The School Weekly 17th July 2023

News & Events
Saturday Activities
Investiture Ceremony
On a pleasant Saturday, July 15, 2023, we came together to witness an uplifting Investiture Ceremony. The council members, filled with pride, received their well-deserved badges and sashes. Each member passionately expressed their vision for positive changes in our school, leaving us all feeling inspired and hopeful. Our respected Principal, dedicated teachers, and eager students adorned the event, showing their unwavering support. The atmosphere was one of unity and enthusiasm, fostering a strong sense of togetherness among everyone present. With these enthusiastic council members at the helm, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformation they will bring to our cherished school community.
Tejal Soni / Educator
Our Council
School President- Nalini Kanwar
Vice School President- Riya Vaishnav
School Captain- Sanyogita Ranawat
Vice School Captain- Dhruv Parmar
Assistant School Captain- Pushpendra Singh Ranawat
Sports Captain- Amrit Parmar
Vice Sports Captain- Durgeshwari Udawat
Cultural Captain- Divyani Rao
Vice Cultural Captain- Diya Suthar
Discipline Captain- Rajveer Singh
Vice Discipline Captain- Dinesh Kumar
Teresa House Captain- Govind Singh
Teresa House Vice Captain- Jiyaraje Chouhan
Teresa House Assistant Vice Captain- Dhawan Choudhary
Gandhi House Captain- Lisha Soni
Gandhi House Vice Captain- Bhavyaraj Singh 
Gandhi House Assistant Vice Captain- Yograj Singh
Dhyanchand House Captain- Arjun Vaishnav
Dhyanchand House Vice Captain- Lakshya Kunwar
Dhyanchand House Assistant Vice Captain- Yashoda Choudhary
Raman House Captain- Lavishka Rathore
Raman House Vice Captain- Divy Rawal
Raman House Assistant Vice Captain- Sahil Solanki
Finance Captain- Kavi Kalal
Vice Finance Captain- Dhruv Rawal
Chief Judiciary- Vinayak Chouhan, Meenakshi Sirvi, and Dhruvraj Ranawat
Chief Editors of the Editorial Board- Jaya Bawal and Riddhima Ojha
Poster Making Competition
To strengthen creative skills and foster imaginative thinking, a poster-making event was organized for students of Classes 4th and 5th. The students were informed to bring their favourite colours and any other required objects. Excitedly, the students participated in the activity, which helped them build self-confidence and self-esteem, while also improving their descriptive skills through drawing. The students, with the guidance of their class teachers, prepared charts and posters, creating a fun and comfortable learning environment for everyone involved.
Collage Making Competition
Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments, which, when pieced together, creates a unique and treasured masterpiece. An Inter-House Collage Making Competition for students of Classes VI-VIII was held on 15th July 2023. The enthusiastic students got an opportunity to exhibit their divergent thinking and creativity, deciding what materials to use and how best to express themselves. Indeed, the competition was a showcase of art exploding from every piece of collage.
Little Master Chef
To strengthen time management and teamwork, a 'Master Chef Activity' was organized for Class l students today. The students made sandwiches, lemon juice, and potato chaat. During the activity, they learned how to prepare healthy food without using fuel.
Recycle and Reuse
In recent years, recycled art has gained immense popularity as pollution levels increase day by day. To address this issue, a Newspaper Recycling Art Activity was conducted for the students of classes 4th and 5th. This eco-friendly and innovative approach aims to raise awareness among students about the importance of recycling and reducing waste using art as a medium. Students explore various ways of using newspapers as art materials, learning about the significance of reusing and recycling waste. With great enthusiasm, the students actively participated in shaping the vision and objectives of the activity. The activity served as a powerful tool to educate, raise awareness, and advocate for sustainable practices.
Pencil Scrap Activity
The Pencil Scrap Activity was conducted on 15th July to raise awareness about recycling and waste management among students in classes 2nd and 3rd. Students were asked to paste pencil shavings on a sheet, giving it the shape of any object. The students enjoyed the activity and participated with full enthusiasm, allowing them to get creative and have a little bit of fun. This activity was also conducted to develop fine motor skills and enhance children's hand-eye coordination.
श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता
इस शनिवार विशेष सत्र के दौरान श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता के श्लोकों का वाचन किया गया। यह सत्र विद्यार्थियों के लिए पूर्णतया ऐच्छिक था। गीता पाठ से मन शांत होता है, एकाग्रता बढ़ती है और आत्मविश्वास भी जाग्रत होता है। यह प्रथम अवसर था जिसमें छात्रों ने श्लोकों को सुनकर आनंद की अनुभूति की। गीता के हर अध्याय से एक श्लोक लिया गया जिसे अष्टादश श्लोकी गीता नाम दिया गया। इसी अष्टादश श्लोकी गीता के श्लोकों का वाचन किया गया। सभी श्लोक जीवन के किसी न किसी विशिष्ट भाग को समर्पित हैं। इसे धर्म से जोड़ा जाना उचित नहीं है। इन श्लोकों के अध्ययन से स्मरण शक्ति का भी विकास होता है।यह सत्र प्रत्येक शनिवार को आयोजित किया जाएगा। यह अनिवार्य न होकर ऐच्छिक होगा।
Spoken English Session
The Spoken English and Personality Development class fosters holistic development in children, nurturing their communication skills and personal grooming. Today's session was a delight, as students actively engaged and participated. Introducing this class every Saturday is a wonderful decision, as it promises to instill positivity and propel children toward excellence. By honing their communication abilities and enhancing their overall personality, this class empowers children to unlock their full potential and thrive in various aspects of life.
Tejal Soni / Educator
Dramatic Club promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue delivery, script writing, working on acting skills, etc. It also enhances the creativity of an individual. Today the students of Class IX-XII narrated a folktale, they thought out of the box and then they expressed their views and wrote dialogues. After they complete the script they will role-play
Bharti Rao / Educator

