The School Weekly 2nd August 2021

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This week, the School organized IH Sanskrit Shlok Competition which was held for all the houses . Children excitingly took part in the competition as an individual as well as to gain points for their houses. This competition was held to awaken children's interest in Sanskrit Language. It was held for all the sections of the school.  
पशु पक्षी हमारी भी जिम्मेदारी
मेरा नाम आदित्य राज सिंह चौहान है। मैं ऑनलाइन कक्षा के बाद शाम को अपने खाली समय में मैं अपने फार्म हाउस जाता हूॅं। वहाॅं कई पौधे रोपे गए हैं। मैं उन पौधों को पानी पिलाता हूॅं एवं उनकी देखभाल करता हूॅं।उस जगह पर गाय भी है। वहाॅं मैंने एक कटोरा रखा है, जिसमें पक्षियों के लिए अनाज और पानी हैं। मुझे पौधे पसंद हैं, क्योंकि वे हमें ऑक्सीजन, फल और फूल देते हैं। पौधे हमारे स्वास्थ्य के लिए बहुत अच्छे होते हैं।  मैं गाय के बारे में बात करता हूॅं , तो वह घरेलू जानवर है। मुझे घरेलू जानवर पसंद हैं। मैं गाय को चारा खिलाता हूॅं एवं पानी पिलाता हूॅं। उसके रहने की जगह की सफाई भी करता हूॅं । गाय हमें शुद्ध दूध देती है। गाय का दूध स्वास्थ्य के लिए बहुत लाभदायक होता है। इसीलिए मुझे गाय पालना पसंद है। मैं यह मानता हूॅं , कि पालतू पशु और पक्षियों की देखभाल करना हमारा कर्तव्य है । केवल यही नहीं पृथ्वी पर जितने भी पशु पक्षी और कीड़े मकोड़े हैं, वह सभी पृथ्वी के संतुलन के लिए आवश्यक है। अतः हमारे आसपास जितने भी पशु पक्षी हैं, हमें उनकी देखभाल करनी चाहिए और उन्हें किसी प्रकार की हानि नहीं  पहुॅंचानी चाहिए।
आदित्य राज सिंह चौहान/ VIII B
Save the Environment for Our Future
The word 'environment' refers to all ecological units which are naturally present on earth in the form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms, etc. The earth is full of natural surroundings, some are biotic and some are non biotic. We should save our environment by planting more and more trees. World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June and is the United Nations' principle vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.  But I feel we should celebrate it every day by putting little effort into nature. It is our duty to save our environment from pollution. We should stop using plastic bags. We shouldn't throw waste things in rivers. We shouldn't hurt animals as every creature is equally important as human beings. We should join various campaigns to spread awareness about environmental protection. Moreover, we all should plant small saplings in barren land so that they may grow and flourish in the land area after some years.
Simran Soni/ VI
Tinkering Session 
LiFi (light fidelity) is a bidirectional wireless system that transmits data via LED or infrared light. It was first unveiled in 2011 and, unlike wifi, which uses radio frequency, LiFi technology only needs a light source with a chip to transmit an internet signal through light waves.
At the Tinkering session, Music was played using this technology. Our School Mate Nikhil Vaishnav explained how LED transmits data through a solar panel placed in front of it. A speaker was attached to a solar panel. Without any wired medium , Music was using LiFi Technology. 
Mangilal Dewasi/ X

My Experience of Tattoo Making Competition

I love to draw. This time I participated in Tattoo Making Competition. I had many options, but I love butterflies, so I  drew a butterfly as a tattoo. If I ever get a chance to get a tattoo, I  will tell the tattoo artist to draw a butterfly on my hand. I will tell him to draw the same butterfly which I have drawn. This type of competition enhances our creativity and gives us a chance to bring our imagination and art into reality. 
Tiya Sompura/ VII A
Projects for Better Understanding 
I am Lakshyavardhan Singh, a student of Class VI. This time, I was given a project to do in Social Studies about Major Landforms of the Earth. It is about  three major landforms of the earth. These are Mountains, Plateaus and Plains.
Mountains - Mountain is the natural face of earth surface elevation. They are rich with resources and many important rivers originate from mountains. 
Plateaus - Plateaus are usually flat lands standing high above the land. Many plateaus of India are huge mining areas.
Plains - The fertile regions, plains are stretches of flat lands. Plains are ideal for cultivation and human habitation.
When I was doing my project, my mind was totally engrossed in it. I collected all the materials which were available at home only, I chose a place and made different landforms. We may forget what we have read, but it remains forever in our minds when we do it practically or understand it by making a project.  Activities and projects develop our interest in studies and bring clarity in our understanding about the topics. 
Lakshyavardha Singh/ VI
Physical Activity and it's importance
Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life.
A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits.  
Benefits of regular physical activity
If you are regularly physically active, you may:
Reduce your risk of a heart attack 
Manage your weight better 
Have a lower blood cholesterol level 
Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers 
Have lower blood pressure 
Have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis  
Recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest 
Feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better. 
Aim for at least 30 minutes a day 
To maintain health and reduce your risk of health problems, health professionals and researchers recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.
Rahul Kumar Thakur/ Educator
My Sweet Family 
This is my family and I live in Lunawa. My family is a joint family. There are  ten members in my family.  They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, two cousins , my younger brother and me. I call my grandma as Dadi and grandpa as Dadu. I love my family very much.  We help and take care of each other. I have made a family tree to show you my family members. 
Mokshi Nagar / III

