The School Weekly - 1st December 2014

Bali has experienced cumulus clouds and it is predicted that weather will only become cold further. Despite winds, clouds refuse to go. Days are sunny and quite warm whereas mornings and evenings a little cold. Weather vitals from school instruments: Highest temperature 19°C; lowest 10°C; humidity at 16%.
Monday, 24th November: All the students visited exhibitions, while teachers talked about models and information related to them.

The School Photography Club has been a big hit among the children at school, with over 100 students signing up as members. The Annual Day Photo Exhibition was a big success and it generated great enthusiasm among its guests and visitors too. The School so far has sold 10 of its works- all priced at Rs. 5000.00 (Rupees Five Thousand only). The School is happy to share the Photo Exhibition online, readers may please take their pic and order a print online facility. Readers may kindly note that we have not removed the sold photos, but have simply added SOLD with the caption, kindly do not buy these. All payments are to be made in Indian Rupees only to The Fabindia School.
To view photos please click on the below link:
The Annual Day Photo Exhibition - 2014.

Your contributions will help us build the Photo Club and help us become a centre of excellence for skill building. The students are now gearing to do a bigger show for the Silver Jubilee of the School, and the sale proceeds will be a big support for the proposed Exhibition in New Delhi.

JBSF Girls Scholars
Ms. Katherine Allen (Advisor Fund Raising and International Relations) addressed the students in the assembly. She made the students aware of JBSF’s work in raising funds for our scholarships. She also told the students how they can apply for it.

School Photography Club clicked picture of all 92 girl students supported by JBSF with Ms. Katherine Allen.

Ms. Angela De Giacomo (co owner of Fedena), visited exhibitions together with Ms. Katherine Allen and her family. The guests  admired and appreciated the work of the students. They even bought some photos from the Photography Club.

Experience of a Bird
I am a brown bird
I don’t like to play with mud.

I always search for food
But I only get the wood.

I like the yellow daffodils
Which are in the green fields.

I live on a beautiful banyan tree
Where with my family I am free.

We all make fun among us
But like human we can’t travel by bus.

I enjoy with my friends
At last it comes to an end.
Nikhil Soni/IX B
Monday, 24th November: After interval a friendly, 12 over cricket match was played between Class XII V/s Classes XI, X and XI. Class XII was defeated by 1 run and 6 wickets.
Class XII made 88 runs with 8 wickets down; Class XII made 89 run with 5 wickets down.
Wednesday, 26th November: Students were given iron tablets as these have been sent by the Government to each school to keep iron deficiency at bay; in dearth of which many children suffer various diseases like anaemia.

Thursday, 27th November: Participants of Akhil Bhartiya Rashtrabhasha Hindi Competition were awarded gold medals and certificates. Sanju Chouhan/IX A with 85% and Sonaram Choudhary/VII B with 84% received gold medals while the rest of the students received trophies and certificates.
Friday, 28th November: School issued a notice to parents of Classes IX to XII to not send their wards on motorcycle to school, as School will not be responsible for any untoward incident with underage, non licensed drivers.

Saturday, 29th November: As students are gearing up for winter with the changing weather, they are also seen preparing for the forthcoming exams. From now on School will not observe Saturday as an Activity Day.

Math Global Olympiad Exam was organized by the Edu Talent Learning Organisation from Classes I to IX. 33 participants participated in this Olympiad.
Keynote Speaker Chief Guest Mr. Somik Ghosh’s Speech 
Mr. Sandeep Dutt, Chairman, Members of the trust, Member of Board of Governors, Members of Management Committee, the Principal, Staff, Parents and dear students. It is indeed an honour for me to stand here and to get an opportunity to share a few thoughts with all of you, but more importantly to get a chance, and unfortunately for a very short period of time to be with the children to see their work and be with the enthusiastic staff. But even in this field, as ours, one could easily sense a kind of excitement that is there, always in the school, which is growing in the right direction- an excitement of everyone wanting to contribute. This is very very rare! When it is there, it makes the right chemistry and I hope the school will always be blessed with it.

The importance really over here is a focus on local and global culture. The high quality education when it’s been given to you, through an English medium, with its fair balance of local language is absolutely outstanding!

And this is the right way to be able to connect with the world - a world in which today's children will definitely grow. They have right to go and grab opportunities with both hands! Somewhere, only on website, I saw the term ‘social mobility’. This term ‘social mobility’ needs to be carefully thought through. If by social mobility we are talking about going up and staying there ........this is not good! When you take leap to miss a step then there is a problem because you are denying one step while you take the next. I would suggest, let's look at this. I am sure, that is the philosophy of the school as well, social mobility, horizontally. Go spread out from the village to a district, district to a state, state to the country and country to the world. As far as you can reach- reach out! Keep up the spirit; be brave and you will reach at the top of your aspiration. As a banyan tree spreads its roots abroad in the same manner we will spread out too..

And as you students -  go forward and stretch out - make the circle bigger - meet more people - and bring them in your fold.

As the tree never forgets its center similarly please remember there is a center in your life. That perhaps is The Fabindia School; you are its branches! The school gives you a range of opportunities and the range of employment opportunities. Any good school can do this much for you! That it can give loads of opportunities to you. Generally students are made to sit in a class in a village. From morning to afternoon they sit with text books in their hands, doing doing whatever they have to within that book! But The Fabindia School, what I saw from the website, is actually giving you many, many opportunities to work with. This is so.... so very beautiful
It's a strong pride in a heritage! Don't lose it.

