Teachers Weekly - 16.02.2013

Teacher's Weekly is the newsletter of The Fabindia School       Issue No. 1

Cold heart and  hot mind never solved anything. - Dinesh Bharti

'Little Adjustment is always better than a lengthy argument". - Urmila Rathore

Problems are non-stop sign they are guideline.- Usman Gani

Success does not depend on making important decision quickly but it depends on taking quick action on important decision.- Usman Gani

Whenever you do something new please check with your uplines.-Kavita Devda

Always forget the problems that you face in life but never forget the lesson that problems taught you.- Om Rathore

I am not afraid of death, I just don 't want to be there when it happens.- Chandra Pal Singh.

"My silence doesn`t means that quit .....It simply means that I don`t want to argue with people who just dont want to understand.....!!" - Bhavika Ojha

 Be honest and hardworking..- Gajendra Mewara

Don't think too much; don't wait for others to certify you. If you are right... go ahead and just do it. - Neelam Malviya

Fear is the main reason for every failure and confidence is the main reason for all success.So be confident, success will come to your way. - Nikita Rajpurohit

Confidence comes naturally with success,but success comes only to those who are confident. - Himani Chouhan

The most and the best beautiful things can not be seen or even touched. It must be felt with the heart. Ritu

Life and time are the world's best teachers because life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life.- Monika Vaishnav
We don't know anything is not the main problem, the real problem is that we don't want to learn anything. - Suresh Kumar

I don't want to be better than anyone else,all I want is to be better than MYSELF.-Daksha Jain
Compiled by Nikita Rajpurohit and USMAN GANI.
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It feels like am back in my school, and the teaching being given to me is never ending, thank you Sandeep Sir for all this! 
Awadesh Kumar Chaurasiya

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