The School Weekly - 7th Oct 2013

29 Sept Five of the students from the Fabindia School participated in the District Level Athletes Tournament. Out of the five students two of them won in the tournament. Ashwin Dutta of Class X won in 100 metre, 200 metre, 100 metre hurdles race and he was also awarded as the best athlete of Pali District and will also participate in the state level athlete tournament. Shinu Philip stood second in hammer throw.

2 Oct Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in the school. The two favourite songs of Gandhi ji were sung by the choir in the assembly. The Principal Parinita Ranpal & Mr. Bharat Parihar spoke a few words on Gandhi ji & Shastri ji.

4 Oct : Sports Activities were carried out in the pre-primary section. The students who won in the races were awarded certificates.

5 Oct : Result of SA 1 was declared today. Parent teacher meeting was held. Only 40% of the parents turned up to see their child's result.
 Point of View
Gandhi and his beliefs
"We must become the change we want to see in the world". Mahatma Gandhi is considered the Father of the Indian independence movement. He spent many years in South Africa working to fight discrimination. While in India, his virtue, simple lifestyle and minimal dress endeared him to the people. Non-violence was his highest virtue. By non violence, he meant not only just the absence of violence, but also loving concern for all. He believed that truth could be known only through tolerance and concern for others. He inspired millions to fight for the cause and forced the British to leave India. He has proven that we can achieve the noble cause of liberty and justice without killing anyone or without making a child an orphan. - Daksha Jain

The Company one keeps

A man is known by the company he keeps.  A bad company spoils a man and brings him a bad name but if the person is good, it is sure to influence a person for his better life. Children are immature and tender. They can be moulded to any shape if they keep the company of good fellows they will develop a virtuous personality. If they fall in bad company they will go astray. They may spoil even their lives, so one must keep oneself away from a bad company that is why it is said "better alone than in bad company"- Bharti Rao

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