The School Weekly - 22nd September 2014

Bali experienced dry, warm weather with pleasant evenings. The week went by without showers. Days were warmer but evenings and nights were cooler. Lowest temperature recorded was 33°C and highest was at 37°C. Temperature fell by 4°C while humidity fell by 68%.
Wednesday, 17th September: Summative Assessment I started for Classes VI to XII. Class arrangement for the examination was done. Teachers arranged classes with the help of peons. Some of the students of Class VIII and XII voluntarily helped their teachers to arrange the classes. Thank you students.
Friday, 12th September: Students of Class VIII to X participated in the Green Olympiad Examination, organised by the TERI. Forty students participated in this Olympiad. They had to attempt 100 multiple questions. All questions were based on environmental issues.

Monday, 15th September: The whole week was celebrated as Hindi Diwas. Hindi Diwas falls on 14th September. Every day a special assembly was held. Mr. Krishan Gopal,
(HOD Hindi) explained how Hindi is a pure language. He stressed on the need of its usage but give equal stress on medium of the school too. He further explained how Hindi came into being. Students of Junior Section spoke a few words on this day. On 14th September, 1917 Mahatma Gandhi declared Hindi as India's national language in Bharuch (Gujarat). So from that day onwards it is considered as Hindi Diwas. The whole week the choir sang Hindi songs in the assembly.

Tuesday, 16th September: Hindi teacher Mr. Dinesh Bharti spoke about the historical background of Hindi and its roots which are primarily from Sanskrit, how over the years it has evolved and presently Manak Hindi is prevalent. He also explained about the ‘Saraswati’ magazine which started in 1900. Students were also informed about the status of Hindi in our constitution. After that he recited a poem to motivate the students to respect the Hindi Language along with other languages.

On Wednesday Mr. Gajendra Mewara , Hindi teacher  spoke about love for Hindi language and also acquainted with other languages. He requested students that they should keep Hindi language close to their hearts. He also recited a poem in Hindi.

Saturday, 20th September: Twelve students of Class X have filled forms to participate in NTSE. There will be two rounds of selection. Students have to appear for two papers appear for at least. If the student clears the first round of examination, then he will be eligible to appear for the second test. After he passes both the tests, he will get scholarship according to UGC Criteria till he does his Post Graduation.

Dreaming Success
A dream is a hope, a wish and an aspiration. Dreams are our ultimate destination, which represents what and why in our life. People always shy away from following their dreams. This is because they doubt their success.  They are always pulled down with the fear of failure. If we are confident and do not lose faith in ourselves, then we can attain success easily and fulfill our dreams. If we build castles in the air, we should make solid foundation underneath first, then they will not be lost. The foundation  should be in the form of hard work, perseverance and determination. If a mountain of troubles comes your way, don't sit to cry, but instead try and try. Dream is your right, but for that it is your duty to struggle. To achieve the sky and to fly, will power is what you need.
Don't forget the words of William Arthur ‘If you can dream it, you can become it.
Khushi Rao IX A

हिंदी दिवस
हिंदी दिवस
अपनी समग्रता में
खुसरो,जायसी का खुमार है,
तुलसी का लोक मंगल है,
सुर का वात्सल्य और
मीरा का  प्रेम है।
हिंदी दिवस
कबीर का संदेश है,
बिहारी का चमत्कार है,
धनानंद  की पीर है ,
पंत की सुषमा और,
महादेवी की आँखों का नीर है।
वाचक: (कृष्ण  गोपाल दवे)
(NOTE: This poem was recited by Mr. Krishen Gopal on the occasion of Hindi Day)
The word ‘Examination’ is what the students have always feared. It demands a lot of concentration. The students should learn to de-stress and manage time and energy. Examinations are not so harsh in today's world then why should we fear. Grading system today has changed everything. No one wants to go through exams, as the outcome is not known. Grades ease the stress, since competitions to the decimal level is eliminated. Parents are also strict with their children during examinations. They want their child to be toppers, which increases their stress.
Hard- working and serious students are adversely affected. But I want to give a message to my dear friends that they should not fear exams. They must just perform, enjoy and study finer points of a subject.
Aditya Pratap Singh IX A
Monday, 15th September: Evaluation I got over and Evaluation II started for Class I to V. A number of activities, projects and creative writing were carried out to evaluate students. Students of Class VI to XlI are busy in Summative Assessment I. Students could be seen sitting under trees, clearing their doubts in every subject with their respective teachers. All are working hard to give a better result. Dear program was carried out and it is picking up pace.

Thursday, 18th September: Summative Assessment I have started for all the students. Now the students are over occupied in their studies, to perform well, while teachers are busy in checking papers. After checking their papers they show the assessed copies to students.
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