The School Weekly - 16th Sept 2013

10 Sept : Once again the Fabindians have won the under-14 football tournament that took place in Bijowa against Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Dadai by 2-0. Five students of our school have been selected to represent the Pali district in state football tournament.

11 Sept : Science lab was inaugurated on 11th Sept by Mrs. Indu Choudhary the chairman of Municipal Board, Bali. There are separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Now the students have started their practical in the labs.

12 Sept - 14 Sept : A film was shot in the school campus by Wide Angle Films, a Delhi based production house. The film was directed by Ms. Sujata with her team. The team shot interviews of students, classrooms, football match, Rajasthani dance, horse riding, etc.

13 Sept : The Fabindians who have gone to play the under-19 state football tournament have won first position in March past and have reached the quarter final.

 Point of View
Preparation for Examination  
Examination time is important time of our life and most important thing is how we prepare for it. Many times we do not prepare well and we get nervous & fail in exams. Most students prepare by learning the answer by heart & pass. But it causes difficulties in higher classes we should prepare by understanding every day.
We should learn a chapter from each subject. By doing this during the exams, it becomes easy to learn and revise all the chapters together. We should eat healthy diet, we should discuss our time management with our elders, take breaks while studying and we should freshen up our mood by doing whatever we like. During exams time we should not be nervous. If we have any problem in any subject, we should go and ask about that to the subject teacher. This will help us in exams. Before exams, we should stay calm and mind should be free and focus only on exams. - Khushi Rao (Class VIII)

My Class Teacher
He is tall and strong
And he is never wrong
He is full of knowledge
His words are true and heart is pure

And he makes our future
He is strict but yet he is gay
He makes our day full of fun
He fills in us knowledge of E.V.S

He is dark featured
He is none other than
Suresh sir my class teacher
I like him and he is my best teacher  
- Anumesh Rao (Class V) 

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

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