Rainy Season
Rainy season is my favourite season of all. My birthday falls in the rainy season on 16th August. I like to eat pakoras, popcorn and drink coffee in this season. The rainy season is also known as the monsoon season which begins in the middle of June and continues up till early September. The sky is generally cloudy throughout the season. The farmers are happy for rain showers in his field. Rain helps them to grow crops with natural water. They even store water for further use in the winter. When there is no rain, we all pray to god to give rains. In the rainy season, we can see rivers flowing and ponds and wells full of water. Rain is the main source of getting fresh water. People enjoy the rainy season as the weather becomes pleasant and rain cools down the temperature. All the plants' trees look more green and fresh. We use raincoats and umbrellas when we go out in the rain. We must stay at home in heavy rain. I love to go to the terrace and dance whenever it is drizzling. Rainy season brings smiles on our faces. It is a joyous season and I love it. 
Sonakshi Vaishnav/ V
Holding on my Heads

I am holding on my heads
Mountain of expectations
Walking on path of my life
With boundaries of relations
My balloon of love was ruptured
By religion and culture
My life is pointless and boring
With nothing to nurture
The world is running
For the rain of the fame
For their own mistakes
They just want someone to blame
I just ignored them all
When I should have fought with them
But I wasn't knowing
They play this filthy game
Within no time
I was now left in shame
No one even bothered
To come and feel my pain
Now I am jobless
Waiting for a hopeful ring
What's left in me
Is just a confused being
This world to me
is like a roofless home in summers,
At nights I feel peaceful,
and whole day sun hammers
It has windows walls doors
To divide me from others
Nothing we talk rather
Than just useless matters
With jealousy of others
my windows shatters
I don't have a lover,
so I don't care about the haters
I end my beer bottles
Till I burst my bladders
I sing all songs in blabbers
Coz for me nothing matters
Meenakshi Choudhary/ XII Science             

A bond where you fight,
A bond to cheer your entire life.
A person who has your back,
A person who cheers you up when you're sad.
Person who is sitting away a thousand miles,
Person who brings back your smile.
The one who is there to lift you up,
The one who can handle you at your worst.
The one who understands your mood,
The one who brings you love and food.
The person who knows all your thoughts,
The person who stays with you at your odds.
The one who loves you from heart,
The one who is never apart.
 Prerna Rathod/ Educator

Compassion is a feeling of thoughtfulness. It is an emotion which is inborn in them. It is when we think about ourselves and others. You imbibe this value from your environment, by seeing others and listening to others.
A compassionate person is influenced and influences others. We can identify compassionate people who are very emotional. They become upset when they see others in pain. Compassionate people understand others, think about others and lend a helping hand. If we are compassionate we focus on how others feel without dismissing our own feelings. Situations, upbringing and environment may also lead us away from compassion so we need to be thoughtful and understanding.
Many times elders stop one to be compassionate by stopping them to do small acts of kindness. Observing others who are not compassionate may also drive them away from being compassionate. In schools it is a common sight where children show compassion in the classroom by sharing and showing acts of kindness. But in some situations when groupism comes up compassion is driven away. Then they start bullying others. Family affects one’s behavior a lot. One learns values from families, peers, elders, and environment. Many times children’s parents may not be compassionate but children are encouraged by their friends or school and they imbibe this value and become compassionate.
We should try to motivate others by going out of the way ourselves and helping others. We need to be loving, caring and empathetic. Role of adults is an important aspect to motivate students to be compassionate. Compassion brings in care, respect, love, kindness. Interaction, encouragement, collaboration, socialism, motivation, observation, affects compassion a lot. Compassion is taught and learnt. Family, school, friends & environment churn compassionate people.
Bharti Rao/ Educator

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