The School Weekly - 4th March 2019

STUDENT: Vipul Rajpurohit was selected as the Student this Week. He shared his views on the importance of sports activities. He said playing sports not only keeps you fit but it also increases your mental power. He said "Sports play an important role in everyone's busy life. Sports such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey etc. help in improving physical health and mental fitness. Indoor games like chess, Sudoku etc. improves mental power and concentration level. Sports provide freedom from stress and worries. Sports develop a sense of friendliness.
EDUCATOR: Ms.Chetna Bhati/Educator was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared her views on the methods to reduce stress. She advised students to do meditation to free their mind from negative thoughts during exam preparation.
  (ED: Editor, PC: Praduman Singh Chouhan)
ED: Which was your batch year?
PC: 1992-1997
ED: Did you participate in any activities? Mention them.
PC: In those days I was a very good sportsman. I used to participate in each and every sports event rather than that I used to participate in plays, Annual day events and many more.
ED: Which was your favorite spot in the school?
PC: In the School my favorite spot was the area near the pond in the forest.
ED: What are you doing these days?
PC: These days I am working as a Sports teacher.
ED: What are your qualifications? 
PC: I have completed my M.A. as well as my B.Ed.  
ED: What have you learned from The Fabindia School?
PC: I have learnt how to be a communicative active person and how to address yourself in public places.
ED: What are your memories of the School?
PC: In my memories I can see a shy child developing into a communicative person with developed confidence.
ED: What message would you like to give our students?
PC: Study well and try to figure out new concepts and queries.
Monday, 25th February: New Session began for Class XII and X. Students were happy that they were in the new classes. Oral Examination for Primary Classes started that day.Vice Principal Mrs. Bharti Rao and Educators wished Board Class X Best of Luck by giving them a pen and best wishes as their blessings in the Assembly for their commencing Board Exams on 7th March 2019.

Wednesday, 27th February: Tarun Utkarsh Seva Samiti organised a function in which Toppers of Board Class X & XII of Bali Block were awarded. Parikshit Singh/ X, Richa Solanki/ XII Commerce & Priyanka Sirvi / XII Science Stream of The Fabindia School were awarded at this function. The School was felicitated for achieving good results.
Thursday, 28th February: A very proud moment for all the Fabindians was that our Star Nikita Jaitawat/VIII/GH obtained 84% and stood third in the country in Jim Corbet Wildlife Examination. This exam was held in the month of January. Her hard work made her stand 3rd in India. She was awarded with certificate and a Bronze medal. All the other students who participated in the competition were awarded certificates of participation. Congratulations Nikita!
National Science Day was celebrated in the school.On the occasion of National Science Day a Special Assembly was held. Mr. Byju Joseph/HOD Science told us the importance of National Science Day and why it is it celebrated. National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on 28th February 1928.
In 1986, the NCSTC asked the Government of India to designate February 28th as National Science Day. The event is now celebrated all over the country in schools, colleges, universities and other academic, scientific, technical, medical and research institutions. On the occasion of the first NSD (National Science Day)(28 February 1987) NCSTC announced institution of the National Science Popularization awards for recognizing outstanding efforts in the area of science communication and popularization.
National science day is celebrated every year on 28th February. The celebration also includes public speeches, radio-TV talk shows, science movies, science exhibitions based on themes and concepts, watching the night sky, live projects, research demonstration, debates, quiz competitions, lectures, science model exhibitions and many more activities.
Friday, 1st March: Katharina Bauer, Marcela Lanza Tripoli and Brendon Kunmolo visited the school and were very happy to return back after a long time. Katharina from Germany, shares that - " It is so nice to be back! The school looks beautiful. I'm very happy that everyone is well.”
Marcela shares that - "Coming Back brings so many memories. The School looks amazing!”
Brenden expressed that - "I'm so glad we came back.  I hope we can keep in touch. Thanks for the welcome!”
Saturday, 2nd March: Board Exams for Class XII started that day. They went to KLPS Lodha Public School escorted by Mr. Usman Gani and Mr. Jaffar Khan to give their exams which was their board center. Principal Mrs. Rajeshree Shihag wished them Best of Luck by giving them her blessings. Then they took blessings from their teachers also.
Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal,, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Harsha Suthar, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  Varun Malviya & Ronak Devda.

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