The School Weekly - 10th March 2014

3rd March 14: On this day board exams of class X & XII have started.

8th March 14: Women's Day was celebrated in the school. The teachers gave speeches, recited poems, read article, sang songs and spoke thought for the day to show the importance and significance of women in society.
Saturday activities were carried out in all the classes. Class I had game activity. Class II to V saw a movie. girls of class VI to VIII learnt handball skills. Boys of class VI to VIII & XI had inter house basketball & volley ball matches.
Point of View

Women is a true picture of love, faith, happiness and affection. Women are the best creation of god. She shows the mind of a child with a variety of thoughts like the garden with different flowers. In other
words, it can be said that the beauty of life and love exists because of the existence of women. She is an epitome of sacrifice. She is a reservoir of love that keeps flowing endlessly. She is a fresh flower
which spreads its fragrance everywhere. Honour them as they are the one who will teach to take each and every step in life.
- Bharti Rao
Compiled by Bharti Rao and published every week.   

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