The School Weekly 23rd January 2023

News & Events
Board Practicals for Classes XII is going on. Students are putting in their best of their efforts to perform on the academic front. Educators are supporting kids with their preparations with all possible resources.
Inspire Award: District Level Exhibition
On 19th January 2023 we went to Pali for Inspire Award  District Level Exhibition. It was conducted at Vande Mataram Academy, Pali.Three of us were selected for Inspire Award 2022 .Myself Soumyajeet Solanki from class 8, Sanyogita Ranawat and Riya Vaishnav from class 11th, all of us with Jitendra Sir went from our school with  our science projects. We reached the exhibition by 10:00 AM. First of all we did our registration, then we went to the exhibition which was conducted at the assembly hall of that school. First we went to do breakfast then after some time the exhibition started. There were about 207 participants. Many participants came  with there projects . My project was about sewage cleaning. When the exhibition started guests came to see our projects. After seeing our projects the guests were very happy because our projects were very good. After the guests finally three judges came to inspect our projects and give us marks. Two from the three judges were appointed by  DEO office of Pali and Other ones came from Ahmedabad. After judges inspected our projects. Pali Zila Pramukh Mrs Rashmi Singh appreciate my project. The owner of that school came to see our projects. After that we were sent to do lunch. After that the students of that school visited the exhibition. In the evening we went back to school where my father picked me. At last I would say that It was a great experience. How an invention or an idea can change our daily life and life became easy with it ,I experienced in this exhibition. I thankful to Rajasthan Government, Education Department, our school Principal Ma'am to give me a chance to involve in an innovative idea based exhibition in science.
Soumyajeet Solanki / VIII
Teacher's Training : LEAD School
The training session for the Lead School app was held for Primary and Pre-primary teachers on Saturday, 21st Jan. 2023. The Lead School program will be implemented from the new session, April 2023 for classes Nursery to class V. This is packed with all the resources the child needs to stay organized and stay ahead in the class. This will promote experiential learning as well as blended learning with books and digital classrooms and help the students to connect with their surroundings, and with the real world. The children will be able to watch live videos, recorded classes and clarify doubts and submit assessments. The lesson plan for teachers will be taken care of by the Lead school and stored in the Tablet. The teacher will have to pre-download the content so that they don't require the internet in class to show the video or presentation. This digital learning will make both teachings and learning more interesting. It has an exclusive parent section where they can help their children to learn and they can show them videos related to particular chapters at home through this app. It will be helpful for all the students to engage their attention in the classroom. We will also get a record of parents opening the app at home.
Monika Vaishnav / Educator

अनुच्छेद लेखन परिणाम 

जनवरी १०, २०२३ को आयोजित अनुच्छेद लेखन प्रतियोगिता के लिए निम्नलिखित मानदंड निर्धारित किए गए।

शब्द सीमा- १०अंक,

रचनात्मकता- १०अंक,

शुद्धता और शिक्षा- १०अंक,

इस प्रकार निर्धारित कुल ३० अंकों के आधार पर मूल्यांकन किया गया। इस प्रतियोगिता का प्राथमिक और उच्च प्राथमिक स्तर का परिणाम इस प्रकार से रहा:- 

कक्षा द्वितीय

(१) जय नंदिनी गांधी- गाँधी हाऊस - प्रथम स्थान (२) जय धीरज राणावत - टैरेसा हाउस - द्वितीय स्थान (३) गिरिराज सिंह-गांधी हाउस - तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा तृतीय 

(१) देवांशी ओझा - गाँधी हाऊस - प्रथम स्थान (२) हरसिल दवे - रमन हाऊस- द्वितीय 

स्थान (३) रूद्र चौहान-ध्यानचंद हाउस- तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा चतुर्थ 

(१) गरिमा जाॅंखड़ - ध्यानचंद हाऊस - प्रथम स्थान (२) तानिसी चितारा- रमन हाऊस- द्वितीय स्थान (३) हिराज राठौड़-गांधी हाउस और अरविंद दानिशा-रमन हाउस-तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा पंचम 

(१) वर्तिका सीरवी- टेरेसा हाऊस - प्रथम स्थान (२) बुध कुंपावत - रमन हाऊस- द्वितीय स्थान (३) हिमांशु कुमार-टेरेसा हाउस- तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा षष्ठी

 (१) नैतिक सोमपुरा- रमन हाऊस - प्रथम स्थान (२) गरिमा कंवर- टेरेसा हाऊस- द्वितीय स्थान (३) कृष्णदीप माधव- ध्यानचंद हाऊस और रूद्र देव सिंह- रमन हाऊस - तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा सप्तमी

