The School Weekly- 4th May 2020

Posts from our Educators
Follow your Passion
Passion is a deep liking to something that you are really interested in. Following your passion
means exploring areas that spark your interest, developing your skills in a specific area, and using those skills to contribute to something beyond yourself. Understanding or finding one's passion is a long journey. Once you find out, they need to nurture it. All of us have a passion, you could either get it mastered or leave it like that. To get it mastered, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work and patience. Passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work towards mastery. We all have an inner liking for some art or act, that really drives us crazy and we love doing it. We never get tired or bored in doing such art or acting.

Passion is very important to succeed in life because people who are passionate about what they do, rather than just "in it for the money," tend to be people who have more positive outlooks and are able to overcome difficulty through problem-solving. You cannot become rich or achieve any other kind of success in life if you don’t have passion in your life or passion about what you are doing. Be it the simplest thing or the most sophisticated thing, you need passion in order to succeed.

“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

Passion drives motivation which helps to do the work with zeal and enthusiasm. It also helps to generate new ideas because when we love something to do, we always try to make it the best in a creative manner to enhance quality. So during this pandemic situation, when we have got enough time to explore ourselves,  we all must try to find our hidden talents and be passionate about something. Last but not the least, do what you love to do and live your life with Passion.
Nikita Rajpurohit

Quarantine, No It's Family Time
Why are we calling it quarantine, this is indeed our family time. I know that some of us are not at
our homes, but at least you have a family. This is the time when you should spend some time with your family, do some productive work, develop new skills within you, follow your passion, etc.
We should not consider this as a punishment for us, instead should understand that this is the time when our Mother Earth is healing itself. We should be happy, as, in this era of busy lives, we took a pause to relive our moments which we might have missed sometimes due to the stress or burden of our work. This time is indeed a boon for those children who were far away from their homes for the purpose of studying, or job and might just go back home for some time and just got that much time to live happily with their family.
Like we are familiar, every coin is born with its pros and cons, so does this situation of COVID-19. On the one hand, some people are in their homes and are safe with their families. On the other hand, there are some people who have stuck away from their homes due to the complete lockdown of the nation, or some people are fighting for life with COVID-19. We should be thankful for our heroes who are out on the roads to guide and save us(Police and News Reporters), who are working hard with their duties to save our lives(Doctors), etc. We should be thankful to our Government who controlled this situation at the very starting point only.
In this difficult time, we should follow the guidelines that are given to us, we should randomly call a person (friend or relative) who is far from home, we should help the needy, most of all we should respect people who are taking measures to deal with this situation and help them with what is possible for us.

I would like to end with the lines of a song:
"Jo saath de de saara India,
Fir muskurayega India,
Fir jeet jayega India,
Jo saath de saara India."
Prerna Rathod
Sympathy literally means feeling of compassion towards someone or understanding their problems. In everyday life, we see how many unintentional events happen that shock us from inside. We see in children, their helpful nature towards each other. During lunch in school, they share their tiffin-boxes with other students who couldn’t bring one. They talk of their routine, share each other's emotions; ask of the problems they face and so on.
Similarly, they also share their pen, book, pencil, etc. with each other. I have seen many times in school that some children feed half of their food to dogs and when asked why they do this, they reply, “Who else will feed them then?”
In them, you have to teach moral values to be sympathetic to the trees, such as watering them, not breaking the flower leaves, etc. A school harbors children of vivid natures, some of them good in studies, some in collaborative activities. At the same time, they have to learn and need to be taught not to ridicule someone's weakness. Students need to be explained that their little joke can hurt someone deeply, so they have to learn to understand the situation of others, to experience their pain.
In the present day, Covid - 19 pandemic has explained to humanity that we can share one's suffering only with the help of others. Doctors, nurses, police, etc. are busy serving patients day and night without worrying about themselves and their families. On the other hand, governments and donors are providing basic needs to the daily laborers, migrant laborers and the poor; this is a perfect example of sympathy.
We should know the problems of others and understand their pain and help. Nature also helps every living animal to fulfill its needs. Therefore, we should not harm and keep every person, creature, trees and plants happy.
Urmila Rathore

Self Love- Be Yourself
As humans, we are keen on wanting more. We think that if we buy that house or if we earn
more money, we will be the happiest. We shall ask for nothing more. Believe me when I say that I have said it to myself every time I wasn’t content with what I had. We think all our worries would go away if only we could achieve that target. But we fail to realize that the moment we achieve that goal we will come up with a new goal. We will convince ourselves that this will make us happier. 
This is vicious and never-ending circle. Let me tell you what self-love is. First, it’s about being content. It’s about telling ourselves that we have more than enough to go on. Life is all about ups and downs and we should embrace it equally. We have to know how to keep it together anyway. Self-love is when we are keener on making better decisions and nurture our well-being despite what is going on around us. Loving one’s self does not mean developing a shell and blocking out the world. It doesn’t mean having an ego so big that no one else can fit into a room with you. It doesn’t mean forgoing relationships because you only enjoy being with yourself. 
And, while it may be tempting for many, it doesn’t mean you should only have pets for the rest of your life. It does mean becoming comfortable with who you are. It means recognizing that someone else who didn’t learn unconditional love has a hard time giving it. It means recognizing that most human beings hurt, and they pass this hurt along to other people. Understanding this can help you turn yours from waiting and wanting someone to make you whole, to realize you have that ability inside of you. Self-love is a very important aspect of one’s life. It is very much important to love yourself but Yes don’t be obsessed with yourself. Self-love leads you to self-motivation. You can realize it in the cycle of life that whatever we go through in the end it is us who have to deal with that pain or sorrow. We should always be content and love our self in the best possible manner.
Swabhi Parmar

