The School Weekly - 22nd April 2013

* 8th  April '13  to 14th April '13 three teachers Mr. Bharat Parihar, Mrs. Bharti Rao, Miss Nikita Rajpurohit  visited the Scindia School Gwalior (M.P.). The visit was an opportunity to learn the see techniques in teaching and bring back new ideas to our school. We will be able to improve some of our methods of education delivery and make our school from good  to great.

*On 8th April 2013 The school reopened to start its new session and
95% of the children are attending school already. Admission Tests for new admissions are being conducted.

Importance of English Language
English language is important because it is an international
language. It is good for communicating with those who do not know our local language. It also builds our personality and brightens our
future. It builds our confidence level and help us to face
challenges. It is the ladder of our success and we are  able to
interact freely with anyone. - Students of class nine.

News and features are compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

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