The School Weekly - 27th April 2020

Posts from our Educators
I hope each one of you will be quite happy and healthy when this article touches you in this
period of lockdown everywhere.
See the positive side of lockdown & take this state of being at home full day as a challenge for yourself to increase sitting hours of study. In the normal days we have lot of distractions from study like friends, outings, outside works etc. These distractions are absent nowadays except your TV & mobile. So starting with a 72 hour challenge (except your online study), break your attraction from these two  as well.
Experience new things in your increased sitting hours. As soon as we increase sitting our speed of understanding and grasping the concept increases to many times in the later hours of study. Scientifically it is due to increase in our concentration /focus in later hours of study. In the early hours of study our mind is full of outside happenings which fade with time. This proves the importance of increased sitting hours in the life of students of secondary and senior secondary classes specially. Some of the board toppers and merit achievers have also revealed this experience in their interviews.
Furthermore, Today I want to give you 10 point study values to ensure success in your ambition.
1. Self Discipline (A student should sets target for himself & keep chasing it)
2. Serenity (He/She should be fully serious towards aim & work calmly)
3. Synergy (Good Communication with teacher & own classmates)
4. Steady (Regularly/Nonstop work for aim)
5. Stamina (Patience in  efforts because   F.A.I.L   means First Attempt In  Learning)
6. Succinct (Make your own brief summary notes as memory is limited )
7. Sensible (Use your mind to decide priority of more importance topics)
8. Share (Sharing resources increases knowledge)
9. Satisfaction (Daily achieving target bring satisfaction & keeps motivated)
10. Self Reliance (Keep in mind that no one can better
So, stay at home, remain motivated, keep studying, fulfill your dreams and come out with flying colours.
Of course, the future is yours……This is what I think is important for your success. Thank you.
Manish Jaiswal

Self Confidence
Self Confidence is satisfaction of oneself .This must be present in people's daily lives in
order for them to believe that they have the ability to do anything .The best way to gain self confidence is to look deep inside yourself and believe that you have the ability to overcome  all obstacles and challenges that you are faced with,on a daily life.
 Self Confidence is an essential part of student's life.
* Children develop self confidence in their abilities through their academic environment.
* Provide positive feedback to your students.
* Give only genuine praise.
*Set realistic goal for each student. Recognize that every child in different and has different learning capabilities.
*Invite each student to participate, convey message that you value them as individuals with their own strength and weakness.
* Create positive environment for learning .
* Trust yourself . Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.
*Positive thought should be given more brain space than your negative thoughts.
*Stay away from people or things that make you feel bad..
* Your positive thoughts might sound like this "I can do that. ".These will help you in achieving greater self confidence.
Punita Chouhan

Punctuality - An Essential Habit
Today I would like to share the importance of punctuality in our life. It is considered as one
of the noble qualities which need to be possessed by everyone. It is the habit of doing things on time. There is a proverb that says, “A stitch in time saves nine.” It means that doing things on time prevents us from unnecessary problems. Punctuality gives discipline in our life. A disciplined person always gets appreciation and social acceptance. Punctuality removes laziness from us but it needs certain sacrifices.
There is another proverb which says “Time and tide waits for no man”. Certain things should be done at the appropriate time. It may be the golden time to do it. Later we will not get the chance and that may lead to some future worries. Certain tasks we can complete very easily when the time is favourable. As human nature, we may postpone certain things but it may be very difficult to do the same things when the time is unfavourable. Time does not wait for anyone. We have to wait for it. When the time is favourable we must act promptly.
We all should be punctual in our everyday life. Every student should practice a habit of punctuality.  We can easily understand that punctuality is the basic quality of a person to be having a good personality. People who have become great in their lives are very punctual. Punctuality is the best policy for success. It will help us to achieve our goal. So be punctual in our life and it should be our motto.

