The School Weekly - 24th March 2014

18th March 14: Today the final term exams started for class nursery to VIII and XI.

21st March 14: CCE Exams for class IX and X ended today. Today they had their last paper of Science and Social Science.
Due to examination no activities have been carried out so there is no news to share about the happenings in school.

Point of View

My Letter to God
Dear God sometimes the whole day long
I don't know why I do things wrong
My mother calls and I don't heed
I turn my back when friends in need
I don't do work what I ought to do
I even fail to think of you
I'm sorry God for days like these
And hope you will forgive me please
And grant me God a chance I pray
To do my best another day
- Jaswant Singh (Class - VIII)
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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