The School Weekly - 2nd Sept 2013

29 Aug : Jodogyan’s Math workshop was conducted in the school for the teachers of pre-primary and primary section by the Jodogyan Organization. Total 29 teachers had participated in the workshop.

31 Aug : There was regular school for Class VI to Class XI. Declaration of the results of the first terminal examination for Class Nursery to Class V. Parents came to take their Child’s result. Though it was a result day yet only 30% of the parents turned up for the meeting.

Interview with Ms. Kirti (Jodogyan Organization)

Q: Tell me something about yourself?
Ans: My name is Kirti. I am working for JodoGyan Organisation from the last five years. Our organization is in Shakurpur, New Delhi and we are 60 people working in it. We prepare and produce the Teaching Learning Material (TML). There is a school team who goes to different schools and conducts workshops.
Q: How do you make Mathematics interesting?
Ans: We do hands-on-activity with the help of TML and take the students from the concrete to the abstract situation.
Q: Why do students not take interest in Mathematics?
Ans: We enjoy Math when we are able to solve a problem by seeing the pattern. We should teach in such a way that children can connect themselves to the pattern and think logically, and then only they will enjoy learning Math.
Q: Why do students fear Math and how do you help them in this process?
Ans: Their confidence is stolen so they fear Math. It should be presented with the situation so that they can enjoy and imagine and it should be of their world. It should not be presented in problem or definition way.
Q: How did you find our teachers?
Ans: They are involved in their work and that is why they want to know and learn. They are not detached from their work. They have no attitude problem, are able to imagine and that is why they are able to think ahead.
Point of View
Simplicity V/S Glamour  
Simplicity is that which comes natural, it reflects the original personality of a man. Simplicity does not mean not being in fashion, follower of old tradition or not modern. Simplicity is a kind of purity in a person’s nature, where there is no kind of pomp and show. Normally we youngsters believe that simple persons are boring and out of fashion are just because we actually don’t know what does simplicity means.Youngsters are forgetting that fashion can change with time, it does not remain same all through the life but originality remains same all through the life. A person carrying simplicity has no need to express himself in words, his simplicity speaks up everything about him in detail. A person with simplicity is always highlighted in crowd which makes him different from all others. Simplicity is always given respect.

Glamour comes with modernization in the society. Society is too much attracted towards this glamorous world and blindly following it, specially we youngsters. Glamour is considered a sign of fashion and being standard. Glamour has some advantages and some disadvantages. Glamour has raised the standard of Indian societies and has brought a healthy thinking over our old tradition. But on the other hand this glamour has ruined our teenagers, they are black blindly running behind this glamorous world. Glamour is an attractive and exciting quality, it totally changes the personality of a common man also. In this race changing personality has adapted a wrong path because glamour comes from money and it is not necessary that everyone can afford it so they try to arrange money by “hook or crook”, which distract them from their life. - Aditi Singh (Class IX)

Glamour and simplicity the meaning of both the words are totally different from each other, where glamour means the quality of being more attractive, exiting or interesting than ordinary people. Simplicity means being simple, like an ordinary person. Nowadays, people are more attracted towards the World of glamour, they want to look different from others and they can spend anything for getting that attractive look. Mostly Teens and youth are the part of this blind race. They are keen to know about new fashion, hairstyles, trends, accessories etc. and want to add all these to their wardrobes. They want to look the best and want to have the best. They want best smart-phones, laptops, tablets, clothes and all the other accessories. 
But I think that this is nothing more than wasting your time and assets. Whereas simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we should believe in “Simple living and high thinking”. Today’s teens and youth should not waste their time in the world of glamour; they should utilize it in making their future brighter. - Prateek Udawat (Class XI) 

Glamour is the attractiveness that all want in today’s generation. It is the fashion which is made up of sustainability. Whereas simplicity is a positive quality, things are in simple form and sometimes they also give pleasure to others. Glamour may lead to various problems because of our desire to showoff and to impress others. It is also said that “Fashion is the ugliness which we have to change after every six months.” Simplicity doesn’t need anything, no need of ego but a small need of creativity and imagination .It needs one who can understand the meaning of simplicity. It is not important that we should live in a standard way or look stylish .But it is important that how we behave with others. The way we live should be best for us and others. - Khushboo Rajpurohit (Class IX)

Compiled by Bharati Rao and published every week.

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