Social mobility does not mean we lose our heritage. Social mobility means we take our heritage; mix it with other cultures and make the best for the world. What we saw on the website - of course, photographs can always be posed. But what strikes you straight when you see the website are the very happy faces! Children smiling! Bright! Bright eyes!

I am sure I wasn't a wee bit disappointed, when I actually saw children today. They look happy. They are happy. I am sure they will contribute to a society with the wealth of happiness that they are taking from this very place.

It is important to interact. So as Mrs. Tandon requested, I will always welcome children from here. Teachers came to us last year. And now, we shall do it in a much more organised manner. I think teachers and children must come to us and stay with us for some time. We welcome the students to come and share our dormitories; and I will suggest to Mrs. Tandon to have exchanges. We have exchange programs usually for grown up children. Why don’t we, for a change, start the exchange with classes sixth and seventh because these are the dormitories that Mrs. Tandon knows very well. This is where she grew with her battery of her dogs and a poor husband. I am sure she is familiar with this environment and I think that’s where we should begin!

But jokes apart, I shall be failing in my duty if I didn’t give away a little bit of our Mrs. Tandon. All through my Founder’s I saw someone on whom I could totally depend upon for organising the Founder’s Day Program; keeping the Founder’s Day Program running like a clock-work. I would make mistakes and I would get a stern look and I would make sure that on the final day I won’t make that mistake!

But what I never forget about her is – there was a boy in Class XII, who would only play basketball and do well in studies. At a rare conversation with him I found out that he had a wonderful voice and a very fine diction. So, I wanted to put him in the school play. He would refuse it straight away. He would just not come for the rehearsals, till I told Deepika, if there is something that she could do! She said “Done. Leave him to me”. And there she cajoled him, scolded him and made sure that the boy did his role so well and afterwards he came and thanked her and gave her a big hug. So this is the quality of a teacher. I am not saying this because she is your Principal but these are the things which in a boarding school or schools with involvement like yours really matter a great deal.

The balanced mix of service and activity and I had these points noted before I had heard the Principal’s report – your calendar does look exciting. The calendar has a promise of something that is going to happen tomorrow and it has a very strong promise of something very exciting happening tomorrow and day after and day after that.

Now, for the students, I’ll narrate a very short story. Once in China a boy came to know that he won’t inherit his father’s property. He leaves his home in anger and goes to the ironsmith to learn some skills. Then he goes to a carpenter to learn further. And he becomes a wonderful craftman! So with this confidence he goes to a goldsmith to ask for work. But the goldsmith refuses saying that one who works with a hammer will spoil his work, so best he goes back to the carpenter. But this fellow did not give up and he went back to the goldsmith and learnt his skill too. After which he never got a chance to look back. He had to do it himself. You all have The Fabindia School, which in my knowledge is the only school of its kind to teach you many skills. Please learn whatever you can, for whatever you learn comes handy one day in your day to day life. You never know when you would have need of them and then you would regret that you never learnt it in school time! I had done Photography at school. I never could believe that it will be so useful in teaching Physics.

But at the same time, at the end of the day, it is the values; the acceptance of people; the sympathy for people – that’s what you will carry out into the world with you. Tomorrow if I meet The Fabindia School students, we will just see one thing. “Is he considerate?” “Does he have a heart?” “Is he responsible?” “Does he give other person a chance before he grabs it for himself?” That’s what happens after school. And I am sure all these wonderful people are well worth it.

In this context, I say one thing, take any tree that grows in this soil; we can plant it somewhere; the tree will perhaps grow anywhere. It will live. It will survive. But it will not live to give good fruits. So, we must understand that whatever is our heritage, we must never forget it. It is like out tree trunk. It must remain where it was planted. From the top we should spread out as leaves; spread out as much as you can. Like in a tree so many birds come and sit in so many branches, so keep yourself open to nesting of many birds. Let little fruits be there, where you belong; where your family belongs.

There’s another wonderful thing that we sense over here and that is the parents school partnership. In today’s world, all over, they are going for this parent-school partnership. Many days ago in Mumbai, in a Sanctuary magazine I saw a Rajasthan teacher had got an award for only one thing that she had ever done - written a song herself! She got her students to sing it. She went from village to village with her children to sing this song, only to bring awareness to save the river dolphin. That no one should kill it. And protect the Ranthambore tigers. This message was given from a school! School children gave this message for poachers who kill tigers and sell them. These children fought against that. This teacher and this song is an inspiration. This inspiration came from a small village of Rajasthan and not from any big city like, Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. So what happens here, Rabindar Nath Tagore, Gandhi ji, Vinoba Bhave all have said to return to one’s soil because in this environment we form a relationship with nature. In Bengal they call a tiger a “Mama”; they call a cat a “Mausi”. This kind of warmth is not there in the tall buildings of Gurgaon.
We have all risen high above the ground. This should not happen.

So these are the little thoughts. I think I should not take any more of your time. I just thought that I should share these things with you. I wish you all the best. We will be keenly following the progress of this school, and wish all the success in whatever endeavour your school makes to bring up wonderful citizens of the world for tomorrow.

All of you will go into the world, all will take up some subject and work in that area throughout your life. I have seen this promise in your exhibitions; some photographers; some scientists some geographers but we will hope that wherever students pass out and go in the coming years. You already have a history of 22 years and I hope there is one student at least who goes out into the world and wishes to make at least five Fabindia School in five different villages.
All the best!

To view Principal's Annual Report please click on the below link.
Principal's Annual Report - 21st November 2014
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