The School Weekly - 29th September 2014

Bali experienced a pleasant weather with slight clouds and shiny bright sun. Mornings, evenings and nights have become cooler which shows the onset of winter. Afternoons were a bit warm.  Highest temperature recorded was 35°C and lowest was at 32°C. Temperature fell by 2°C while humidity was 70%.
Wednesday, 24th September: Today Summative Assessment I ended. The students of Class XI and teachers voluntarily rearranged their classes to avoid any chaos and to smoothly start regular classes the next day. Thank you students.

Saturday, 27th September: The students of the “Social Service League” did a great job in the school. A cleanliness drive for the students of Class VI-VIII was organized. They planted trees, cleaned the weeds, garbage and overgrown grass to make the campus look beautiful. The students who did the best work were Manish Paliwal, Subhash Suthan, Gajendra Singh, Pankaj Paliwal, Pravesh Kumar, Nitesh Jain, Suryabhan Singh, Meet Soni, Anirudh Singh, Himanshu Suthar and Gaurav Singh of Class VII B. Thank you students.
Friday, 26th September: Today the ASL exam took place for class X and IX, it was conducted by Ms. Bharti Rao, English teacher. The purpose of this test was to help improve and standardize students’ communicative skills. Today many subjects copies were shown, many kids were happy after seeing their marks as well as some were sad who had secured less marks. It was the first day after exams, so all came with their free minds, but many teachers started teaching from today only.

Neglect of the elderly- a depressing phenomenon
The feeling of loneliness and insecurity is now becoming common and the old people are avoided by the modern age. This is increasing day by day due to the introduction of the new social and western ideas. They think old people as a burden and try to neglect them. They face many problems, income problems, social problems etc. According to the census of 1991 the senior people constituted 15% of the total population and 5% are over age of 60.
Many children settle abroad and leave their old parents in their house alone and helpless. This problem is mostly seen in cities because people of villages still live in joint families. They live together and celebrate every festival as a one big family. One solution of this is that old people should work as a community and support each other as there is little support from the young society.
Aditya Kansara X B

Trees here, trees there,
Trees are everywhere.
A special gift of God,
To save the son of lord.
Trees are wonderful,
With flowers beautiful.
Trees are a boon,
With fruits colorful .
Looking beautiful to everyone!
Whether big or small, to save the earth,
Trees are a must.
Pledge to plant a tree,
For a better future!
Muskan Rathod VIII B

लाजवाब स्वाद
'स्वाद' वह शब्द है जिससे खाने की महत्ता का बोध होता है। जब भोजन में स्वाद ही न हो वह भोजन नीरस होता है, और जिस भोजन में स्वाद हो तो वह अपने आप ही श्रेष्ठ कहलाता है।
भारत एक ऐसा देश है जहाँ कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक अलग-अलग भोजन में कईं प्रकार के स्वाद मिलते हैं। इसी बेहतर स्वाद से  वह भोजन स्वादिष्ट बनता है। इस दुनिया में एक भारत में ही हमें हर दूसरी जगह पर एक नए स्वाद का प्रमाण मिलता है। अन्य देशों के लोग जो अपना कुछ समय में बिता चुके है वह आज भी भारत के भोजन और उसके स्वाद के दीवाने हैं। पंजाब की मक्की की रोटी और सरसों का साग ,राजस्थान का दाल-बाटी-चूरमा, लखनऊ का शाही कबाब, दक्षिण भारत के इडली सांभर तथा मसाला डोसा, गुजरात का खमण-ढोकला, मुंबई के पावभाजी तथा वडापाव, इत्यादि। भारत के प्रमुख स्थानों का लोकप्रिय भोजन है, जिनके स्वाद का दुनिया लोहा मनाता है।
Bhanu Pratap Singh IX A

पिंजरे का पंछी
मैं पिंजरे का पंछी
कैसे आजादी का गीत गाऊँ,
दशा कैसी है मेरी बंद पिंजरे में,
कैसे अपना हाल  सुनाऊँ,
चाह होती है मेरी भी,
उडूं-उडूं चलूँ मुक्त गगन में,
नाचू खेलूँ झूमूँ डाली पर,
चहकूं मस्त चमन में,
पहाड़ों की चोटी को छूकर
पीऊँ मैं बहती नदियों का पानी,
खेतों की खड़ी फसलें बिखेरूँ,
सुने कौन मेरी  पराधीन कहानी
Jaswant Singh IX A
Saturday, 27th September: Today once again after a month the school saw an activity day. Various activities were carried out in all the classes. As the exams had finished, so the students were keen to play, that’s why an Inter House Basketball match was organized for the boys. The kids were cheering their respective houses. The results of the competition were as follows: Red House stood first, Green House stood second and yellow House stood third.
Report of the Inter-house Basketball Match
After the exams got over, on 27th September, Saturday the Inter-house Basketball match was organized for the boys. The first match was played between Green house and Blue house, whose captains were Somendra Singh(IX) and Vaibhav Bhatt(X). In this Green house won the match. The second match was played between Red house and Yellow house, whose captains were Deepak Singh(XI-C) and Khusagra Singh(XI-S). In this Red house won the game. After that Hard line was played between Yellow and Blue House, in which Yellow house secured the third position. After that Final match was played between Green and Red house, in which Red house bagged the first position and Green house secured the second position. Piyush Soni (X B) of Green House and Deepak Udawat (XI-C) of Red House were the best players of the game. After the competition was over there was a friendly match between Class XII and the school team and the school team turned out to be the winners.
Monday, 22nd September: Summative Assessment took place from Thursday, 18th September to Wednesday, 24th September. Today was the 3rd day of the examination. Class 11th Science Math students was given an holiday. And all other students of different classes were busy in giving their exams. All the students were excited and nervous before entering their examination rooms. After the exams finished students began discussing with their friends and teachers about their paper, and asked questions for their next examination to their respective teachers.

Tuesday, 23rd September: Today it was the second last exam of the students, students were both happy and were nervous as the exams were near its ending, but the exams were too tough also. The students were given a little time before the exams to revise their course. The students were seen pursuing their subject teachers to solve their difficulties at the last moment.

Wednesday, 24th September: It was the happiest day for the students, as it was the last day of the examinations. All the students were so excited that, Hush! Today the exams have got over, and they could enjoy the next consecutive days. Today at home they would play, now they were totally free, no one was there to restrict them for anything. Every student was enjoying his/her freedom. After the exams when they came out, it was a mixed feeling moment for them, happy as the exams had got over and nervous for the commencing results.

Thursday, 25th September: It was a holiday on the account of “Navratra sthapna”.
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