The School Weekly - 8th December 2014

Winter has at last set its foot in Bali. The sky was partially covered with the stratus clouds. The chill in the air is felt only in the morning and evening. Days are sunny. The School’s instruments recorded the minimum temperature @ 5°C and maximum @ 16°C. The temperature has fallen down by 3°C. The humidity was @ 16%.                    
Katherine Allen’s Interview
(Advisor Fund Raising and International Relations)
(Ed: Editor; K.A: Katherine Allen)
Ed: What inspired you to do this social service?
K.A: During university in 3rd year, I studied in Nepal and after that I went to Kolkata with my university professor for nine months and I travelled in India like Delhi, Varanasi, Rajasthan between 1992 and 1993. The same year I visited Rajasthan and saw the conditions of the girl child. In 1995 when I first visited the school, I saw that there were less girls studying in the school. This inspired me to do something about it. After that I joined the JBSF and helped William Bissell to raise funds for the school. In this way I started helping in raising the funds for Girls Scholars.  

Ed: When did the JBSF start?
K.A: The JBSF started in 1998 after Mr. John Bissell passed. We wanted to do something for Sir John Bissell, and took up the idea to help the girl child here, in Bali. So we formed the JBSF. We went to Mr. Bissell’s relatives and asked them to contribute. We wrote letters and asked them to raise money to help  the girl child and do the best.

Ed: When did you join The Fabindia School?
K.A: In 2005, I started working for the school.

Ed: How often do you visit the School?
K.A: I have visited The Fabindia School four times. First time in 1995, second in 2007, third in 2012 and now in 2014.

Ed: What changes have you seen  in the school?
K.A: I think the students love the school. Teachers are learning how to become better. If teachers develop, then the students will also develop. Though I have seen that children are happy here. They have improved and learnt to speak in English.

Ed: What do you want the school to focus on?
K.A: I want everyone to understand the Scholarship Program. It’s not a government program, it is an individual program. Some service program should carry on and there should be more involvement of parents and awareness among the parents about Scholarship Program.

Ed: What is the criteria of the Scholarships you give?
K.A: The criteria for the Scholarship Program are:-

  1. For family who cannot afford/ need base
  2. According to merit in Academics
  3. For faculty/ staff children
  4. The girls who are getting scholarships should maintain minimum marks. If they fail, their scholarships will be cancelled.   

Ed: What is Give to Asia?
K.A: It’s  an NGO in America in San Fransisco. They are partners with BAT. Anybody in America, who wants to give donation can contribute in this NGO. This NGO with the help of  BAT  helps the other charitable organization to get donations to help the needy girl child, so that they can continue towards their studies and to study in good English Schools.

Ed: With how many students you started funding?
K.A: Originally girls fees was 50% of boys fee. Parents were encouraged to send their girl child to school. Then we switched to all Girl Scholars  who were studying from  Nursery to Class III. Then we decided that we will not give scholarship to all the girls because we saw that many of the parents can afford the fees. From now onwards only if the family cannot afford it; they should be a family who genuinely needs the scholarship because this is not a government program. So we cancelled the scholarships of the girls from Nursery to Class III and started giving scholarships to needy girls from Nursery to Class XII.
Thank You Ma’am for your efforts.
Kushagra Singh, Santosh Paliwal
The Earth
The earth is unique,
With numerous gifts.
The sun shining.
The stars twinkling.
The moon dancing,
Trees swinging.
Trees are our saviour.
So duty is our,
To take care of them.
By daily watering them.
Muskan Rathod/VIII B
Monday, 1st December: Math Week was celebrated. A Special Assembly was held every day for students to speak about Mathematics. Khushboo Rajpurohit/XB spoke Math prayer; Harshita Dalawat/XA spoke about Ramanujan, on whose name the Math Society runs. Khushboo Rajpurohit/XA spoke about Pythagoras; Damini Chouhan/XA gave a short description on Aryabhatta and Apoorva Mathur/XA introduced the great mathematician Euclid.

World AIDS Day was celebrated in the School. In a Special Assembly Mr. Byju Joseph/AD (Academic Dean) spoke at length on HIV AIDS, to bring awareness among students. Vaishali Rao/XI and Mayur Singh Rathore/XI put batches on teachers and students, to depicting the importance and awareness of HIV AIDS.

