The School Weekly - 21st Oct 2013

13 Oct - 15 Oct Students of Class XI along with the principal and three teachers went on an Educational Trip to Jaisalmer.

18 Oct Friday Activity was carried out in all the classes from pre-primary to class VIII. Activities like creative writing, worksheets, mental maths, practical, etc. were carried out in the classes. Students enjoyed doing their Friday activity.

19 Oct : Weekly class tests were taken in all classes. Parents-Teacher meeting was organised for students of class four to six. Only 20% of the parents attended the meeting.
 Point of View
Report of the Educational Trip
Students of Class XI was taken to Jaisalmer for a trip. The principal Mrs. Parinita Ranpal, Bharti Rao, Raveena Choudhary and Sonal Jain went along with 28 students. The trip started at 4:00 A.M. in the morning and we reached Jaisalmer at 1:00 P.M. After taking bath we had lunch and the girls took rest and the boys did swimming in the indoor swimming pool of Narayan Niwas Hotel. In the evening we visited the Patwa Haveli and The Jaisalmer Fort. The students also did shopping. Next day on 14th October, we visited the Tanot Mata temple which is 23 K.M. from the border. In the evening we reached Sam Sand Dunes where the students enjoyed the most. They did camel safari and some did jeep safari. Some boys also did camel racing and sat in camel cart. They played on sand dunes and in the night they stayed in tents. They also watched the famous Kalbelia dance of the desert. They also saw the windmills, which is used to generate electricity in the desert. On 15th October, we returned back home by 7:00 P.M. - Bharti Rao

My Early Childhood
A childhood friends, we grew up together,
Swearing to be friends forever & ever ,
Sometimes we would argue & fight,
Sometimes we would laugh & stay up all night,
My thoughts and feelings to you I would confide
Never having anything to hide
Friends we do remain
Things changing an things staying the same
To each other we will listen and share
About each other we will always care
 - Aman Qureshi (Class X)

Monsoon Cloud
This monsoon time, with darkening sky and weepy clouds,
I started raining nights long,
blowing winds, cry waiting, dreaming on.
I came with the monsoon to bring happiness,
And greenery everywhere,
To make fields happy and people too.
As a monsoon cloud with thunder and lightening too.
 - Mahima Gehlot (Class X)

I am a flying robot,
Believe it or not.
I am a flying robot,
I am doraemon.
I have a dream that I want to fulfill everyone's dream,
I dream to fly like a butterfly,
I am so cool like a pool,
I love to eat dorae cakes and buns,
And make a lot of fun,
I am a flying robot,
Believe it or not.
I am a flying robot,
Believe it or not.
 - Anumesh Rao (Class V)

Mathematics Fun
Maths is fun,
But only when I am able to solve the sum.
It is interesting,
But at time disgusting,
When it comes to maths.
I am strongest at division,
Weakest at multiplication,
But I love simplification,
The world of maths is vast,
Expending and also very demanding.
Hard work and practice are the mantras,
Oh God! help me love such great tantras.
- Darshan Rajpurohit (Class X)

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

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