(१)यक्षिता राठौड़-ध्यानचंद हाउस- प्रथम स्थान (२)रीतिका चौधरी- रमन हाउस- द्वितीय स्थान (३) कल्पना इन्दा और रुद्र प्रताप सिंह- गाँधी हाउस- तृतीय स्थान।

कक्षा अष्टमी

(१)धनराजसिंह- गाँधी हाउस- - गाँधी हाऊस- प्रथम स्थान (२) भावेश चौधरी - गाँधी हाऊस- द्वितीय स्थान (३) सोमान्शु सिंह राठौड़- गाँधी हाऊस - तृतीय स्थान।

Jyoti Sen / Educator

Atal Tinkering Lab
Technology is where development is heading, in these times, where the world is contributing towards sustainability in different sections like land, water, education, etc. Our students are also enthusiastic about searching for solutions to problems occurring in their surroundings. To bring this curiosity in students we have a workshop registered under the Government of India named Atal Tinkering Lab. We have all the required equipment in the lab like Cutter, Heat Gun, Blower, Pliers, Drilling station, Sewing Machine, etc. Sensors like Ultra Sonic, MQ Gas, Infrared, Accelerometer, Motors, etc. Reviewing past performance, our students participated in ATL marathons, Inspire Awards, CodeRed 2.0 Ideathon, and many more.
Jitendra Suthar/ Educator
Sweet Memories
Mohd. Anas
RP: What were the thoughts that came to your mind at the time of the accident that took place with you on August 15th?
MAS: It was just a matter of 5 to 10 seconds. The thought that came to my mind was that, at first, I was scared, but then I calmed myself down, took the torch of fire, and started moving. If I would throw it to the left or right, on one side there were people, and on the other side, there were my juniors. I couldn’t hurt 9 to 10 people. So it was just a decision of 2 seconds,  I let my hand burn instead of hurting so many people. I can’t express the pain I was in, but it was nothing compared to the love Fabindia gave me.
RP: What positive message would you like to give to the Fabindians?
MAS: As a Fabindian, opportunities have already snatched you; seize all of them and move forward, because the human body has no foundation. One person can't do many things at the same time, but he can do many things at different times.

Giriraj Singh
RP: As the coordinator of the weekly, what are the difficulties that you have faced and the new things you have learned?
GSH: As the coordinator, I haven't faced any kind of difficulty because I had the support of my teachers and my team. This post brought many optimistic impacts on me as a person. Most importantly, it inculcated skills like critical thinking and communication skills in me.
RP: One positive message for your school.
GSH: The school has provided lots of opportunities to me and has helped me to be a better version of myself.

Seema Choudhary
RP: Some best things about your school.
SCY: In this school teachers are excellent. Lots of opportunities have made me more confident.  I want to add that my friends make me laugh and I can’t express the bond with them. I have no words to share more about this school.
RP: One message for your school?
SCY: I want to say you don't need fame to become anything you just need confidence and qualities which is possible by the opportunities that we get in this school.

Sayed Ishan
RP: What are the new things you saw in Fabindia rather than in other places?
SIN: I have been studying at The Fabindia School for two years. I have learned and known a lot in these two years. Most of all, I like the harmony and bond between teachers and students in the school, you can share any of your problems with them frankly. Every child here has a wild enthusiasm for everything. Every child is ready to participate in every competition. Compared with other schools, Fabindia School is where you can get everything. Here you get a chance to go ahead in each field. The school staff is very supportive and is always ready to respond to every child. The Fabindia School is the best in the world. 
RP: One positive message for your school.
SIN: It doesn't matter whether we have the opportunity or not, we should participate in everything and move forward because my school is the only place where success comes before work. 

