Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan v. Union of India

Thus, by virtue of S. 12(1)(c) r/w Ss. 2(n)(iii) & (iv) of RTE Act, 2009, the State while granting recognition to private unaided non-minority schools may specify permissible percentage of seats to be earmarked for children who may not be in a position to pay their fees or charges -... this judgment would operate prospectively from academic year 2012-2013 - Hence, admissions given by unaided minority schools prior to pronouncement of this judgment shall not be reopened - Further held (per majority), RTE Act, 2009 is applicable only to day scholars, if any, in boarding schools and orphanages and not to the boarders -...RTE Act, 2009 can be enforced against all types of schools under S. 2(n) except unaided schools (whether non-minority or minority)
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