The School Weekly - 23rd Sept 2013

19 Sept : Summative Assessment - I for classes VI- XI have started from today.

20 Sept : Eight of our students who had played Under-14 football tournament were selected to represent Pali district in State Football Tournament. Today they played against Bharatpur team and won by 8-0.

21 Sept : Today parents teacher meeting for Class IV-V was organised and only 10% parents turned up for the meeting.
 Point of View
Child Labour
One day when I was going to school, I saw a child of my age selling flowers on the street. His clothes were worn out and were shabbily dressed. I felt very bad for him. In his age of going to school, he was earning money for his family. I went near him and gave him some money I had. He thanked me and gave me a bouquet. I asked him the reason behind doing this work. He told me he is an orphan and he only has a younger sister who is too small to earn. If he won't earn then they would have to stay hungry for the whole day. I appreciated his love for his sister. There are a lot of children like him who have to do work for their living. We must do something for them so that they can also get educated. They all are our brothers and sisters and we ought to think seriously for them.  - Nikhil Soni (Class X)

My School
I love my school, 
I think I am in a pool, 
That much nice is my school.
My School is very beautiful,
My school is very wonderful,
My school is very lovely,
So I love my school.
My school is first in education,
My school is first in games, 
My school is first in studies,
My school is amusing, 
So I love my school a lot.
- Krithika Mansion (Class VIII A

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

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