Byju P. Joseph
How to Maintain Concentration
Most of the time we get motivated by others and make new plans with full excitement, collect some books and notes, etc. Sometimes we even take admission in some institutes and make a new routine. We think of never giving up until we reach our destination and promise ourselves to start the study with new expectations. But gradually, the excitement seems to get weak day by day. And after some days, we even stop putting in efforts in our studies.
This situation is faced by most of the students. It is not only in academics but also in many other sectors. When we don't concentrate, we lose our patience. It is very essential to be determined towards our goal to succeed well. You should choose the subject of your interest so that you don't regret selecting the subject suggested by others.
Sometimes we see the children choose the subject under parent’s pressure. Parents tell the students to choose a subject without even knowing their interest. Every person is unique and has different qualities. To know the inner talent of yourself and to maintain the concentration for a long time, it is important to find our inner qualities and proceed forward in that field. We don't understand immediately any subject. But we should learn a subject from the start and the basics. After that, we can solve problems easily and improve the subject slowly- slowly. To maintain the concentration, we need to have a big dream and some role model. Every day we should stay focused and think to complete our dreams. So, on the basis of my experience, if you follow these tips, definitely you will achieve your dreams.
Prakash Dangi

Focus to Achieve Success
Focus is the concentration of attention or energy on something. To achieve success in the
life we have to FOCUS on 4 steps:
1.    Focus on Goal
2.    Identification of distraction
3.    Rise your standard
4.    A mentor is important in life
1.    Focus on goal: Let’s take an example of flying Sikh Milkha Singh; remember Milkha Singh is not good in racing. The reason behind his success is every time he used to set a goal.
First-time Milkha Singh won the race because he was not good in his running, but his coach had said that the candidate who will come first will get an extra diet. While running he fell down due to fatigue but he got up and started running to get the big glass of milk and extra diet. Milkha Singh made a clear focus on his mind and focus is life. Bill Gates says, ‘The reason behind my success is I have a focus on very fewer things.’
2.    Identification of distraction: Taking the example of Milkha Singh, in Australia he lost the pre-qualifying race, you know why because he went to Australia for the first time. The beautiful ladies distracted him; he went to a party and started enjoying. Next morning he lost his race. I want to say that distraction and direction are inversely proportionate, when direction increases distraction decreases and when distraction increases direction decreases.
To remove distraction direction should be clear. Identify your distraction; say no to social media ritual. You decide how much time you will spend in social media; make yourself disciplined; only 15 min to social media, after 8pm no phone usages, aeroplane mode discipline. Same Milkha Singh has done he identified his distraction and said no to beautiful ladies and parties, before the final match in Pakistan. Pakistan coach said to Milkha Singh to distract that this race can be the last race of your life. You know what Milkha Singh replied,’ I will run this race like the last race of my life and he won the race’.
3.    Raise your standard: Today whatever you are doing keep improving yourself. You don’t have to prove, you have to improve yourself.
Golden statement- ‘Koi bhi lakshy inssan k prayaasho se baada nahi hai, hara to wo hai jo inssan kabhi ladha nahi hai.’ 
Same thing Milkha Singh did. He raised his standard of training so that he could represent India.
4.    A mentor is important in life: Mentor, coach and guide are the important aspects of our life. Milkha Singh used to say that in my 80 races I have won 77 races because of my coach and the Indian Army.
So, select your mentor, coach or guide to achieve success in life. 
Rahul Kumar Thakur

