circle and be original 

STAFF: Staff had LFIN Saturday headed by School Executive Mr. Sandeep Dutt. It started with PLP Session by Mr. Ajay Vijaywargi in which Outcomes of the Retreat and what we plan for 2019, how TFS will take this ahead was discussed. Mrs.Prerna Rathod assigned homework on Quest for My Good School. My Good School Session , Fedena, Brewing Knowledge and School Development Program was conducted by their respective in charges.

Oh! what a joy it is,
 to have a friend like you.
For giving me strength 
The way you do.
For lifting me up
When I feel down
The way you care 
The way you make me happy
You are my strength
You are my weakness
I wanted to thank you 
But was unable to explain
A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift
I thank all my friends for 
supporting and guiding me.
Meenakshi Choudhary/ IX/ TH
Monday, 29th October - Friday 2nd November: Monday, 29th October was celebrated as the English Literary Day. The whole week was celebrated as the English Literary Week. A number of activities were organized by the English Department in the Assembly. In the Assembly speeches were given, poems were recited, story was related and skits were role played by the students all through the week.
Report of the English Literary Week
Monday, 29th October: 
Vinita Sirvi/IX: Spoke on importance of English in today's world.
Archana Koratkar/IX: Spoke on the origin of English language.
Meenakshi Choudhary/IX: Recited a self made poem titled 'A World I Dream'.

Tuesday, 30th October:
A skit was role played by the students of English Literary Society. The title of the skit was 'Fair Play' directed by Ms. Monica Vaishnav.
Wednesday, 31st October: Students of English Literary Society presented a skit, The title of the skit was 'Mother's Sacrifice', directed by Mrs Bharti Rao 
Students of class V had a conversation on the Topic "Why are examinations important" under the guidance of Ms. Sharmila Vijaywargi.
Thursday, 1st November: Students of English Literary Society presented a skit. The title of the skit was 'A Glass of Milk' directed by Ms. Nikita Rajpurohit 
Students of Class V presented 'Nature Talk' in which they conversed about the ways to save environment under the guidance of Ms. Sharmila Vijaywargi. 

Friday, 2nd November: Students of Class V
presented a conversation on the topic 'A New Student' Abhimanyu/I related a story 'The Thirsty Crow' under the guidance of Ms. Manisha Devda
Mr. Krishen Gopal/ Educator recited dohas from Ramcharitmanas with its meanings. He also told about Lord Rama and about his moral behaviour.
.Monday, 29th October - Friday 2nd November: The school was buzzed by the preparations of Annual Day. Practices of skits, clubs and societies, dances and orchestra were in full swing.

The School is closed for Diwali Vacations from 3rd November to 11th November. We will be back with more news and views on 19th November, till The School Weekly wishes its readers A Happy, Safe and Pollution Free Diwali. Keep smiling and keep healthy.
Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal,, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Harsha Suthar, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  Rohit Vaishnav & Ronak Devda.

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