The School Weekly 28th November 2022

Special Edition of Sports 
On 6th November Under 19 and 17 Boys, Football Team went to Lunawa under the supervision of Mr. Abhay Raj Singh Sports Teacher. Under 19 Boys reached the Semifinal and the Under 17 boys team reached the quarter-finals. 
Students also got selected for State Level from the team.

On 6th November Under -17 Girls' Football team went to the Shivtalao under the supervision of Khushi Rao.
On 13th November our Under 14 Boys Football Team went to Jettpura under the supervision of Mr. Abhayraj Singh.
On 6th November, the Under 19 Boys' Cricket Team went to Mandala under the supervision of Mr. Sajith Saji 
On the 13th of November Under 14 Cricket Team went to Mundara under the supervision of Mr. Sajith Saji 
On the 6th of November, the Under 19 Volleyball Boys Team went to Manda under the supervision of Mr. Rahul Kalmolta. The team reached the Quarter Final and students were selected for State Level Championships.
District Level Roller Skating
District Level Roller Skating From 14th November to 17th November 2022, District Level Roller Skating Competition was organized at Saint Paul's School Falna as its center. Participants from various schools of Pali namely Delhi Public School, KSLP School, Central Academy Sojat, Saint Paul's School, and The Fabindia School were there and just grabbed my attention with their talents. We were welcomed by welcoming songs and cultural dances by the students. There were Quad and Linear types of skating. I was representing The Fabindia School in Under 19 Girls, 500 and 3000 meters Quads skating. The ceremony was closed by honorable brigadier Mr. Karan Singh Chouhan's speech and oath. It was indeed the best experience for me to get to interact with those wonderkids
Jiya Raje  / XI
On 15th November we had a State Level Football U 17 Girls Tournament organized in our School. When I came to know about this, I was very excited to meet those who came here from different districts. We went to the Pre Primary Section with the Principal's permission. Most of the girls belonged to government schools and they were super energetic for their matches. We had a good interaction with them. But when we went to meet the Jaipur team and we talked to them in English they were shocked to see us speaking in English and a few minutes into our conversation they mentioned this to us. Then eventually I came to know that many teams which belonged to different districts were having an image that this area does not allow girls to study and people here do not know how to speak English. We told them all the things which we have in our school and our surroundings and they exclaimed. 
After they finished their matches we escorted them to our school campus and made them explore Fabindia! Then the reply we got was a prideful moment, " We wish we can live in this area of Bali and study here"
Interaction is a magic 
Nalini Kanwar / XI 

On the occasion of the 30th Annual Day, a team from Delhi came to Fabindia. Ms.Lovleen Tandon co-director of the Oscar winner 'Slumdog Millionaire is going to make children know of different fields in which children can make their career in life that cheered up everyone. The team members are very good I got to interact with some of them and I was thrilled with their sweetness. They attended School Assemblies and majorly all parts of our school.
Nalini Kanwar / XI

I went to Pali for my Scouts and Guide Governor's Award Exam. It was held from 9th of Nov to 11th of Nov. There were a total of 3 girls from our school. We had a great learning at the camp which taught us the discipline that everyone should carry with them. If got selected in the exam then we will be awarded a Governor Award. 
Sanyogita Ranawat / XI 

I went to Jodhpur for my State Level Wrestling Tournament. I won one match against Chittorgarh.  There were 4 fights and I qualified in one. There were many players from different districts. This game is divided into different weight categories, under which players are selected for a particular weight category.  It was a great experience.
Sanyogita Ranawat/ XI

After the Annual Day Students have geared up for the commencing UT 3 on 12th December. Students have pulled up their socks to get good marks. After many days all the students are focusing on their studies, and teachers are hoping for better scores compared to the last results.
Ridhima Ojha/ XI

On the 24th of November Middle and Primary Section celebrated the birthday of Headmistress Ms. Prerna Rathod. The Students  & Staff organized a small party and bought a cake for her. The birthday song was sung and cake cutting was done in the Assembly. The students made birthday cards for her and gave their best wishes. We all were excited and happy to celebrate her birthday.
Lakshya Raj Kanwar/ XI 

Coordinators: Giriraj Singh,  Mitanshu Paliwal, Jaya Bawal, Divyani Rao
Reporters: Lisha Soni, Ridhima Ojha, Meenakshi Sirvi, Mansi Chouhan
Photographers: Jatin Tripash, Sahil, Lakshya Raj Kanwar, Riya Vaishnav
Creative Writers: Heena Sirvi, Jiyaraje Chouhan, Sanyogita Ranawat
Hobbyists: Sayed Ishan, Lavishka Rathod, Divya Rathore, Pooja, Sanket
Editors: Seema Choudhary, Mohammad Anas, Aashna Tak, Tanisha Malviya, Prachi Rao 
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Volume No. 536 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Ms. Jyoti Sain, Ms. Harshita Suthar, Mr. Chatra Ram Choudhary,  Mr. Priyadarshan Singh.

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