Caring For Others
Today I am going to share my views on caring for others, so I am sharing a story related to the topic. There was a farm, where lived farmer John with his wife Molly. They had pigs, cows and many animals on their farm. Also, there lived a little mouse.
One day the mouse looked through a small crack in the wall and accidentally saw the farmer opening some package. The mouse was curious about what food may it contain and discovered that it was a mousetrap. The mouse was determined to run around the farmyard and warned all the animals regarding the danger. First of all, he met the chicken. “There is a mousetrap in the house! “, the mouse declared with despair. But the chicken answered with indifference, “It doesn't concern me, as this is a danger for you, but not for me. It cannot bother me“.
Then the mouse raced towards the pig and the goat and told them about the mousetrap. But the pig and the goat were not impressed too. They said that there is nothing to worry about this and promised to pray about the mouse. Sad and depressed, the little mouse returned to the house. In the night the farmer‘s wife Molly heard a sound of a mousetrap. She hurried to see what was in it, but due to the darkness, she did not see that it was a poisonous snake, whose tail was caught in the trap. Suddenly the snake bit Molly.
The farmer rushed with her to the hospital. Later, when they returned home, Molly still had a fever. John remembered that it is good to treat the fever with chicken soup, so he went to his farmyard to bring the main ingredient, the chicken.
Whereas Molly‘s sickness continued and many friends came to visit her, the farmer butchered the pig so he could feed all the visitors. Unfortunately, as time went by Molly became weaker and weaker and one day she died. Many neighbours, relatives and friends arrived for the funeral. John had to slaughter the goat to feed all of them. The mouse watched all this with great sorrow. Remember, when we learn that someone is facing difficulties or dangers, we all are at risk. It is better to help and encourage one another and don‘t leave anyone alone with his problems.
Kusum Sharma

Lockdown: Time to rediscover ourselves
Two successive lockdowns​ of 21 and 19 days due to the pandemic helped many of us
discover our talent and potential. Being at home for so many days  in touch with our friends, family members, colleagues and students (those who are in education stream) and searching out old friends from our school and college life on social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram etc.
Those who are fitness conscious started doing yoga and other fitness exercises with the help videos on internet. Some enjoyed watching T.V for hours on various channels and improved their General Knowledge on various topics - Geography (spread of Covid- 19 from China), Life Science (symptoms of Covid-19, fever, difficulty in breathing, Hydroxy Chloroquine Sulphate), Political Science (how various leaders blaming China and WHO ) etc.
Many of us stuck to mobiles and laptops  and learnt new concept of Work from home and improved our knowledge on various apps as Google Classroom, Zoom, Hangouts and many more,kept themselves updated with these futuristic apps and concept.
Most of us also learnt the importance of freedom after being stuck at home due to lockdown, living with limited resources like no online deliveries by Zomato, Swiggy  etc,in red zones no vegetables, fruits, milk. No junk food, we learnt  life can be lived without all these. Most of us tried hands in kitchen whether it is simple cup of tea or some recipes from You tube.
The list is endless and unknowingly we discovered many values such as Unity - we all stood united to minimize the spread of pandemic, appreciation for ladies at home as during the lockdown when everyone is at home, their work in the kitchen has increased many times, help poor in the neighborhood with food, this list can also be endless.
We all collaborated​ in nation's progress by staying at home, trusted our leadership, developed  new vision towards our lives.
 Ajay Vijayvargi
Learning Forward Saturday            

Learning Forward Professional Learning Program (PLP) for 2020-21, was organised on the 25th April' 20 via Zoom. Twenty Five members participated in the session. Mr Sandeep Dutt hosted the Joy of Learning session. The discussion was on the values of ​​Courage and Patience. Post the session Educators expressed their thoughts on 

Online Learning & Virtual School Functioning 
Educators are exploring and getting trained by our Ed tech Team; Sandeep Singh, Jitendra Suthar and Usman Gani to run online classes at Google Classroom. HODs are doing academic training sessions for their respective departments. Section Coordinators along with the Class Teachers are staying connected students and parents to implement learning sessions. Admin Team is looking after all the backhand work to keep everyone in sink. Our SMC Members are standing by us in staying connected with the community, we are very grateful for every lasting support.
Rajeshree Shihag

