The School Weekly 22nd November 2021

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Sunday, 14th November: On the occasion of Children's Day, we organised Online Book Reading Session with children from their homes, along with their families and friends. 
was organised by Joy of Reading.
Monday, 15th November: Annual Prize Distribution 2020-21 ceremony was an occasion to acclaim the achievements of the Fabindians who had attained excellence in academic through their dedicated efforts and perseverance. Felicitating the achievers not only motivates them to set new benchmarks for themselves, but also spurs on their peers to aim for similar heights. School Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt was invited to do the honour as the Chief Guest. He and the school principal were gracious enough to give away the awards. School Chairman Mr. Sandeep Dutt motivated the students with his speech.
Trophies of Excellence for the year 2020-21 were awarded to the following: 
Trophy for Excellence in Service: Anumesh Rao
Trophy of Excellence in Skill: Uma Choudhary 
Trophy of Excellence in Sport: Ravinder Singh
Trophy of Excellence in Study: Diksha Choudhary
Students of Class X and IX of  batch 2019-2020 were awarded with position trophies. Further more, students who had performed service and skill activities were appreciated on this auspicious moment. 
Students who had participated in Under 19 and Under 17 Football Tournament were also awarded for securing second position at district level. Five students were selected for State Level Tournament.
Congratulations to all the Winners! 
According to my, co-operation means working together. Co-operation is very important for us and our society. For example, co-operation is when someone hands you a paper and you lay the paper. Co-operation is necessary for a family and even in our professional life. In the case of children, co-operation is mostly expressed in the play. Co-operation is one of the most widely taught skills. At an early age, we learned that "United we stand, divided we fall". When I was in class 4, my classmates and I were given a mission named Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. We all had to clean our school. We all worked together and because of co-operation, we all got success in this mission. Co-operation means to work together to achieve a common goal. Co-operation is very much important in our life.
Hetal Vaishnav / VIII

Cooperation is a positive motive, It is equivalent to a competition in motivating a person to reach the goal. Cooperation provides a very healthy environment for the betterment of society.
Tiya Sompura / VII A
"Co-operation means working together for a common goal."
Dhanraj Singh / VII A
Real Progress in Life 
Progress is the life depends a good deal on crossing one threshold after another.  Sometimes ago a man watched his little nephew try to write his name. It was hard work, very hard work. The little boy had arrived at an effort threshold. Today, he writes his name with comparative case. No new threshold confronts him. This is the way with all of us. As soon as we cross one threshold, we conquer one difficulty, a new difficulty appears, or should appear. Some people make mistake of steering clear of threshold. Anything that requires genius thinking and use of energy they avoid. They prefer to stay in a rut where threshold are not met. Probably ,they have been at their job a number of years. Things are easy for them .They make no effort to seek out new obstacles overcome. Real Progress stops under such circumstances . 
Some middle aged and elderly people greatly enrich their lives by continuing to cross threshold. One man went into an entirely new business, when he was past middle life and made a success of it. De Norgan did not start to write nobles until he was past sixty. Psychologist have discovered that man can continue to learn throughout life. And it is undoubtedly better to try, and fail ,than not to try at all. There one can be placed in the category of the Swiss Mountaineer of whom it was paid, he died, climbing. When a new difficulty rises to obstruct your path ,do not complain, Accept the challenge, determine to cross this threshold as you have crossed numerous other threshold in your past life.In the word of a poet:  " Do not rest but strive to pass from dream to grander dream. "
Punita Chouhan/ Educator

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