Buzz Sessions 
Group Discussions; we plan to choose topics to talk, discuss and debate to enhance our research, reading, thinking and speaking skills. We kicked off our first session with talking about Geopolitics. It was a vast topic and we were all over the topic with our lines of thoughts and knowledge. We were able to infer ground rules for our upcoming sessions to make them more productive and meaningful. We look forward to many such sessions to build our knowledge and confidence.
Rajeshree Shihag

हमारी फैबइंडिया
विद्या नभ का ध्रुव तारा 'फैबइंडिया'
खेलकूद, व्यायाम, प्राणायाम,
ध्यान, योग सिखाती 'फैबइंडिया' । पढ़ा लिखा कर विद्वान बनाती,
नूतन सोच, सकारात्मक कार्य 
संपन्न करवाती 'फैबइंडिया'।
जीवन के सुर ताल से पहचान करवाती 'फैबइंडिया' ।
रंग कैनवास की दुनिया में
सपनों के सतरंगी महल बनाती। उत्सव त्योहारों पर धूम मचाती, संस्कारों से जीवन को उन्नत बनाती,  उत्सव, त्योहारों पर धूम मचाती, संस्कारों से जीवन को उन्नत बनाती, आधुनिकता की ओर बढ़ाती,
जीवन लक्ष्यों का निर्धारण करवाती 'फैबइंडिया' । कठिन परिश्रम, ईमानदारी का पाठ पढ़ाती,
जीवन सुखमय बनाती,
शिक्षा का अलख जगाती,
जीवन को खुशहाल बनाती है 'फैबइंडिया'।
कल्पना इन्दा / VIII
मित्रता एक ऐसा रिश्ता है जिसके बिना जीवन अधूरा होता है । ये एक ऐसा अनमोल धन है जिसकी तुलना किसी से भी नहीं की जा सकती है । एक सच्चा मित्र वो होता हैं जो हमेशा हमारा साथ दे , हमारी खुशी को बढ़ा दे और दुख को कम कर दे जैसे श्री कृष्ण और सुदामा इनकी दोस्ती की मिसाल आज दी जाती है । मानव जीवन में मित्रता एक बहुत ही अनमोल रिश्ता माना जाता है। ये सबके जीवन में एक उपहार के समान होता है । एक अच्छे दोस्त का जीवन में होना बहुत आवश्यक होता है, उसका हमारी सफलता में भी बहुत बड़ा योगदान होता है । जीवन का सफर मित्रता के बिना अधूरा है । एक व्यक्ति अपना सुख - दुख तथा हर तरह की बात जिससे बता सके वो व्यक्ति मित्र होता है। जीवन में लोगों के अनेक दोस्त बनते हैं, बचपन के दोस्त, स्कूल, कॉलेज के दोस्त, व्यवसायिक दोस्त, मतलब के दोस्त आदि। इन में से कुछ वक्त गुज़रने के साथ पीछे छूट जाते हैं, और कुछ जीवन भर आपके हर अच्छी-बुरी परिस्थितियों में आपके साथ रहते हैं। मित्र के होने पर कोई भी व्यक्ति कभी खुद को अकेला महसूस नहीं करता है। मित्रता की एक ऐसा रिश्ता है जिसे मनुष्य स्वयं चुनता है, अन्य रिश्ते ईश्वरीय देन होते है। इसलिए अच्छे मित्र बनाइए, मित्रों से जीवन खुशहाल बना रहता है। 
हेतल वैष्णव / X
मेरा प्रिय खेल
फुटबॉल मेरा प्रिय खेल है। मुझे फुटबॉल खेलना सबसे अच्छा लगता है। इस खेल को एक बड़े मैदान में खेला जाता है। खेलने के लिए एक फुटबॉल और गोल करने के लिए दो जाल लगे । हर टीम में 11 11 खिलाड़ी होते हैं। अपने गोल की सुरक्षा करने वाला खिलाड़ी गोल रक्षक कहलाता है। वह फुटबॉल को गोल के अंदर जाने से रोकता है। अन्य खिलाड़ी मैदान में खेलते हैं। हर टीम फुटबॉल को दूसरी टीम के गोल की ओर ले जाने की कोशिश करती है। फुटबॉल को पैर की ठोकर मार कर ही खेला जाता है। अगर कोई खिलाड़ी फुटबॉल को हाथ से छू ले तो उसे दंड दिया जाता है जो टीम अधिक गोल करती है उसी टीम को विजेता माना जाता है। 
महेंद्र प्रताप सिंह / IV
