The School Weekly - 16th September 2019

EDUCATOR: Ms. Kusum Dangi was selected as the Educator this Week. She shared her views on the importance of regularity of work. She narrated a motivational story to show how important it is to complete the task on time because this shows the punctual quality of an individual.
PARENT: Mr. Pradyuman Singh Rajpurohit F/O: Harshit Rajpurohit was selected as the Parent this Week. He said that students should always respect their teachers and parents because they are the only ones who actually want to see their children happy and successful. He said that students should not hang on phones instead they should concentrate in their studies.
STAFF: SMC Meeting was organised. Chairman Mr. Sulamain Tak headed the Meeting. The Key Points discussed in the meeting were fee structure, role and responsibilities of sub committees, success stories of Alumni, balance sheet was shared, discussion on service projects, implementation of health insurance for staff, Annual Day planning was shared, achievements in Sports were shared, etc. Suggestions were given to showcase the outstanding Alumni success stories should in the school. So that the students get to know more about their achievements and success.
Staff had PLP Session. First they had their PLP Session in which according to their levels they read and discussed their articles which they will write and share it on the blog. 
The Staff wished Mr. Rahul Thakur & Ms. Jigyasha Gurjar a Happy Birthday. May God bless them and Best Wishes for their future!
Monday, 11th September - Saturday, 14th September: The whole week was celebrated as the Hindi Literary Week. A number of activities were organized by the Hindi Department in the classes. In the classes Speeches were given, articles were readout, poems were recited, essay writing was conducted, debate and extempore was organized by the students and teachers all through the week.

Wednesday, 11th September: It was a proud moment for the school as the School's U-19 Cricket Team won II Position at the U 19 District Level Cricket Tournament. Ajaypal Meena/XII Science Maths/GH was selected as the Best Batsman of the Tournament. They were rewarded with medals and applause in the Morning Assembly. Ajaypal Meena, Gaurav Rajpurohit, Aryan Sirvi and Mohd. Sahil  have been selected to play at the State Level Tournament.
Congratulations to the team and Coach Rahul Thakur.
Seven of the students escorted by Mrs.Bharti Rao and Mr. Jaffar Khan went to New Delhi to attend and celebrate the World Literacy Day at 'KATHA Book Organisation'. Students participated in colouring, painting, origami activities. They were rewarded with books as a token of appreciation.

Thursday, 12th September: The School U-17 Handball Team won till the fourth round in the tournament. Two of our students: Pushpendra Ranawat/ VII and Harshit Rajpurohit/ IX have been selected for State Level Tournament.
Congratulations to the team and Coach Parikram Singh.

Friday, 13th September: Two Meditation intellects from Brahmakumaris Sansthan visited school to enlighten the students about meditation. There was a brief introduction to benefits of meditation and a session of it was held to experience the benefits.
Saturday, 14th September: On the occasion of Hindi Diwas a Special Assembly was organised by the Middle and Junior Section. They recited poems, gave speeches and enacted a play to showcase the importance of our National Language Hindi. Even Ms. Deepika Rajpurohit/ Educator & Ms. Sharmila Vijayvargi/ Educator recited poems along with the students. 
My Good School Saturday was organised for the students. In the first five lessons they had their Academic Lessons. Then the students had their Clubs and Society Meetings.
Mr. Shankar Sahay/ Professor in Marketing at IILM, Gurgoan visited the School. He attended the Assembly and then he visited the School. Then he had a meeting with the Educators. Debriefing on LFIN was done by Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi, My Good School by Ms. Kusum Sharma, Edthena by Ms. Swabhi Parmar & Mr. Ajay Vijayvargi, Personal and Social Development by Ms. Bharti Rao. Then he  attended My Club & Society Meeting and appreciated the students for the efforts that they put in their different activities. After the PLP Session he met the Educators. He appreciated all for the efforts that they put in.  

Volume No. 394 Published by The Editorial Board: Mrs Bharti Rao, Mr Krishan Gopal, Ms Swabhi Parmar, Mr Jafar Khan, Anumesh Rao, Ipshita Rathore, Archana Koratkar, Meenakshi Choudhary, Vinita Sirvi, Charu Vaishnav,  &  Ronak Devda.

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