The School Weekly 25th July 2022

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Wednesday, 20th July’22:" A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" To in-still leadership qualities in freshmen and to give them a perceived running of the administrative body, School Council was honoured with batches for their respective posts on the occasion of Investiture Ceremony, by their pedagogue. 

The Oath Taking Ceremony was led by the Principal Ms Rajeshree Shihag and as the pomp rolled the lineup of the leaders maneuvered through the pinning of the badges. The ceremony was captured by loud galore of claps and clicking of cameras as the niceties reached its zenith.
साप्ताहिक गतिविधि में इस सप्ताह हमारे विद्यालय की प्रार्थना सभा में दिनांक 18-07-22 को नेलशन मंडेला दिवस के रूप में मनाया गया । जिनमें शिक्षक और विद्यार्थियों ने नेशनल मंडेला के जीवन दर्शन  तथा उनकी राजनैतिक और सामाजिक संघर्ष के बारे में बताया तथा उनकी रंगभेद नीति के खिलाफ उनके संघर्षों और उनकी जेल यात्रा पर प्रकाश डाला। 
Essay Writing Competition
" All good writing  is swimming  under  water and holding your  breath"
It is a sympathetic blending  of ' notion' and 'voicing' and thought-out. It is contemplate to be most effective test of the ability of a candidate to express his thoughts  on a topic of general interest in general,  unambiguous  and impressive English, keeping this prospective in mind on 23 July 2022 School organized Essay Writing  Competition for the students of Class VI- XII.
Topics for Essay Writing were as follows:
Class VI-VII: Online Schooling is the future of Education.
Class VIII: Impact of increasing Oil Prices in India.
Class IX-X: The Era of digitalization 
Class XI-XII: Crypto currency and issues related to it.
20-07-22 को इन्वेस्टर सेरिमनी का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें विद्यार्थियों ने अपनी शिक्षा के साथ-साथ बचपन से ही जिम्मेदारी और नेतृत्व क्षमता के विकास हेतु नवनिर्वाचित  2022-23 के लिए " मिडिल सेक्शन "से जूनियर हैड़ बाॅय , जूनियर हैड़ गर्ल , चारों हाऊसेज के ' हाऊस कैप्टन एवं कक्षावार कक्षा-प्रतिनिधियों को विद्यालय प्राचार्या ने पद की गरिमा , जिम्मेदारी एवं गोपनीयता की शपथ दिलाई एवं साथ ही साथ बैज प्रदान किये गये । दिनांक 23 जुलाई 2022 को " इण्टरक्लास निबंध प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें छात्र-छात्राओं ने अपने चिंतन और कल्पना के आधार पर अपनी-अपनी -लेखनी को धन्य किया । तथा प्रार्थना सभा में स्वतंत्रता सेनानी लोकमान्य बाल गंगाधर तिलक की जयंती को भी मनाया गया ।
People often go for a journey, either they go with their family or they go with their friends . Today we the students of Class XI and XII Humanities( Members of Heritage Club) went to Dantiwada to explore two historical places  Hinglaj Mata Mandir and Naresh Nathji Ashram . They are beautiful places located in the natural surroundings. Hinglaj Temple is  located in the womb of a mountain , surrounded by trees and lush green garden. The sight was mesmerizing from the top of the temple. There we visited Gurukul Vidyapeeth where students of nearby villages come to gain knowledge in the lap of nature. 
The other destination of our journey was Naresh Nathji Ashram which is also a beautiful 200 years old  temple of Lord Shiva. It is also located between a mountain surrounded by beautiful big trees .The place is very neat and clean . The temple is inside a big cave and gives a real positive vibration and also increases our knowledge about traditional culture and heritage.
Saturday, 23rd July’22: To instill love for poetry and develop recital skill of students English Recitation Competition was organized for the students of Primary Section on 23rd of July, 2022.
The competition started with an introduction and each student recited the poem with great zeal. Children astonished everyone with their voice modulation,  appropriate pronunciation, actions and amazing memorizing skills. Educators appreciated and applauded the performance of the students.
Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded and Music is the universal language of mankind. The students of Class VI created Rajasthani Musicians during their Art Lesson.

To create a hands-on approach for learning, students of Class IV explored density and balance by creating challenges to see which paper boat can hold the greatest load. Offering different objects to put in the boats, children predicted which of the boats would be able to hold and how many objects.