Posts from our Students
You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to
win. The main difference between losers and winners is in what they do. Everyone is a potential winner do not let appearances fool you.
A winner is someone who has given his best effort, who tried the hardest he possibly can, utilized every ounce of energy and strength within him to accomplish something. It doesn’t mean that they accomplished it or failed, it means that they have given their best. That’s a winner.
Experience shows, it’s the moments you tend to ask a lot of questions as why now? Why me? Or why?
You all must know about Sandeep Maheswari, an authentic motivational speaker. A great example of being a winner. Doctors of our country are putting their great efforts in winning fight against Covid19.
If you are a winner you will fall several times in your life and then if you have the spirit you will get up and say that I WILL PLAY, I WILL WIN. If you have determination, strong will power no one in the world have that much strength to stop you. You will be unstoppable and the day when you learned how to live your life or how to get over your illusions you will definitely become a real winner.
In life it doesn’t matter who know the rest, but who survived this (the known) the best. So, when it comes to facing obstacles and problems in life please don't call them obstacles say challenges. Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers, so instead of saying WHY ME you can choose to say TRY ME.
Lochita Gupta/  XII Science

Tolerance is the willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree or approve of them. People harbour a deep resentment against those who differ from us. We don't need to exhibit tolerance in a situation in which we are normal; we need to show tolerance at the time when we are angry on someone or something.
Tolerance actually means accepting behaviour or opinion that you don't agree with. So anything or anyone that you agree with is not within the purview of tolerance. Tolerance is a wonderful quality that one exhibits only after lots of education and self-enlightenment. Tolerance is really a very highly useful quality. It is one of the basic principles of good manners. We can do justice if we are tolerant with others and respect their views. Last, but not the least it can be said that you should be tolerant towards those who don't agree with you. Otherwise it is not tolerance.
Ritu Chouhan/ XII Science

A Leader can Change a Society
Today I will share my views on 'A Leader can Change a Society'. He must be able to organize his government in a way that it would reach the grass root level on “A Leader can Change a Society”. Leaders of the world and of any country particular plays most important role to achieve genuine happiness of its people. Let us take the example of our own country like our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is holding the country together to face this difficult situation that our country is facing during COVID-19. And our Prime Minister has taken many steps to fight against COVID-19. Leader must not only be educated and experienced, but it is important to be sensible to the problems faced by their people. Leaders of the government should win the trust of the people. In my view most important character of a good leader is that they must be compassionate. Having a personality of caring about people is important. This is the quality of a leader. A policy or scheme initiated for the benefit of public must be implemented in such a way that it should not get politicize and corrupt during the process of implementation. Good and capable leader leads its people and country to peace and prosperity. At last not the least I want to say that Mahatma Gandhi, a major political and spiritual leader of India, followed nonviolent actions, avoiding any bloodshed in the country during their struggle for Independence.
Anumesh Rao/  XII Science

Stress Handling
We have heard adults ask very often,'As a young person, what do you have to be stressed about?' The truth is that we all experience stress for different reasons and in different degrees. Examination pressure, peer pressure, assignment deadlines, extra-curricular activities pressure are which we go through as students.
Stress are of different types and to handle it is not that much easier. The pressure to conform to our family's expectations, to do exactly what the teacher expects from us, to be 'cool` with our friends, to have the discipline to stay on course to be a leader at school, etc. However our reaction to it will ensure that our life remains joyous and fulfilling.
Stress is sometimes good but at some limit. Visualize a stringed instrument, maybe a guitar. Anyone of us are familiar with one will know that tension in the strings needs to be just so, to get the right quality of sounds. No tension in the strings will cause the strings to break and render the instrument useless till it can be restrung. The right kind of tension is required to produce optimum sound. It means some stress is also needed.
All have tension in life, but the reasons are different like examination, extra-curricular, etc. Sometimes stress is also needed and important to make life easier.
Kunal Rajpurohit/ X

Holidays are so good,
During the holidays we need more food.
We enjoy doing activities,
And we explore our creativity.
We all become entertaining,
Holidays are amazing.
We have a period to rest,
And there are no more tests.
I love holidays,
They are my fun days.
Everyone enjoys the holidays a lot,
And all the problems are sought.
Neetu Deora/ XII Humanities
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