The School Weekly - 8th September 2014

Monday, 1st September: The week saw very pleasant weather with rain and thundercloud cover. Consequently, the temperature fell 23°C and highest temperature stayed at 32°C. Humidity was 48%.  Difference between day temperature and night temperature is 5°C. Evenings are more pleasant and coolers are not being used.
Our indebted thanks to Krystal for all the hard work in raising the money for RO Plant! Our thanks to Mr. Sandeep Singh and Mr. Kuldeep Singh for devoting their whole Sunday to the installation of the plant! They both got the work done from a scratch to a full fledged installation of the plant. When the first rush of pure water came out, Mr. Kuldeep Singh poured the water in the air to God, thanking for the huge blessing for the school. In this way they both were the first to taste the elixir.
The whole Admin staff was trained as to the working and cleaning of the RO plant, by the staff of Indian ION Exchange.
The plant is finally installed and students will begin to drink water from Tuesday, 9th September 2014.

Mrs. Bharti Rao’s Interview
(Oldest teacher at school)
Editor: When did you join the school?
BRO: I joined Fabindia in 2004 as an English teacher.
Editor: Were you teaching somewhere else before you joined?
BRO: I had worked in Mount Abu, in St. Joseph’s High School for five years.
Editor: Where did you do your schooling from?
BRO: I did my schooling from Sophia High School, Mount Abu. I did my graduation from MLSU, Udaipur. I did my post graduation and B.Ed. from IGNOU, New Delhi.
Editor: What is your experience of working in Fabindia?
BRO: It has been a great experience, working in Fabindia. The love and respect given by kids, never made me think of leaving the school and going to any other place. I have learnt a lot in this school. I have also shared my experiences and imparted my knowledge to them.
Editor: What are the things you like the most in Fabindia?
BRO: The love that I get from my kids, co-operation and friendliness of my colleagues and management and the success of my kids is what I like most in Fabindia. Fabindia is my family for me.
Editor: What are the changes and development that has taken place in Fabindia till now?
BRO: The development that I have seen is only in the infrastructure in the school. From three blocks it has become seven blocks now. Two buses have now changed to seven. The strength of Fabindia increased from 250 to 700 students. The change in academics has not been what it should be. When I joined the school the standard of academics was very high but as years have passed, it has slowly gone down. This year many new developments have been made. Now I feel the standard will rise higher and reach the expectations that I had from the beginning.
Editor: What are the changes that you want in Fabindia?
BRO: I want my students to converse in English and want my school to be the best school in the state. I want each and everyone around to appreciate Fabindia. I want my students to do well, prosper and make their future fruitful. I want all only to speak about the Fabindian family.
Editor: What are the posts you are designated in the school?
BRO: I joined the school as an English teacher but the very first day I joined the school I made Activity Coordinator. Now I am the senior coordinator, H.O.D. English Department, Exchange Coordinator and English Editor.
Editor: Were you awarded the Best teacher award?
BRO: I was awarded the Best Teacher award in the year 2007. It was for the first time that the Best Teacher’s award was given in the school. A democratic way was implied to choose the best teacher. The parameters were given and the teachers gave the points in front of the teacher’s name. I got the highest total and as a result of that I was awarded the Best Teacher award.
Editor: Have you gone for any trips, organized by the school?
BRO: I have gone in all the trips which were organized in the school for students. I went to Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dehradun, Haridwar, Mussorie, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad trip 12 students and I had gone to attend the seventeenth International Children’s Filmfare Festival. It was a great experience for all the students and they learnt a lot.
 - Silvi Mehta & Aditya Kansara (Class X)
Wednesday, 3rd September: A beautiful invitation card was made by Naushad Ali (XII Science), to invite teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.  The card spoke of creativity and innovativeness. Thank you Naushad for taking pains on our behalf!

Friday, 5th September: Finally, Teachers’ Day arrives! Teachers looked bright and cheerful. They were asked to wear one special thing which they had never worn to school on regular days! The function started with the Inter House Basketball match.  Students put up a special programme for their class teachers and subject teachers. Programme started with dance performances by Tanvi Parmar/VIIIB, Mimansha Kunwar/XA, Khushi Rao/IXA, Nehpal Singh/IIIB.
Pooja Dutta/XB, Apoorva Mathur/XA, Siddhi Nagar/XB and Karuna Rathod/XB sang a group song dedicated to teachers.
After school got over the Head Boy Naushad Ali and Head Girl Prachi Agarwal stayed back to make teachers play games. One was a memory game, won by Ms. Urmila Rathod. The other was to pick thermocol balls from a glass with a straw and put that ball it in another glass. Mr. Sarvar Khan won this round. They had kept a surprise gift for the best dressed male teacher and the best dressed female teacher. Mr. Kanik Goyal and Ms. Sharmila Vijayvargi bagged the tiles!
Staff enjoyed a party hosted by the school. They were gifted as a token of appreciation of their hard work towards the school. We hope teachers enjoyed the day!

Somebody has said very correct that “something is better than nothing “,so we should keep doing work to get success. Success is not that you can buy it or not that you can take it from someone else but that which we have to achieve. If you want to achieve it you should work hard. To achieve it we should go through a correct way otherwise it would not be a correct one.
It’s not very rewarding to get success but it’s very rewarding to remain a successful person. Only people are not successful or unsuccessful but countries can also be categorized as successful or unsuccessful. What is a successful country? It not depends upon the success of the government of country but it depends on the success of the government of a country but it depends on the success of people of the country. There are three types of countries; first, which are successful, second, which are in the way to get success and third, which cannot become a successful one
At last, the development of any person, country or else is the success. So, we should keep working because success leads to liberation which is very important in one’s life.
- Aditya Kansara (Class X)
तुम पाओ सफलता, तुम पाओ सफलता 
उस मन को वश में करके ।      
तुम डूब जाओ सफलता के सागर में 
एकाग्र होकर ।
तुम डूब जाओ उस सफलता रुपी कार्य में 
मग्न होकर।
तुम छोड़ दो सोचने सपने 
तुम छोड़ दो सोचना परिणाम ।
बना दो कमज़ोरी को अपनी ताकत 
हटा दो वह भय मन से ।
तुम पाओ सफलता, तुम पाओ सफलता 
उस मन को वश में करके ।
- Divyanshu Bhati (Class IX)
Friday, 5th September: Inter House Girls Basketball Match was played on Teachers’ Day. Blue House team comprising Silvi Mehta, Harshita Dalawat, Damini Chouhan, Karuna Rathod and Pooja Solanki won the game. Green House team comprising Mimansha Kunwar, Rishita Champawat, Mamta Chouhan, Vaishali Rao, and Khushboo Rajpurohit were runners up.
Yellow house (Krishna Choudhary , Apoorva Mathur , Siddhi Nagar , Lavina Champawat and Muskan Rathod) team came on third position.

Tuesday, 2nd September: The day was as same as daily. The students were busy in studies. Small kids were enjoying the studies and activities held in their classes. All the teachers were teaching and students were studying. The day was enjoyable. As the students started enjoying the school days, the long days of Fabindia seem them to be small and they wanted the school time to be more long so they can enjoy much more. These things shows that the atmosphere of Fabindia has been changed from boring one to enjoyable.

Saturday, 6th September: As it was a holiday on Thursday, on Saturday the Thursday time table went on. For Class I to V PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) was organised. The parents were welcomed at the gate by Ms. Urmila Rathod and Ms. Rajeshwari Rathod.

The School Weekly is compiled by Bharti Rao for The Fabindia School.

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