The Country That Stopped Reading -

The Country That Stopped Reading - " “Who likes to read?” I asked. Only one hand went up in the auditorium. I picked out five of the ignorant majority and asked them to tell me why they didn’t like reading. The result was predictable: they stuttered, grumbled, grew impatient. None was able to articulate a sentence, express an idea."

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Unfortunately, teachers were not properly trained and children were not given time for reading in school. The plan focused on the book instead of the reader. I have seen warehouses filled with hundreds of thousands of forgotten books, intended for schools and libraries, simply waiting for the dust and humidity to render them garbage.
In our schools, children are being taught what is easy to teach rather than what they need to learn. This is in Mexico and is a real reflection of where we stand... 

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We now need to put in place the plan 'Read to Lead' for our Teachers at The Fabindia School
- Sandeep Dutt

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