 हमारे जीवन मे शिक्षक की महत्वता
हमारे जीवन में एक शिक्षक कितना महत्त्वपूर्ण होता है इस बात को *एलेक्जेंडर* महान के इन शब्दों से समझा जा सकता है. *एलेक्जेंडर ने कहा था* –" *मैं जीने के लिए अपने पिता का ऋणी हूँ, पर अच्छे से जीने के लिए अपने गुरु का*".....

भारत भूमि पर अनेक विभूतियों ने अपने ज्ञान से हम सभी का मार्ग दर्शन किया है. उन्ही में से एक महान विभूति शिक्षाविद्, दार्शनिक, महानवक्ता एवं आस्थावान विचारक *डॉ. सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन जी* ने शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में अमूल्य योगदान दिया है....डॉ. राधाकृष्णन की मान्यता थी कि –" *यदि सही तरीके से शिक्षा दी जाए तो समाज की अनेक बुराईयों को मिटाया जा सकता है*"

कहा जाता है कि – Teaching is a noble profession यानी शिक्षण एक महान पेशा है. और मैं ये भी कहना चाहूँगा कि यह वह माहन प्रोफेशन है जो बाकी सभी प्रोफेश्न्स की नीव है।
निश्चित ही अगर शिक्षक नहीं होते, टीचर नहीं होते, तो डॉक्टर नहीं होते, इंजिनियर नहीं होते, हर तरफ अशिक्षा और अज्ञानता का वास होता । इसमें कोई शक नहीं कि शिक्षक ही हमारे समाज की रीढ़ की हड्डी हैं। वे छात्रों के व्यक्तित्व को आकार दे उन्हें देश का आदर्श नागरिक बनाते हैं।
इसलिए हमारे जीवन मे शिक्षक का बहुत महत्वपूर्ण योगदान है और हमे इनका आदर और सम्मान करते रहना चाहिए ।
Usman Gani
Learning Forward Saturday
The Joy Of Learning; The 22 immutable values session was conducted by Mr Dutt. Simplicity and Trust were the two values discussed and talked about. Post the session Educators expressed their thoughts by writing a Blog Post on 

Online Learning & Virtual School Functioning 
E-Learning Team (Sandeep Singh, Jitendra Suthar and Usman Gani) had weekly
meeting to educate educators with Google Classroom; this is the video conferencing
technology-based App. Can be used in smartphones and thy have created email ids for all students to be able to join Google Classroom.
We all learned:
 How to create classroom, how to share screen, generate video links in the classroom and uploading files through Google Drive.
 How to use Google Classroom on Mobile phone, 
 How a student can reply or attach a file to submit an assignment.
 How to make use of Diksha App in the classroom.
 Senior Section has started their online classes on Google Classroom.
Academics: Hod (Head of the Departments) and Coordinator’s Meetings:
 Timetable, syllabus, lesson plans, activities and teaching methods for E-Learning.
 Educators have been making optimum use of Google Classroom & WhatsApp for sharing videos,
audios, hosting competitions, tests, polls etc

Virtual SMC Meeting; we had our first virtual meeting to greet and share school update .Educators were appreciated for their enduring efforts towards Online Learning. Some very interesting suggestions have been made by our SMC members which we will implement in the due course.

Posts from our Students

Today I am going to share my views on happiness. It is a form which shows the mental state of a person. A negative person can never be happy even if he puts in efforts, the negativity in him will never allow him to get success. Most of us in this situation will be depressed and mentally injured, but a happy person can go through out this and can be an inspiration for all of us. The famous author J.K. Rawling said that, ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’.

Happiness is more than a good feeling or yellow smiley face. It's the feeling of truly enjoying your life and the desire to make the very best of it. Happiness is the secret source that can help us to be and do our best. At last but not least, I will end my speech on quoting, ‘The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with whom you are and not what people think who you are’.

