Good to Great...Teachers Centre - 16.02.2013

The Workshop - Need for a Teachers Centre
1. What is the aim of setting up the Teachers Centre ?
2. Give your 12 months plan for the Teachers Centre.
3. What activity / visit would you recommend to connect teachers with the outside world?

Group Response

I . A Kumar
Aim :- To develop the educational tools for language speaking, computer knowledge and personality development.
Plan :- Improve the all educational creativity by teachers center.
Recommendation :- Visiting to CBSE New Delhi and Hotchkiss school.

II. C Singh
Aim :- All over development, thinking power increase, improve communication level.
Plan :- Cookery and camping in the school campus. Discussion on language lab.
Recommendation :- Visit to woodstook school Masoori.

III. P. Bharti
Aim -To develop teachers confidence,To remove teachers hesitation and develop teachers personality.
Plan -Art and craft competition,Personality development workshop and creative thinking workshop.
Recommendation -To visit DOON School and Riverside school

IV. E. Imaginative 
Aim - Overall personality development of the teachers and more coordination among teachers.
Plan:- Competitions should be held for teachers also, inspirational movies to be shown to the teachers
Recommendation:- Visit to Doon School, cultural monuments, handicrafts and small scale industries.

V. N Singh
Aim :- To prepare a best and confident teachers. To make a teacher who can easily understand the psychology of students. 
Plan :- Games for teachers, at least one tour should be in one year.
Recommendation :- To visit Doon school dehradun.

VI. B Singh
Aim:-   1. To improve the confident level of teachers.
           2.To train the teachers, to improve the qualities of teaching.
Plan:- Debate, speech on different topics. 
Recommendation:-A visit to Indo American School in Udaipur.

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