Pre-Primary Activities

इस सप्ताह में बच्चो ने अंग्रेजी वर्ण के U,V,O और Q की आकृतियों को अपने हाथों की अंगुलियों के द्वारा बनाया। इस गतिविधि से बच्चों को अंग्रेजी वर्ण को आसानी से सीखने में मदद मिली।
संख्या देखकर अपनी वस्तुऍं गिनकर निकालना यह गतिविधि बच्चों द्वारा करवाई गई। इस गतिविधि से बच्चों में गिनने की क्षमता का विकास हुआ। साथ ही बच्चों ने लाइन बनाना, लाइन में चलना और बैठना सीखा। इससे बच्चों में सहनशीलता व धैर्यवान जैसे गुणों का विकास हुआ। कक्षा में सब्जी बाजार का चित्रण किया गया। जिसमें तरह तरह की सब्जियों के नाम तथा हरी सब्जी के खाने के फायदे की जानकारी बच्चों को दी गई।इसी के साथ बच्चों ने भारतीय ध्वज तिरंगे में रंग भरने की गतिविधि की जिससे बच्चों को तिरंगे के रंगों की जानकारी मिली।
Jyotsana Mali / Educator
Our Guest
Ambassador Richard F. Celeste, the former Ambassador of the United States in India, visited The Fabindia School; he was accompanied by his daughter Ms M Gabriella Celeste and grandson Eli Celeste-Cohon. Ms M Gabriella was part of the thinkers building the school to uplift the standard of education for the people. After visiting the school, she appreciated the hard work of Ms Rajeshree Shihag, the Principal, and the other people who gave their love and time to the school.
Importance of Education
Education is an essential part of life and it covers a very broad area of knowledge. We can also call education a process of gaining knowledge The only difference between apes and humans were, they were not educated and we are educated and well-mannered.
Education not only develops academic performance but is also helpful in other curricular activities. We learn to read, write, speak, learn various skills, and practice other activities, all are various types of education. You can learn from anyone, an ant also can be your teacher which teaches us to try until we achieve success. We cannot imagine life without an education. Therefore, keep learning and educating yourself.
Harshil Parihar / IV
My Dream
1)A dream is a kind of plan or goal that we want to achieve in the future and it is the vision of our life.
2) When our dream does not let us sleep, it changes into our passion.
3) Our dream is the driving force that energizes us to do everything to achieve it 4) Everybody has the dream to become successful and rich but my dream is quite different from those people 5) Dreams that I want to become the prime minister of India and will serve my country with all my efforts. 6) My dream is I want to see India be admired as a world leader or Vishwa guru, in the world. 7) I will try to drive out poverty, corruption, and all the other things.
Yashvardhan / IV
समय का सदुपयोग
वक्त बड़ा बलवान है
पलकें झटके शाम है
वक्त कभी ठहरता नहीं
दो पल को सुस्ताता नहीं
जो भागे वक्त के आगे पछताता है
रह जाए पीछे वो भी घबराता है
जो साथ में कदम मिलाता हैं।
वहीं ऊॅंचे शिखर को पाता है
पल में हंसी के लम्हे
पल में दु:ख की शाम दिखाता है
वक्त की जिसने कदर करी
वही जीवन सुख को पाता है।
गया वक्त फिर हाथ आता नहीं
समय किसी की प्रतीक्षा करता नहीं
समय ही ऐसा गुरु है जो
बिन कहे सब कुछ सिखा देता है
समय के सदुपयोग की कला जिसको आ गयी
वही सफलता के रहस्य को समझ पाता है।
याशी सोनी / Vlll
गुब्बारे वाला
रोज मेरी गली में गुब्बारे वाला आता है। वह जोर-जोर से बाजा बजाता है। पो-पों की आवाज सुनते ही बच्चे घरों से बाहर दौड़ कर आते हैं। गुब्बारे वाले के हाथ में एक लंबा सा बाँस होता है। उस पर तरह-तरह के गुब्बारे लटके रहते हैं। लंबे, गोल तिकोने छोटे और बड़े । गुब्बारे रंग- बिरंगे होते हैं। लाल, पीले, नीले ,हरे गुलाबी अनेक रंग के होते हैं। सब बच्चे चिल्लाते रहते हैं , भैया मुझे वह वाला दो मुझे वह वाला दो गुब्बारे वाला हाथ हँस-हँस कर सबको गुब्बारे देता है। हम गुब्बारे वाले का इंतजार करते हैं। हमें गुब्बारे बहुत पसंद है।
सरस्वती / III
Getting Ready
Children making batches for Republic Day 26 January 2023. My country my pride, love, and respect for my country will never end. That always pushes us to do such activities and this pushes us again back to our country.
Teacher's Twinning

The care that takes away all the troubles and worries

One of the magical person of this magical land; 
The Fabindia school.

A friendly competition between boys and girls of 4th class

Fun Facts and Riddles
Q) अजय के माता-पिता के तीन बेटे हैं: विजय, विशाल और तीसरे बेटे का क्या नाम हैं?
Q) Who has many words but does not speak?
Tomatoes and avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables.
The answer to the Riddles Q) What is always in front of you but can’t be seen? A) The future Q) ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जो पानी पीते ही मर जाती है
A) प्यास
100 meter ki race ho rahi thi...
Referee - '1,2,3 GO!'...
Everybody started running except Santa.
Referee - Y r u not running...?
Santa - My number is 4.

Shaadi mein santa bahut der se khana kha raha tha...kisi ne pucha, kab tak khaoge ? Santa - Mai toh khud pareshan hoon .....par card me likha hai,
"Dinner 7-12pm"

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