Yukti Kansara/ IX B
Happiness is one of the most important and desirable aspect of life. The definition of happiness is very different from person to person and there is no definition for it. Life is very crucial. I think that admission to happiness is necessary. Bad times come in everyone's life; but if we have to overcome the circumstances we have to fight with it with happiness. By being happy a person can remove negative thoughts which automatically come in our mind. Also, by being happy we have the potential to change many lives just by being ourselves. Being happy is light like magic for all diseases. Happiness is a feeling and all feelings are required to live life.
At Last, I want to say that that real meaning of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
Thank you.
Tanya Tripash/ VI

Lockdown: A Lesson
We all are aware of diseases and viruses that harm us mentally and physically. For the cure of the
disease doctors advice us to take rest at home as same as we are doing right now. Lockdown is helping the whole world in various ways and that shows that we are following the rules and regulations given by the government; we are not coming out because of the fear of police, but they are doing a great job.
Lockdown has made us lazy but also on the other hand help our mind to be creative and to learn something or the other whether it is cooking, reading, creating, making yourself fit. Lockdown teaches us the importance of nature because a person cannot believe in something if it is not presented in front of him i.e. the importance of nature. Our country is more populated and daily many vehicles run whether its summer, winter or rainy season. Our country people don’t even care and if many vehicles run in single day pollution will automatically increase. So, after the lockdown the nature is curing again as we can hear the birds chirping in the morning, the rivers which are now clean and safe, aquatic
animals are feeling safe, now we can see Mt. Everest from the distance of 200km!.
Lockdown helps us to find and innovate like the students are having online classes on which the teachers teach and students never ever imagined also. We should be lucky or proud that we are getting such a wonderful facility. Lockdown teaches us a very important lesson that is to be with our family and to help and know their thoughts and about their experience of their life and we all should spend time with them. At last I only want to say that that cooperate with the government because I have noticed that many workers are homeless or jobless, not getting wages, so please stay at home, interact less with people physically and this is the time when you can or should use your mobiles to interact so that we can fight against corona. So ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ because this is not an ordinary time where we can play politics and juggle with the safety of the society. These are the times that demand prompt decisions and utter responsibility towards not just self but our kind – the humankind.
Jatin Tripash/ X

Novel Corona Virus/COVID19 is a virus that originated from China in the end of 2019. Corona Virus according to some people is a virus spread by bats; on the other hand some say it is a biological weapon which was leaked from the research lab of Wuhan City located in China and the virus was descripted as Wuhan-400.
The first case in India was recorded in the end of February 2020. Our Prime Minister took the selective measurements and cautious care towards the Novel Corona Virus. Till March 2020, about 300 to 400 cases were recorded and "Janata Curfew" was declared by our respected Prime Minister on 22nd March 2020. I was lucky that my exams were over and no single case was recorded in my area.
In the evening of 23rd March 2020 around 5:00 p.m.our Prime Minister declared 21 days lockdown till 14th of April. My experience began from here.
As the lockdown was suggested not to leave home till 21 upcoming days, I decided to work on myself. Initial 2 to 3 days were boredom. Though I knew I had many things to do still I was feeling like my freedom was snatched. I recalled my old summer vacation days when I used to go out, play cricket with friends in the evening and in the morning I had school. In the lockdown my area's randomness was limited but the entropy inside me was full, so I decided to use this entropy in a positive way. I prepared my schedule in my Secret Diary and decided to start following it.
From 27th of March my schedule began. I woke up at 5:30, had my hot water and went on the
terrace with my Yoga sheet. Few of the basic yoga such as padmasan, sarvasan, chakrasan etc. I knew and started doing it followed by meditation. For the first time I felt the taste of the fresh air. After yoga I took bath, did puja and my breakfast. Nothing new was there so I started reading the novels like Fault in Our Stars, Half Girlfriend etc. Before I used to watch Animes but now I have decided to watch news. Along with this I started helping my mom with her household chores and I learnt 2-3 new recipes. In the evening I decided to start with my 11th standard course as my goals were clear to take Group A. I'm having Byju's annual subscription and I started with my favourite subject Mathematics. After 1-2 hours of my study, I started learning new subjects such as astronomy, Indian history, and basic of Sanskrit. In the night having a family chat brought me more closer to them.
The daily routine was going fine and I am getting addicted with this lockdown. Many small things such as the power cut timings, drinking water timing, the milk dairy timing, the timing of herd (group of cattle) I noted. Complete silence on the roads, in the streets was also my point of observation.
Frankly speaking, after few days I love this lockdown session. About 8 to 10% of global warming is in control. More over many forest animals were out and roaming freely. The heat in the summer is not as usual as it was because there is reduction in pollution. In a healthy discussion I would suggest that there should be at least one month complete world lockdown so that many of the poisonous things we do in our everyday life comes in control.
This was all about my experience and still counting in this wonderful lockdown session.
Khush Rajpurohit/ XI

Trust is something that we believe on someone on the base of their honesty, sincerity, good
qualities, etc. If we trust on someone, that means we are totally sure that the person on whom we are trusting will never try to harm or trick us for the whole life time. When we trust someone and that person smashes our trust, we don't have that much power to trust again on someone because we have already experienced that how it feels when somebody breaks our trust. In a relationship trust is very important because it is the only thing that makes the relationship strong. If there is no trust in a relationship that means that it is only based on lies. We should never lie and also not take any advantage of anyone's trust to get what we want out of a relationship. There are two types of people, ones who tells lies and make relationship for their own benefit and the another who can do anything to gain someone's trust in a relationship. The person who trust truly, work very hard to make that person happy on whom they trust. So, the only thing is that we should always trust truly and if we don't have that quality to trust on someone then we should not even break anyone's trust because it hurts very deeply.
Himanshi Rajpurohit/ VIII

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