The feeling of responsibility brings a sense of pride in ourselves. My day began with the Investiture ceremony of 2023-24. All the elected council members were pinned with badges. Every council member shared their initial responsible steps towards betterment of our school. My initial step as School Assistant Captain is to make everyone understand the magic of communication because the way we talk makes all the difference to our personality. It was a marvelous day.
Pushpendra Singh Ranawat / XI
Interview with Rishi Rajpurohit Sir
RP: How has your journey been so far in your music career?
RRS: Basically, I've faced many problems, such as a lack of family support. But my father's trust in me was enough to keep me going. I've experienced numerous ups and downs along with some achievements. I hope to continue moving forward with my passion for music.
RP: Are you enjoying the company of the students?
RRS: Yes, of course, I am enjoying the company of the students. They are like mirrors reflecting my past interactions. When I'm teaching, they cooperate very well and follow all my instructions. I believe they will continue to improve and excel.
RP: Do you like the school's environment?
RRS: It's very comfortable being here. I don't feel any kind of pressure or anything. The school's environment feels just like home to me. The supportive staff and community are very nice.
RP: Why did you choose "The Fabindia School" for your future journey?
RRS: I chose this school because I found it to be very impressive and unique. The way everyone manages to teach, especially the focus on sports and cultural activities, is good for the students. It's also the only nearby school that employs a regular music teacher. This provides me with more opportunities. I appreciate this school for offering a bright future to both me and the students.
RP: What changes would you like to see in the school?
RRS: Although I haven't spent much time here yet if I have any suggestions for changes, it would be to make our regular assemblies more musically inclined.

Coordinators: Jaya Bawal, Divyani Rao, Divyanka Ranawat 
Reporters: Nalini Kunwar Lisha Soni, Ridhima Ojha, Meenakshi Sirvi, Mansi Chouhan
Photographers: Dhruv Parmar, Lakshya Raj Kanwar, Riya Vaishnav, Jaiwardhan Singh
Creative Writers: Jiyaraje Chouhan, Sanyogita Ranawat, Prachi Rao
Hobbyists: Lavishka Rathod, Divya Rathore, Pooja Sodha, Sanket Solanki, Abhilasha Mansion
Editors: Mohita Solanki, Tanisha Malviya, Lavishka Rathore, Hetal Solanki
Resource Agents: Priya Vaishnav, Divya Rathore
Educators in support: Ms. Bharti Rao, Mr. Krishan Gopal, Ms. Prerna Rathod  Ms.Khushi Rao, Ms. Shivani Rao, and Ms. Richa Solanki.

Volume No. 558 Published by The Editorial Board: Mr. Jitendra Suthar, Ms. Jyoti Sain, Mr. Chatra Ram Choudhary,  Ms. Tejal Soni, Mr. Ranveer Gohil.

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