The School Weekly - 28th Oct 2013

24 Oct Display board competition was organised for Class I to XI. The theme of the competition was Happy and safe Diwali. The students decorated their classes with lanterns and other decorations. The students of Class VI to XI made Posters depicting a happy and safe pollution free Diwali.

25 Oct Friday Activity was carried out in all the classes. The students enjoyed doing activities especially script writing.

26 Oct : Parents-Teacher Meeting was organised for students of Class VII to XI. It was really sad to see that only 10% of the parents attended the meeting.

27 Oct : A workshop was organised by Pearson Publications for the teachers. 36 teachers attended the workshop. Ms. Rekha Agarwal was the resource person. There were three more persons from Pearson along with Mr. Atul Bhargav the area manager.

28 Oct : Fancy dress competition was organised for the students of Class Pre-primary and Class I. The theme of the competition was the Ramayana. Students dressed themselves as the characters of the Ramayana. Some were dressed like Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman etc. They looked very cute and pretty.

Point of View
Fashion is simplicity for them
Class is meeting hall for them
Teachers are inspectors for them
Girls are dolls
Guys are prince
Cafe means life to them
Study is their part time hobby
Campus Roads are catwalk tracks
They know how to laugh after short attendance and poor grades
They are our students
 - Rishita Champawat (Class IX)

Our Country
Punjab for lighting
Bengal for writing
Mizoram for duty
Kashmir for beauty
Rajasthan for history
Maharashtra for victory
Mysore for silk
Haryana for milk
Gujarat for peace
Assam for tea leaves
Kerala for brains
U.P. for sugarcane
Himachal for apples
Orissa for temples
M.P. for tribes
Jharkhand for mines
States for unity
India for integrity
This is my country INDIA
 - Krishna Choudhary (Class IX)

Note : The School Weekly will not be out next week, we are going on Diwali Holidays from the 30th Oct to 6th Nov.

Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.

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