Request For Proposals: Video Production

The Fabindia Schools seeks proposals from quality video production teams to film interviews of school students, instructors and administrators, as well as background footage for use in a promotional video. The primary purpose of these video will be to portray the important work that we do--helping  students from low-income backgrounds with affordable quality rural education--to prospective partners and donors. We envision having professionally-made, well-produced content that helps The Fabindia Schools tell its story visually in a compelling way. We want the film crew to be able to capture the essence of The Fabindia Schools effort --including interactions between students and their teachers and mentors. The footage will be captured at several of the school sites at Bali in Rajasthan, to be used in three-to-five minute online video.

The video production team for the project will be responsible for quickly setting up, filming and tearing down quality individual shots with the best possible sound, video and lighting arrangement, using their own equipment to film the production. The  staff will help evolve the story and coordinate the location and timing of the video shoots on school campuses and arrange meetings with the founders / trustees of BAT. For more

Project Details:
  • Three full days of filming in the Bali area, in either April or May, visiting 1-3 school sites each day.
  • All work completed by August 1st, 2013
  • Proposals may be submitted for the project. BAT would be interested in working with the partner and can cover the cost of travel if needed.
  • The partner must add value to the work of BAT and add to the educational experience of the students and the community in Bali village.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Extensive experience as a professional videographer- ideally 3+ years.
  • Experience working in classroom settings and with education-related non-profit organizations.
  • Meetings in both in both Delhi and Bali required.
  • Ability to assist with still photography preferred but not required.
  • Ability to assist with post-production--including editing and assembling final videos would be helpful,  and working with students as a project must be included in the scope of work.
Proposal Requirements and Submission Guidelines:
  1. Summary of your background, resources, and relevant experience.
  2. Examples of past projects, preferably of a similar size, scope, and setting.
  3. References from past projects, preferably from projects of a similar size, scope, and setting.
  4. Hourly or daily rates, if more than three days of work to be done at the School to train and support the students and faculty in video production / project work; beyond the scope of the three day filming schedule.
  5. Current workload. How would this project fit into your scheduled activities?
  6. Concept or a presentation to strengthen your proposal
  7. Any work done in the social sector, training and projects with interns
  8. Any other materials that would help us get to know your work.
  9. Send proposals to  by 1st of May, 2013.
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Sandeep Dutt  +919811133900

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