The School Weekly 09th January 2023

Dear Parents,
Happy January 2023!
We are grateful for your support and kindness throughout the year. We hope that you are healthy and well, and were able to enjoy special times with loved ones over the winter break.  It is tough to believe that we are just 3 months away from this school year! We have had a busy and engaging year with purposeful learning and celebrations. Over the coming months, we will look forward to strengthening our connections with the community in the interest of our students. It is so distinctive when our school comes together to learn, share and celebrate learning.

We marked the beginning of the New Year with Professional development sessions for our educators. Professional development is a vital part of our school ethos, we strive to keep it relatable, and engaging and ensure that it includes the educator's voice. The goal of PD should always be to improve student outcomes and give educators the information and tools to be effective educators.
Knowledge sharing or “expert sharing”, was one such activity to explore, read, reflect and share new pedagogical methods in the field of education.
Rajeshree Shihag 
Professional Development

Report of the workshop on Evaluation and Assessment- Question Paper Designing 
Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Ms. Prerna Rathod & Ms. Bharti Rao attended a workshop organized by IPN Leadership Academy on 26th December 2022 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. The workshop was on Evaluation and Assessment- Question Paper Designing which was conducted by Leading Teacher Trainer Mrs. Shivani Gupta. It was organized for teachers looking to upskill their skill sets.
The learning outcomes of the session were:
  • Understanding assessment and evaluation
  • Need for assessment
  • Designing a question paper- three-step process
  • Understanding the blueprint
  • Language & clarity
All the teachers who attended the workshop were awarded certificates of participation.
Bharti Rao/ Vice Principal
My Resolution
Seeing the importance of time, I took a resolution for time management in the new year. Time management refers to the efficient use of time to get the most out of it. As simple as it sounds, there are difficulties in following this technique. One who learns how to manage time can achieve almost everything in life. It is said that the first step toward success is efficient time management. One who cannot manage his time properly becomes a failure in everything. Efficient time management increases our productivity, improves the quality of work, and also helps in reducing stress. I have set a routine for myself and will try to stick to it. In my routine, I have prioritized getting enough sleep and yoga for better health, scheduling time for work and family, and making specific time for entertainment and learning.  You need to manage your time to complete your work systematically. This is why time management is so important.
Pinkie Chouhan / Educator
शीतकालीन अवकाश 
इस बार मैं शीतकालीन अवकाश में जोधपुर अपने मायके गई थी। वहाँ पर मैंने   बहुत -सी जगहों पर भ्रमण किए जैसे - मंडोर, कायलाना, जसवंथडा आदि और बहुत सारी खरीददारी भी की। जोधपुर में मेरी चचेरी बहन की बेटी की शादी में भी गई थी। वहाँ  पर मायके के सारे रिश्तेदारों  से बहुत सालों बाद मिलकर बहुत अच्छा लगा। 
Aysha Tak / अध्यापिका 

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