Yellow Day was celebrated by the students of Pre Primary. A day dedicated to yellow was marked with children dressed in different colors and shades of yellow. Yellow items such as bananas were also brought in to make "Yellow Day" for the children. The children enjoyed this activity and were overjoyed.
The joyful children in yellow robes were brimming with optimism, wisdom and happiness. The yellow rays promise to spark positive future, creative thoughts in the young mind.
The purpose of celebrating this Yellow Color Day was to make children aware about yellow colour, its importance and to develop fine motor skills in the students. They spent the day happily.
The children learned the in-out concept and animal names through this exciting activity.
Student of the Week
Why do we have fear of something? It is just because we are not living in the present. Our fear is always about what's going to happen next .Our mind is made up of things ,one is of the memories which are of the past and another one is of imagery which is of the future. So  that's why fears are all non-existent. We fear because we are not rooted in reality .If you are rooted in reality then there would be no fear .
Don't be scared of anything, no matter what people think about it. People will drag you back, people will pull you back because you are the precious diamond they have ever seen in their life. The only thing that matters in life is your own opinion about yourself.  So, be confident about your personality. 
Sanyogita Ranawat / XI
My Pet 
l have a pet rabbit.
It's name is Tom.
It is two years old.
It's colour is white 
It has long ears.
It eats carrot, grass etc.
l like to play with my rabbit.
It is an important member of my family.
l love it very much .
Some times it sleeps with me.
Rohit Sirvi / ll
मेरे प्रिय दादा जी
मेरे दादाजी का नाम घिसु लाल जी सोनी है l मेरे दादाजी की उम्र 63 वर्ष हैl मेरे दादा जी हमारे परिवार के मुखिया हैl वह मुझे बहुत प्यार करते हैंl मेरे दादा जी का स्वभाव बहुत अच्छा है lवह प्रतिदिन सुबह जल्दी उठते हैं lऔर व्यायाम करते हैं उनका    स्वास्थ्य अच्छा है मेरे दादाजी मुझे अच्छी- अच्छी कहानियांँ सुनाते हैंl और सभी बच्चों से प्यार करते हैं  l मेरे दादाजी मुझे अच्छी आदतें सिखाते हैं l मेरे दादा जी से मैं बहुत प्यार करती हूंँ। 
रीवा सोनी / III
मित्र!क्या होती है मित्रता?
मित्रता एक ऐसा रिश्ता है जो हमें जन्म से नही मिलता। हमें उसे बनाना पड़ता है।सच्चा मित्र वह होता है, जो बिना किसी लालच के, बिना फायदे के साथ दे। मित्र वह होता है, जिसके साथ हम अपना सुख दुख बांटते है, हर वह बात जो हम किसी से नही करते।मित्र वह है जो हमारी जीत में खुश होता है। अगर आपके पास एक सच्चा मित्र है तो वह हर संकट में आपके साथ खड़ा रहेगा और आप पर कभी भी कोई संकट आने नही देगा। सच्ची मित्रता तभी मुमकिन है जब हम उसमे अपना फायदा न देखे।"मित्रता ऐसी निभाओ की सामने वाला दूसरा दोस्त बनाने की कभी न सोचें।" मित्र बनकर खुद भी इस बात का ध्यान रखें कि सुख में शामिल हो न हो पर मित्र के दुख में सहयोगी अवश्य बनें। लेने का भाव न रखकर देने का भाव रखें।
प्रसनजीत राजपुरोहित / IX
Books : Our Best Friends
Books are really important in one's life. They teach us to do great things in life, it enhances our imagination & creativity, helps us to learn new phrases, words and many more, it also teaches us moral values. We can learn a lot of things from books.
We can select books as our best friend because it will always be there in our best & worst time & can teach us life related lessons; it can teach every little thing that is part of our life. It also helps to impact our knowledge and explore the world or the things which we never thought of. Books cheer up our mood like our best friend, it can make our life happy and will never leave us alone.
Books have always been there for us which also teaches us about our past and culture etc. Finally, reading books gives me immense pleasure and happiness.
Tanya Tripash / VIII
गृह कार्य 
शिक्षिका ने आज क्या कह दिया? 
कविता लेखन गृह कार्य में दे दिया ।
क्या लिखूॅं कहाॅं से शुरू करूॅं?
बड़ी उलझन में डाल दिया।
किससे पूछूॅं, कौन बता सकेगा ?
क्या मेरा काम अधूरा रहेगा?
काश !मैं सुभद्रा या महादेवी होती,
क्षण भर में कविता लिख देती।
मगर मैं तो मैं हूं और यही सच है- कि कविता लेखन कोई बच्चों का खेल नहीं। फिर भी मैंने छोटा सा प्रयास किया है, और आपको चाहत को पूरा किया है।
धारवी दवे / Vll

Volume No. 520 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr Jitendra Suthar, Ms Jyoti Sain, Ms. Harshita Suthar, Jatin Tripash, Pushpendra Singh Ranawat, Yashwant Singh Sonigra, Mohammad Anas.

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