Teacher's Weekly - 07/03/13 - Issue No. 3

For our third issue of the Weekly we did a lot of introspection and wanted to go beyond just thought, move on to real action! As teachers we think it is best to profile the students we work with and get to not only know them better, but reflect on what we do. This has resulted in our quest of the good in every individual and the stories we share are not reel life but real life... you will find one teacher share the story of one pupil every week. The name of the teacher is the header and the story of the student below.

Neelam Malviya
Rajveer is a student of class 2 A . 
He lives in Bera. 
He is naughty but sincere. 
He respects elders. 
He has attitude in himself .
He takes care of his things.

Monika Vaishnav
I am glad to write about a child  of my class. Minal solanki is studying  in class 2 B. She is so cute and sweet in behavior  She loves to recite poems , drawing pictures and  solving sums on the black board. She takes care of her things very well.She is always careful about her studies and eager to know something. She always completes her work  on time. Whenever she couldn't complete her H.W , she comes to me and tells the reason before I ask ,I love that innocent behavior. During P.T.M I came to know that  she wants to be a teacher  that's why she does mimicry of teachers , she says her parents to act like a students and herself as a teacher and it shows her Innocent, creativeness  and awareness in the school. I am happy to have a student like her.

Sapna Puri
Name - Dhawal Choudhary
Class Prep A
1. He is 6 year old.
2. He is very emotional by nature.
3. He is very talkative boy.
4. Whatever he does at home he shares with me always in the class
5. He is a good dancer.

More stories for you...

Urmila Rathore
Name - Abhilasha Mansion                   Class - Intro B
1. She is 4 years old.
2. She is a good singer and dancer.
3. She is very talkative.
4. She can speak pledge and prayer without any help.
5. She known her parents mobile number.
6. Her Voice is very sweet and she is friendly by nature.

Ritu Rajpurohit
Name - Ali Abbas Khan
Class - Intro
He is 4 years Old.
He is very talkative boy.
He is liked by all because he always makes new stories and excuses about study.
He is always answering any questions.
He is very clever by nature.

Daksha Jain
This week,the star kid of my class,that is V B,is Bhupendra Singh. He
is an amiable and a chatty person. He comes from Mundara. His best
friends are his 2 domesticated buffaloes with whom he loves to spend
his time. On Sundays, he takes them for grazing to the fields, and
returns back in evening. He wants to have more and more buffaloes and
enlarge his family.

Prerna Rathod
Aman Ghati is a student of class VI B. He lives in Nana. As the school is very  far and there is  far and there is no bus facility, he is staying in hostel. But he misses his home a lot. He is a good student and very obedient. He is a very quiet-boy and an introvert. He takes interest in studies and mathematics is his favorite subject. He does his work neatly and on completes his work on time. I pray to God that all his wishes come true.

Awdhesh Chaurasiya
Anushka Bharti is a student of class-3rd B, i am her drawing teacher . she is very bright girl, she belongs to Sewari Teh- bali,her father is a bank employee in Sewari, she likes Drawing , painting, Dance etc.and her goal is Drawing teacher in future. 

Byju Joseph
Student's Name;- Mahendra Choudhary   
I am so happy to write about my student,Mahendra Choudhary of class X. He is an average student. He listens well in the class and tries to learn everything. He follows the instructions and  completes his work in time. He respects and obeys teachers. His father is a govt. servant and mother is a housewife.

Om Rathore
Student's Name - Kejal Agrawal
Kejal Agrawal is a student of class 1 B. She comes from Bera. She is an active girl. She is helpful caring and loving girl. She is punctual and good looking.

Imran Tak
Student's Name:- Inder Singh V A
Inder Singh is the student of class V A, he is living in hostel. He properly belong to a village Mandar Dist. Sirohi. He is good in sports, he is taking part in all co - scholastic activities. When he came in school he was so weak in studies, but now he is continuously improving himself. 

Gajendra Mewara
Name of student-Harshita Malviya
she is studing  in class 3rd B
She is a obident girl  always ready to learn new things
She is also creative and helpful . She always participate in all activities.
She respects her teachers and do her work on time

Suresh Negi
Name of student : Ajaypal Gehlot
He is a student of class of IX. He lives in bali. he joined fabindia school in 2012. He came from hindi midiam school.He respect the teachers inside and outside the school. He is calm and sincere student.His father is a government teacher.

Himani Chouhan
Student's Name - Khusbhoo Mewara
Khushboo Mewara is studying in class 1 A. She comes from Bera. She is a good girl. She always helps her friends. She is good in studies. She is always ready to learn some new things.

Suresh Kumar
Student's Name - Dhruv Ojha
Dhruv Ojha of class V A is a bright and intelligent student. He is an active student and takes part in all activities and oral discussion in the class. He understands and can speak English well. His parents are very caring and always attend Parent- Teachers Meeting held in school.

Dinesh Bharti
Student Name- Raksha Solanki
Raksha Solanki study in class 7th A
Raksha is talented girl. she always done her work own.
She participate in co- scholastic activity as  dance ,drama,debate, painting and sports .
She is very good in drawing and painting.
Her father mother both are in government medical job.

Krishna Gopal Dave
Student's Name - Aditi Singh
Aditi singh is in grade 8 A. I am her class-teacher. She is very friendly. She is smiling forever. She is good in studies as well as other activities. She participates in all the competitions and the other activities that takes place in the school and has won many prizes. She is good in sports also.

Bharti Rao
Aarti Parmar is in grade 8 B .I am her class teacher .She is from Mundara. She is studying in this school from the last three years . Her hobbies are dancing and singing. She is very shy and quiet by nature.Because of her this nature everyone likes her..She is average in studies but she is putting in all her efforts to fulfill her desire which is to become a doctor .She is friendly and always ready to help others.

Surendra Singh
Archana koratkar is studying in 3 A. She is best student of my class. She belongs to Bera. She is good in studies and as well as in games. Her favorite colour is pink. Her favorite fruit is mango. She wants to become a business woman.  

Kavita Dewra
Bajrang Das - He is a naughty but charm of my class. He has long hair and a friendly nature boy. He has a goat at a home and he plays with kid. He loves cycling and singing. Whenever he doesn't come to school the next day i ask him the reason he say i had be on to mumbai yesterday and today i am back to school. 

Usman Gani
Student's Name - Chitrangana Bharti
Chitrangana Bharti is studying in Prep A. She is talented in dancing. She want to do a some new in her free time. She loves to play with her friends and she likes to play with kids. She loves skating and want to learn swimming.

Nikita Rajpurohit
Swaroop Singh
Swaroop Singh is studying in class IV A.He lives in hostel.He is a jolly and playful child.He is very good at playing football.He is very talkative.He loves acting and presents himself very confidently in assembly.Many times,he surprises me by his creative thoughts.Though he is naughty still everyone loves him.He makes everyone laugh by his acting.His hobby is playing games.He is good in studies also.

Compiled  by  Usman and Nikita              

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