The School Weekly - 3rd March 2014

28th February 14: Science Day was celebrated in the school. Students gave speeches relating science & technology and its new developments. They also performed many experiments on C. V. Raman effect. Mr. Byju Joseph & Mr. Atul Bhatt also spoke a few words on this day.

1st March 14: Saturday activities were carried out in the last two periods. Inter house Cricket tournament was organized for the senior section. Chanakya house won the match. In rest of the classes music, library, art & craft & computer activities were carried out.

Point of View

Girls Education
Today we live in modern age. Education is very useful for every child, it makes our life. Education is most valuable gift to a child. Now people have understood the importance of girl education. Our country has agreed to this idea. There are many benefits of girl education. Education gives us knowledge which has changed the world history since ancient time. By female infanticide our people realized that they had lost many intelligent girls. The present age can be also called as the girl's age. A mother gives us birth and a teacher gives us worth & makes us perfect. To educate a girl is a great service to mankind. 
My ambition is to become an ideal teacher. I thank my teacher who has made me perfect. I thank my parents for giving me life, the best gift for me in my life which every mother gives to her daughter.
- Shivani Rao (Class VIII)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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