Tuesday, 2nd December: In the Assembly, Class IX explained Geometrical shapes and theorems related to circles. They explained these concepts on a board and with the help of nails and rubber band.
Priyank Rathod /IX: explained a circle and its related terms.
Sanju Kunwar /IX: spoke about Geo- Board
Divanshu Bahti/IX: on segment and sector
Khushi Rao/IX,
Shashank Singh/IX,
Kritika MansionIX,
Devyanshu Yadav/IX,
Kapil Bansal/IX: practically verified theorems on the board.                                                          
Wednesday, 3rd December: DAY 3 Math Week:
Diksha Choudhary/VI: introduced Indian Mathematics
Kreena Rao/VI: spoke about Greek Mathematics
Arzu Qureshi/VIII,
Muskan Rathod/VIII: spoke on cubes and square numbers from 1 to 20 and 1 to 30 without looking                                        at anything.
Radhika Rao/IX,
Varsha Solanki/IX: Quizzed Assembly
Avinash Sen/ VII: spoke on equilateral triangle
Anjali Parmar/VII: introduced types of triangles
Ajaypal Meena/ VII: defined triangle
Tanisha Champawat/VII: explained isosceles triangle
Chetan Vaishnav: gave the properties of triangle
Harshwardhan Singh Chouhan/VII: described acute angled triangle
Mateen Tak/VII: introduced right angled and obtuse angled triangle.

Classes X and XII have started with extra classes after school in order to complete their courses and have rigorous revisions.

Thursday, 4th December: DAY 4 Math Week
Nikita Jetawat/IV, Jatin Tripash/IV and Kinjal Kunwar/IV: explained conversion tables of length, mass and capacity respectively.
Kritika Singh/IV: taught how to count the table of 9 on fingers.
Aman Dalawat/VI: spoke on cuboid
Vinod Choudary/VI: spoke on cylinder
Gunwan Suthar/VI: briefed on sphere
Laxman Rajpurohit/VI: spoke about cone
Harsha  Suthar/VI: explained a triangular pyramid
Jayesh Suthar/VI: taught square pyramid
Moomal Rathore/VII: taught types of angles.
Manish Paliwal/VII: spoke on 3D shapes like cone
Pankaj Paliwal/VII: explained a sphere
Nitesh Choudary/VII: told about net of cube and cuboid
Gajendra Singh/VII: verified cubes and cuboid practically
Harsha Solanki/VII: told about supplementary and complimentary angles,
Harshita Chouhan/VII: spoke on congruent figures
Jyotsna Parihar/VII: gave a short description of Simple Interest
Deepika Soni/VII: taught relation between percentage, fraction and decimals.
Kinjal Rao/VII: introduced symmetry
Subhash Suthar/VII: explained cube
Anirudh Singh/VII: gave a short description on cuboid
Kinjal Rao/VII and Deepika Soni/VII: Classwise asked questions from all students
Friday, 5th December: DAY 5 Math Week
Uttam  Suthar/IX, Aditya Pratap/IX: explained the algebraic identities
Devanshu Bhati/ IX: verified identities through models
Kushagra Singh/IX: displayed some Math tricks to help solve
Vineeta Choudhary/VB: recited a very beautiful Math poem
Mr. Jackson Wagner our Exchange Teacher from Sacramento, was invited to share his experiences with teaching at The Fabindia School since October this year, at the Assembly. Mr. Jackson spoke how he likes Bali because the weather is so different from his country where it must be freezingly cold. He shared how he had never taught before and is discovering the skills of teaching while he is in class. Our special thanks to him for teaching Physics classes to Class XII.

Saturday, 6th December: DAY 6 Math Week
Chandu Gaur/XI: introduced achievements of a great mathematician Euler.  
Rajrajeshwar Singh/I: did skip counting for 2
Abhilasha  Mansion/ I: did skip counting for 3
Shubham Chouhan/I: did skip counting for 5
Kanchan Singh/I: did skip counting for 10
Bhuvneshwar Singh/I: did skip counting for 100
Ananya Tiwari/I: compared concept of qualities and quantities
Pradyuman Singh/I: introduced different shapes of geometry
Vishaka Suthar/I: showed magic related to Math
Bhoomika Chouhan/I: did additions
Daksha Rajpurohit//I: did subtraction
Harshita Dalawat/X: Quizzed
Muskan Rathod/VIII: Played tricks with number games
Ritu Parihar/II: spoke numbers divisible by 1
Himashi Rajpurohit/II: told about numbers divisible by itself
Jeenal Vaishnav/II: spoke on the division of zero by non-zero numbers
Punit Dave/II: recited ‘Shapes around you’- a poem
Chitrangana Bharti/II: told about solid shapes with examples.

Similarly Class II showed different lines formed by some students like horizontal, vertical and slant lines. Class III introduced about plain and solid figure of geometry. 
Mangilal Devasi/III: told about square’s edges, vertices and faces.
Nehal Dave/ III: about cuboid’s edges, faces and vertices

The students of Class I and II had birthday celebrations on the stage. The birthday boys and girls brought cake and sweetmeats and celebrated their birthday together with their classmates. They had a party which was full of music and dance and they enjoyed a lot with their teachers and classmates.
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